BakerySwap Continues to Integrate DOGGY Token in Their Ecosystem

The implementation capitalizes on two separate trends that have been guiding discussion in crypto circles recently.

Robert D. Knight
May 18, 2021
BSC News

Off the Leash

Crypto Doggies, a dog-themed NFT project with the supporting $DOGGY memecoin, is further integrating into the BakerySwap ecosystem with the launch of a $DOGGY staking pool and the ‘Doggy Shop’ NFT market.


The $DOGGY staking pool will reward users with $BONDLY tokens thanks to a new partnership agreement with Bondly Finance, an NFT-centered project which is said to be ‘powering the next generation of digital collectibles’. The fruits of the partnership will result in the $DOGGY/$BONDLY staking pool which is live from 9.00 UTC on May 18th.

The other strut of $DOGGY’s further integration into the BakerySwap exchange comes in the form of the Doggy Shop. The Doggy Shop has been planned from the beginning of the Crypto Doggies proposition, and will allow $DOGGY holders to exchange their tokens for dog NFTs. The Doggy Shop is now available from BakerySwap’s Gamification menu, with over 10,000 unique dog-themed NFTs for sale. Each NFT costs 500,000 $DOGGY and is procedurally created.

Doggy Styles

Dog-based crypto is exploding during this market run

BakerySwap has made a big play of the viral aspects of its very own dogcoin. Dog cryptos have enjoyed incredible growth this year, driven in part by Elon Musk’s ongoing and inexplicable promotion of Dogecoin. Earlier this month we reported on one crypto trader who transformed a starting investment of $1,800 into $3.5 Million in only a matter of months.

With Crypto Doggies, BakerySwap has incorporated many viral aspects of the dogcoin market and combined this with crypto’s other hottest trend - NFTs. On BakerySwap the $DOGGY memecoin and the doggy NFT market are interconnected. One purchases the other and each purchase burns the corresponding amount of $DOGGY.

BakerySwap’s Crypto Doggies concept also leans heavily on the Crypto Punks concept of randomizing assets. Doggy traits are unique and randomly generated, so the appearance and style of each purchased animal is completely unknown until the doggy arrives. Some traits are rarer than others so not all NFTs are created equal and may command higher prices than their peers. For buyers who want to know exactly which doggy style they’re getting before purchase, doggy NFTs can be purchased on the secondary market at Bakery Swap’s NFT marketplace.

Concluding Thoughts

BakerySwap has been placing major focus on its NFT marketplace, launching a number of concepts this month alone. At the start of the month the exchange launched its Car IDO, which offered blind box NFTs and the chance to win a real-world car. With Crypto Doggies BakerySwap may just have found a winning formula combining the hottest trends in crypto today.

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Robert D. Knight

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