Baseball Legend Willie Mays Immortalized in NFTs for 90th Birthday

Legendary Hall of Famer and icons from the 2021 season debut in two different sales.

Kyle Heise
October 26, 2021
Blockchain News

Baseball Meets NFTs

As the World Series of Baseball in the United States commences this week, two baseball-themed Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sales from Candy Digital and Costacos Collection are dropping for the next generation of collections. 

Highlighting the sales is the first collection from ​​Costacos dropped on Oct. 24, featuring memorabilia from Willie Mays, the famed Say-Hey Kid. The Candy Digital, coming later, will feature icon packs of star players from the 2021 season.  The Costacos collection will drop in accompaniment with May’s 90th birthday. 

"I didn't really understand how these computer tokens worked at first," the elder Mays told Tim Kurkjian in an article for ESPN on Oct. 22. "I had to get them explained to me. I'm used to tokens you can hold in your hand. But I guess people collect them the way they do trading cards. And those cards are worth a lot of money now. And I figure anything like that, that people can enjoy and that help me support the kids, is something worth doing."

NFTs continue to build into the niche audience of collectibles. One of the original sports collectibles is baseball trading cards, and there is undoubtedly a wealth of value to be seized. The natural blend between NFTs and sports memorabilia is a combination born to succeed. 

Candy Digital will have to compete with Topps for the popularity of the baseball NFTs. Candy recently secured a $100 Million investment fund and has the backing of some top venture capitalists, including Gary Vaynerchuk.  Candy uses the Ethereum side chain Palm to host its marketplace.

“The marketplace for Candy Digital will be opening in November, probably. Just a few weeks away. Incredible stuff being built on this Candy platform, said Jeff Eisienband, sports journalist, in a teaser video for the Candy release.

For a full review of the Candy Digital pack release, see the details here. To see the Willie Mays drop, as well as the list of upcoming athlete drops, see the Costacos website here.

Kyle Heise

Born and raised in the East Bay of California. He has studied and worked on three continents and lived in eight countries. Kyle resides in San Francisco. He holds bags mostly in Ethererum, Cake, and BSC GameFi projects.

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