biMEX and biDEFI dETF Funds Launch, Marketing Position Open at BiShares

Along with the new funds to invest in, the company is seeking a dedicated member of their community to join the team!

October 1, 2021

More dETFs Arrive on BiShares

BiShares has added more dETFs (Decentralized Exchange Traded Funds) for easy crypto diversification. The latest fund to drop was the BitMEX Fund. This dETF richly blankets the entire cryptosphere as it includes some of the major blue chips as well as tokens from other sectors and stands as the largest BiShares Fund. It was named after the futures platform Bitmex as it takes most of the contracts traded on that platform and lets users buy all the tokens with ONE click. Powered by smart contracts on BSC, the fund lets users hold all the underlying tokens - a truly fascinating Decentralized Finance (DeFi) concept that is safe and lets the user hold the biMEX token.  

BiShares will also be launching a fund on October 1st for DeFi enthusiasts to engage in called biDEFI. Supported by ApeSwap, this list of funds and weightings allows users to properly diversify into DeFi space with ease in tokens like $ETH, $LINK, $COMP, and $SNX to name a few.   


BiShares' next fund to be launched is the FOMO Fund. This Fund is a wild ride of hand picked high velocity and volatile tokens that have ample room for growth. This will be the most volatile fund but do note that diversifying across multiple tokens instead of one is always safer from market conditions and individual token volatility risk.  

BiShares has also added ArbEx, a DEX exclusive of BiShares that has listed its own fund tokens. This gives the users the ability to arb the funds and scalp profits in pricing inefficiencies that the fund token price may have related to its underlying tokens and value as prices 

We Want You

BiShares is actively seeking a full time marketing manager to take the reins for organizing Twitter posts and campaigns, Reddit, AMAs, and other social media strategies. If interested in joining an amazing team and community please join our Telegram channel and reach out!

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