BakerySwap Introduces CAR IDO - A Rare Car Collection

The BakerySwap platform, which is at the forefront of NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has announced a new range of non-fungible tokens called Rare Car Collection. The supporting token $CAR will be made available on the Bakery Launchpad (IDO) on May 5th.

Robert D. Knight
May 4, 2021
BSC News

Collectible Car NFT Release

The announcement of the car collection comes as BakerySwap seeks to cement its position as one of the go-to platforms for DeFi and NFTs. Both sectors are still enjoying a hugely successful period, despite a recent slowdown in the NFT market. The car collection on BakerySwap has been designed as a celebration of the growth of $BAKE, $BNB and the BSC ecosystem, with all the branding on the cars designed to reflect this association.

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Most importantly, $CAR will support a strong deflationary token model, combine it with staking rewards, and also offer the possibility of winning a real-world car with three to be won. The process works as follows: $CAR tokens can be converted into a blind box NFT. Each box contains a car design, but three will also confer the rights to a real-world vehicle.

IDO Details

In the Car Collection IDO BakerySwap will issue 1,000 $CAR tokens. 

IDO amount: 800 $CAR

Price: 2 $BNB

Hard cap: 1600 $BNB

Single address limit: 20 $BNB

No minimum: Users can buy fractions of $CAR

Launch: 6:00 AM UTC on May 5th.

How to Use $CAR

The $CAR tokens will be usable in a number of ways including trading, liquidity farming and staking for $BAKE. $CAR tokens can also be minted for blind box NFTs. NFTs can also be staked. Some NFT boxes will open artworks, but three will open the rights to a real physical car. Those winning vehicles will be branded with BakerySwap and Binance logos.

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About BakerySwap


BakerySwap is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that combines Automated Market Maker elements and NFT capabilities on the BSC. Their Bakery Gallery is positioning itself to be a premier launchpad for NFT artists and creators, with the team constantly working to improve their products.

Closing Thoughts

The introduction of the BakerySwap $CAR IDO will give car enthusiasts yet another reason to get excited about crypto. Recently Elon Musk’s Tesla announced that it was holding $2.5B dollars of bitcoin, but perhaps it’s time that billionaire Musk and his car company diversified with some $BNB, $BAKE and $CAR tokens. BakerySwap’s appeal to consumers has been increased again by this upcoming release.

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Robert D. Knight

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