Binamon Readies Massive Monster $37 Million Auction on BakerySwap

The Binance Smart Chain protocol continues its significant growth in the decentralized finance ecosystem as it prepares for the big NFT auction on BakerySwap.

Utulu Hope
October 20, 2021
BSC News

Binamon Partners With BakerySwap For Monster Auction! 

Complete metaverse of digital monsters on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Binamon is set to launch a mammoth Non-fungible token (NFT) auction on the BakerySwap marketplace. 

The auction would give users the chance to own one of the most potent Binamons on the NFT GameFi protocol. Binamons, the native NFTs of Binamon’s Play-to-Earn protocol, will be auctioned through BakerySwap on October 21st at 8:00 AM UTC. BakerySwap broke the news on Twitter while endorsing Binamon’s new look. 

“Seems that we are going to achieve a new #NFT transaction record… October 21st 8:00 AM UTC. PS: Your new logo @binamok looks dope!” BakerySwap wrote on October 18th. 

As seen in Binamon’s embedded image on Twitter, the NFT auction would be worth $37 Million. We anticipate the monster auction by Binamon in conjunction with BakerySwap shortly. 

Exciting Times At Binamon 

Binamon is preparing to upgrade its game in the coming weeks. The protocol’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Leo, teased the new product on Twitter on October 19th. Binamon, on the other hand, reposted the CTO’s Tweet on their official Twitter page, calling Bsc News and some other notable platforms to comment on the new upgrade. 

“Binamon Arena UI teaser posted by our CTO, @leobinamon,” Binamon wrote. “What do you think @Cointelegraph @news_of_bsc @kucoimcom @T2LATAM? This is very exciting few weeks for Binamo!” 

The tweet shows that the Binamon Arena game will be one of a kind. Therefore, Binamon users should prepare themselves for an exciting experience on the NFT GameFi protocol. Till then, we await the NFT auction on BakerySwap. 

About Binamon 

Binamon is an NFT-based, blockchain-driven online gaming platform. It is a complete gaming metaverse of digital monsters where players battle and defeat monsters to earn BMON tokens. In addition, gamers also stake their Binamons (Genesis NFTs) and earn passive income through staking.

Where to Find Binamon:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |

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