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Base Network Announces Funding for Six Innovative Onchain Projects, Plans to Expand Ecosystem

The selected protocols align with the blockchain’s goals of expanding its ecosystem in the industry.


  • Base Network has selected six projects for funding through its Base Ecosystem Fund to foster innovation in onchain technologies.
  • Following a 'Request for Builders' published earlier this year, these chosen projects align with Base Network's goals of advancing their ecosystem in key areas such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Onchain Limit Order Books, Flatcoins, and more.
  • With over 800 applications received, Base Network plans to continue funding more innovative projects, inviting more developers to contribute to its growing ecosystem.

Earlier this year, Base Network introduced its Base Ecosystem Fund aimed at investing in the next wave of groundbreaking onchain projects. 

In a recent announcement, the Layer2 blockchain platform revealed the first six projects chosen to receive funding. 

The Hunt for Next-Gen Builders

Back in March, Base Network published a 'Request for Builders,' outlining the specific kinds of projects they were interested in. These categories focused on various tools, including safe Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Onchain Limit Order Books, Flatcoins, and more.

After scrutinizing the submissions, Base Network turned to X (Twitter) to announce the six selected projects mentioned above. Each of these projects brings something unique, fulfilling the criteria established in the Request for Builders. 

These projects align with Base Network's ambitious goal to advance the Base ecosystem:

"We are grateful to work with these exceptional teams to advance the Base ecosystem and bring more builders and users onchain, but the journey doesn't end here," Base Network stated.

Refer to Base Network’s announcement for more details about the selected projects. 

Open Invitation for More Innovators

Base Network continued beyond these six projects. The platform also revealed plans to fund more innovative protocols shortly. 

"We are actively seeking more pioneers to join this Based journey. Apply and become part of the next wave of builders driving innovation on Base," urged Base Network, inviting a new wave of developers and innovators to contribute to the growing ecosystem.

Overwhelming Response from the Community

The platform reported receiving well over 800 applications, indicating strong interest from the builder community. 

"With well over 800 applications submitted, we’re grateful for the passion and effort so many builders put into their applications and are delighted to support this first wave of teams on our shared mission to bring the world onchain and increase economic freedom around the world," Base Network commented.

While the six chosen projects take their first steps towards contributing to the Base ecosystem, the platform's commitment to expanding its network and attracting fresh talent remains robust. 

By continuing to fund and support innovative onchain projects, Base Network aims to revolutionize how we think about blockchain and its potential to bring about economic freedom globally.

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