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Baby Doge Coin Buzz Continues, Hits Social Media Limits

Powered by a surging community, for the first time, Baby Doge beat Ethereum as the coin most traded by top BSC whales.

Fresh Rumors Abound

Popular memecoin, Baby Doge Coin, has kicked off the new year with fresh speculation. A post by Binance about Baby Doge Coin has triggered the memecoin's community into a new cycle of rumors about a potential Binance listing.

A few hours after the year 2022 rolled in, Binance enabled a price live data page for Baby Doge Coin on the world's largest crypto exchange. The fact that the page carries a caveat stating that the coin “is not listed on Binance for trade and service," did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the Baby Doge community. 

"Wooooow. We are coming @binance. #BabyDogeCoin Coming soon to Binance. Do not miss the opportunity . . . Towards the moon,” Twitter enthusiast Farshad proclaimed. 

Baby Doge Coin's Twitter page was simply agog: "BabyDoge is no longer a shitcoin. It's a small altcoin!" added DeGenuine34.


For now, whether Binance would list Baby Doge Coin and how soon that could happen is still left to anyone's imagination. Some Twitter users have pointed out that Binance has similar price charts for other memecoins not listed on the exchange, such as SafeMoon and Floki Inu

Baby Doge Coin still sits off its all-time high (ATH). The coin is trading at $0.000000002882, down over 50% from its ATH in July of 2021.

The Power of Community

The growth of the Baby Doge community is yet to show any signs of slowing down. According to WhaleStatsBSC, Baby Doge overtook Ethereum to be the most-traded token by top crypto whales as of January 2:

"JUST IN: #BabyDoge had flipped $ETH to be most traded token among the top 1000 BSC wallets," WhaleStatsBSC tweeted

This comes as Baby Doge hit a new record of 1,115,000 token holders. On top of all that, recently, Baby Doge Coin's community overflowed the group limit of 200k members. A 2nd Telegram group has just been opened to accommodate new members. The community is truly bursting for action.

As reported in the BSCNews 2021 End-of-year review of Baby Doge Coin, the memecoin's massive community is instrumental to a lot of its achievements. There are widespread calls for Baby Doge Coin to develop products with real blockchain utility, but while the crypto community waits for that to happen, Baby Doge indeed owes a lot of gratitude to its ever-supportive community. 

Where to find Baby Doge Coin:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Discord | Reddit | Telegram 1 | Telegram 2

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