Baby Moon Floki to Re-Invent the Meme Hype With Utility

Powered by a smart exchange and farm offerings, meme lovers might have found a new gem with Elon's new hyper-deflationary puppy.

What is Baby Moon Floki:

Baby Moon Floki is a hyper-deflationary token with a smart exchange system built into the ecosystem. The protocol automatically sends rewards directly to user wallets.

Unlike many meme projects, Baby Moon Floki's goal is to become a decentralized meme project with a true purpose. 

The project has chosen to build on BNB Chain, leveraging the cheap gas fees, fast transaction speed, and a vast ecosystem - all of which are required for a meme project to succeed.


Meme Lovers to Find New Hype

The concept of meme coins has unarguably become one of the most talked-about investment opportunities in the crypto space, thanks to the historic gains recorded by meme market leaders like Doge and Shiba Inu within the last 18 months. 

These remarkable price swings are a fair reminder of the potential profitability of these animal-themed coins, leaving Baby Moon Floki with a chance to position itself in the hearts of meme lovers looking for the next hype. 

Meme coins are not usually judged based on the utility provided to users but on the ability of a huge community to rally around them. In other words, virality is the most crucial factor that drives the success of meme coins. 

Despite the driving factor becoming common knowledge, investors have still found a way to make meme coins a part of their portfolio. Notably, meme coins occupy a sizable portion of the overall market capitalization and are becoming harder to ignore. 

A fair way to think about meme coins is to consider them lottery tickets, given that it is not uncommon to hear of individuals who turned negligible amounts into millions just by holding. 

BMFloki, however, is bringing utility with its smart exchange and farms. 

What is BMFlokiSwap:

The BMFlokiSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) designed to enable users to exchange BEP-20 tokens on BNB Chain. 

Typically, Automated Market Makers replace order book-based buying and selling with a Liquidity Pool of two assets valued relative to each other. 

The protocol charges 0.20% in trading fee, of which ⅔ returns to liquidity pools as rewards for liquidity providers.

The fee distribution is broken down thus:

  • 0.13% returns to Liquidity Pools as a fee reward for liquidity providers. 
  • 0.07% is sent to BMFloki Rocket Fuel Tank.

To use the exchange, you will need a wallet compatible with BNB Chain, some BEP-20 tokens to trade with, and some BNB to cover trading fees. Get started with BMFlokiSwap here.


On BMFlokiSwap, users can stake Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens to earn FLOKI or other tokens on the farms. You receive these LP tokens by adding tokens to provide Liquidity via the Liquidity Pool (LP)

The APY varies per farm, depending on factors like the value of the LP tokens, reward multiplier, and the price of the token received.

Audit Check

To promote credibility and increase community trust through transparency, Baby Moon Floki released a successful audit report by TechRate, a smart contract audit firm focused on DeFi projects on Ethereum and BNB Chain.

BMFLOKI Tokenomics

The native token, Baby Moon Floki - $FLOKI, is hyper-deflationary, with an AutoBoost mechanism. The protocol is built to do variable buybacks, which are adjusted based on volume in order to maintain stability. The AutoBoost varies based on 24-hour transactions and will continue to change based on the volume.  

The AutoBoost buys back variable amounts each time a $FLOKI token sale occurs - a function that, according to the team, is superior to a standard buyback system.

Token Details

  • Name: Baby Moon Floki
  • Symbol: $FLOKI
  • Decimal: 9
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000
  • Burn: 30,000,000,000,000,000
  • Total Fee: 12%
  • Buyback/Liquidity Pool: 6%
  • Floki Rewards: 2%
  • Marketing & Development: 4%

Baby Moon Floki recently announced that it had burned 30 quadrillion tokens worth $284 000 in a bid to continually decrease the token supply. 

How to Buy Baby Moon Floki

Baby Moon Floki ($FLOKI) can be purchased on PancakeSwap, Hotbit, Bitmart, and Fegex. The project recommends setting a 10 - 15% slippage when using PancakeSwap.

The meme token is currently on over 18,000 watchlists on CoinMarketCap. 

Contract address (BEP20): 0x54e87ed5a096f09d9665fd114002bddfc2084a7f

How FLOKI Reward System Works

For each active user's transaction, a FLOKI reward of 2% is distributed among all FLOKI holders. All users need to do is buy the native token and hold it in their wallets for rewards. 

Tesla Giveaway

Baby Moon Floki plans to do a Tesla giveaway when the project reaches 100,000 token holders. 

Next Steps for Baby Moon Floki

Currently, in Phase3 of the Roadmap, BMFloki has a couple of interesting plans coming, including BMFloki NFT and Influencer onboarding. The next phase will see more CEX listings, solid partnerships, a Tesla giveaway, and a new Roadmap. This phase aims to take the project from a current 41,000+ to its targeted 100,000+ holders. 

To learn more about Baby Moon Floki, visit the website here. Follow the project on all social channels to stay updated with future developments:

Twitter | Telegram Chat | Telegram Announcement

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