Betero Unveils Enhanced Farm Portal with Exciting Features, Elevating the Sports Betting Experience

by BSC News

May 19, 2023


The updated Farm Portal comes with new features to improve the overall betting experience for users.

Betero, the global sports betting platform, just had a big Farm Portal update with multiple new features that enhances and streamlines the betting experience. Users can now enjoy a comprehensive overview of their betting activities, manage their BTE farm, and stay up-to-date with the new Betero's Farm Portal.

A new update, a more rich-feature portal developed by Betero

Through this new Farm Portal update, Betero addresses all sports punters, giving them a better glance at their most essential data. This exciting update brings many new features and improvements to the betting farm. 

In addition, Betero worked to provide a seamless operational system, providing more opportunities for their valued wagers. Furthermore, Betero's vision includes integrating features like "Bet Pump" and "Bet Boost" for a more dynamic sports betting experience; these updates will be added later on, and of course, with the help of its users.

The new Farm Portal allows users to review their betting volume, profit and losses, cashback, holding, and premium tier. Betero's Farm Portal update integrates the original Platform Profits and Profit Redistribution, allowing sports gamblers to review the following divisions: cashback, staking rewards, burns, and marketing.

Claim your cashback

It is important to note that users must have a $50 loss or higher in the previous month to be eligible for a cashback. However, the amounts will be calculated based on the token prices on the 1st of May, 2023.

Furthermore, Betero cares about its users, the sports and crypto enthusiasts; thus, suggestions and opinions regarding the new design and functionalities can now be voted on Betero's DAO Governance through the newly updated farm portal. To ensure eligibility for proposal submission, a minimum of 2,000,000 BTE voting power must be held in active farming contracts.

Also, please note that the new official Betero domain is portal.betero.io, and for security reasons, only connect your crypto wallet to the official website, even though the previous farm domain will remain active.

About Betero

Betero is an online bookmaker that integrates cryptocurrencies, allowing sports enthusiasts to place bets on the go. Through their rich-feature app, Betero's vision is to provide the next-generation sports betting platform based on transparent product metrics, web3 and blockchain technology, and a decentralized autonomous organization.

The Betero protocol is a hybrid-decentralized model that enables bettors to have a full range of options in a fast environment with almost instant resolutions after the real-world event ends.

The betting platform supports multiple sports games, from Soccer to Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football, and many more, so you can enjoy the benefits of betting on the go!

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