Binance Charity Begins To Build First Decentralized Forest

In a few days, Binance Charity will launch a global alliance to help plant 10 million trees worldwide.

Ahamdi Abarikwu
September 23, 2021
BSC News

Improving Our World

Binance Charity - the arm of Binance which focuses on using blockchain for social good, has set out on a new initiative to build the world's first decentralized forest. 

The goal of the initiative is to plant 10 million trees globally towards the improvement of life on planet earth. Binance Charity tweeted about the initiative on September 21:

"We're building the world's first #decentralised forest! Join us in the countdown to our most ambitious project yet, to plant 10m trees globally!"

The 10million tree-planting project, codenamed TreeMillions Alliance, will see Binance Charity and Binance NFT collaborating to bring about a tree-themed NFT metaverse as part of a global effort to raise funds for the project. TreeMillions Alliance will officially go live on September 28. See the countdown here.


Who Can Join The TreeMillions Alliance?

In a press release on September 20, Binance Charity revealed that the alliance targets having 100 fundraising members by March 21, 2022 - the United Nations' Day of Forests. About 17 stakeholders from the crypto industry have already committed to joining the effort to replenish the earth's forests. Both Individuals and corporate institutions can join the TreeMillions Alliance. All donations will be transparent on the blockchain and will be utilized 100% for the execution of the project.

Binance, For The Greater Good

There is no limit to the utilities possible with blockchain technology. Initiatives, such as TreeMillions that require fairness and transparency will find blockchain a ready tool. More so, Binance Smart Chain consumes a tiny fraction of energy compared to Bitcoin network and traditional banking systems.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao asserted: 

"Blockchain technology is a powerful tool. We’re determined to continue unlocking this potential.”

Binance, through the TreeMillions Alliance initiative, is expanding the frontiers of the Binance ecosystem for the good of not only lovers of crypto, but also for the earth in which they dwell.


More About Binance Charity

Binance Charity is a pet project of Binance. It is a not-for-profit enterprise and is the first organization to provide a transparent platform where people support charitable causes with crypto donations. 

Some of Binance Charity's earlier donation drives include Crypto Against Covid, Binance Lunch For Children, Humanity First Project For Refugees etc. To maintain strict transparency, Binance Charity shows on its website the transaction ID and an identification number for every donation received and disbursed.

Visit Binance Charity on these links to learn more about it:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Telegram

Ahamdi Abarikwu

Ahamdi Abarikwu is an Electrical Engineer and a lover of anything crypto. He is also an avid writer, proofreader and editor. He loves to play Scrabble in his spare time. He hold bags mostly in BabyDoge, CSM (Crust Storage Network), and JulD.

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