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BakerySwap Offers Insight On One of Their NFT Artists, 3Dots

The platform recently interviewed one of its featured artists to detail the community engaging with the platform.

The Interview

BakerySwap recently dropped an interview with one of their seasoned artists, Christos Penagos, whose works feature on their Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform. The interview was released via their official Medium page on June 20th. The interview explores Penagos’ background, as well as his viewpoints on NFTs and their future.

BakerySwap boasts of being BSC's first integrated AMM and NFT platform. In the platform's early days, users could mint special 'combo' NFTs that have yield-farming capabilities using BakerySwap's BAKE token. While minting 'combo' NFTs has been discontinued, BakerySwap's NFT arm has grown into one of BSC's top NFT marketplaces. On its Twitter handle, BakerySwap extolled its impressive 9-month milestones. A highlight among the milestones is that BakerySwap is arguably the No.1 BSC NFT marketplace, having recorded about 500,000 unique NFT transactions.


BakerySwap's reputation as a thriving NFT marketplace is hardly in doubt. Part of the reason why the platform is doing well in the NFT-space can be attributed to the quality of its content creators. Recently, BakerySwap onboarded a crop of six supremely talented NFT artists to enrich the platform's NFT content further.

Who Is Christos Penagos?


Christos is a professional 3D artist and architect. He founded a visualization studio, 3Dots. Christos and his firm have been in the art of architectural imagery and 3D modelling for more than 10yrs. He is skilled at using digital visualization to render 2D imagery in 3D - a skill that he has utilized via NFTs.

What He Thinks About NFTs and How He Got Involved

According to him, before the NFT trend began, a person who is not an artist would find it difficult to sell a picture. However, NFTs now make it possible for anyone - not only artists - to reach a willing market with little effort. After the development of NFTs, the parameters of what defines art have been expanded. Christos believes that NFTs will ultimately be used in everyday life.

His View of BakerySwap


According to Christos, he has always been a crypto enthusiast. His journey with crypto took him to Binance, where he eventually discovered BAKE and came to love the BakerySwap concept. Soon after, Christos tried his hands minting NFTs on BakerySwap. His works were featured in BakerySwap's gallery. Since then, he has become one of the premier artists on the platform.

His Future Plans and Parting Words For Upcoming Artists

The field of animations has captured Christos' interests. He intends to create works that mirror the scenes of a movie. He also has a concept that is inspired by the BakerySwap NFT gallery team. 

Christos has encouraged artists to work hard at what they do. He stressed the need to see the work they do as their hobby. This will ensure they find fulfilment in their art while still earning from it. 

Closing Thoughts

NFTs are the rave of the moment, the current digital buzz. Innovations are constantly being developed that increase the utility of NFT beyond imagination. As a tool for digital copyright management, NFTs have come to stay.

About BakerySwap

BakerySwap is one of the top-ranked automated market makers (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform has an NFT gallery and marketplace which features artworks created by carefully selected talented digital artists/celebrities.

For more information about BakerySwap and its NFT platform, visit their social media handles:
Website | NFT Gallery | Twitter | Medium | Telegram

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