BabyDogeCoin Crosses 1 Million Holders, Completes Mobile BSC/ETH Bridge

The cutest pooch in the doggy-verse has reached the key milestone just as Changpeng Zhao confirmed that “number of users” is the most important metric for Binance listing.

Robert D. Knight
December 1, 2021
Blockchain News

Growing Up Fast

BabyDogeCoin is growing up fast as the project surpassed 1 million users. The news came in an announcement tweet on the BabyDogeCoin Twitter account on November 27th, The milestone means that the BabyDogeCoin NFT competition will soon be over.

The landmark moment coincided with an interview with Changpeng Zhao published in Forbes on November 29th. CZ was asked what the most important attribute for listing a coin on Binance was.

“The most important criteria is the number of users,” he said. “If a coin has a large number of users, then we will list it. That’s the overwhelming significant attribute. Consider for example meme tokens, even though I personally don't get it, if it's used by a large number of users we list it. We go by the community, my opinion doesn't matter.”

The confluence of events caused BabyDogeCoin to tweet to the Binance CEO.

“Hey @cz_binance we just crossed 1 MILLION #BabyDoge holders,” said BabyDogeCoin.

Whether a million holders is enough to garner the attention of the Binance chief is another matter, but at least the BabyDogeCoin team can say they tried. In an incredibly busy period for the project, the BabyDogeCoin has also announced that the Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum bridge is now fully functional on mobile devices. 

The BabyDogeCoin bridge (Source)

What is BabyDogeCoin?

BabyDogeCoin was designed as a hyper-deflationary asset that has better transaction speed and automatically rewards its holders with a 5% redistribution for each transaction. BabyDoge is a community-based platform on the Binance Smart Chain. It has grown exponentially since its inception and has a slightly different aspiration, centered on animal-based charities. 

To find out more about the popular BabyDoge, you can visit these official BabyDoge links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit

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