BabySwap Commits 715 NFTs to Binance Charity in Multiplatform Campaign

The charity Non-fungible Babies collection sold out in a short period and will be donated to charity.

Utulu Hope
November 9, 2021
BSC News

BabySwap Charity NFTs Sell out Completely on Binance NFT Marketplace 

In a bid to give to charity, BabySwap partnered with numerous Non-fungible Token (NFT) projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), including the Binance NFT Marketplace. The multipurpose Decentralized exchange (DEX), with its unique NFT GameFi Metaverse, launched a charity campaign, placing five amazing Non-fungible Babies (NFB) on sale. 

The NFB sale commenced on November 9th at 2 PM UTC and was held on the Binance NFT marketplace. A total of 715 NFTs were on sale, representing five different NFBs. BabySwap organized the campaign with Hot Cross, Kine Protocol, Moonpot, XCarnival, and Monsta Infinite. 

According to BabySwap, the entire income generated from the NFB sale will be donated to Binance Charity, a non-profit organization that enables charitable giving with virtual currency. BabySwap invited users to participate in the campaign on November 8th. However, moments after the charity campaign went live on the Binance NFT marketplace, BabySwap announced via Twitter that the NFBs sold out completely. 

“#BabySwap Charity. Wow! 715 amazing charity NFBs sold out in a short period of time on @TheBinanceNFT,” tweeted BabySwap on November 9th. 

BabySwap thanked the partners above for their support in the tweet while adding that the donations to Binance Charity would be made soon. BabySwap became the latest BSC protocol to donate to charity after Yooshi’s NFT auction on 9th November. In addition, both protocols utilized Binance Charity to contribute to communities, showing how Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects, particularly on BSC, have shown their support to make the world a better place. 

About BabySwap

BabySwap is an AMM+NFT DEX for newborn projects on the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol offers many unique features such as trade mining, USDT Route, newly added Grants for project development, and an NFT ecosystem. 

In essence, BabySwap is a DEX that provides a more friendly trading experience and better support for upcoming projects in the BSC space. 

Where to find BabySwap: 

Website | Telegram | Twitter  

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