Beefy Finance Expands Avalanche Vaults in Trader Joe Partnership

The three vaults will be DAI.e-AVAX, USDC.e-AVAX, and USDC.e-DAI.e in partnership with Trader Joe.

Robert D. Knight
September 1, 2021
Blockchain News

A Small Push

In response to requests from their ‘cowmoonity’ Beefy.Finance has partnered with TraderJoe. 

The partnership will bring 3 new Trader Joe vaults to the Beefy.Finance ecosystem: DAI.e-AVAX, USDC.e-AVAX and USDC.e-DAI.e. At launch the APY on these vaults was 143%, 106%, 19.4%.

Beefy Finance also announced that an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event with Trader Joe was imminent. 

“It takes only a bit of push to create an #Avalanche. You request, Beefy listens. The new @TraderJoe_XYZ partnership brings three cool vaults on @avalancheavax and an AMA with the TraderJoe team,” said Beefy.Finance in a Tweet on August 31st.

The AMA will be conducted on Thursday, September 2nd at 21:30 UTC on the company discord server.

The partnership between Beefy.Finance and Trader Joe will bring three new vaults to the Beefy.Finance ecosystem. (Source)

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is the most popular trading platform on Avalanche. It focuses on DeFi, with trading and lending being key areas for the company. The ultimate goal of Trader Joe is to become a ‘one stop shop’ for DeFi.

About Beefy.Finance

Beefy.Finance is a multi-chain yield optimizer that allows users to compound their earnings. This is achieved through ‘vaults’. Vaults allow users to stake their crypto tokens and earn annual percentage yields in return. Beefy.Finance automatically compounds earnings. This means that user earnings are automatically restaked into the vault, allowing the earnings to also earn APY. 

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Robert D. Knight

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