Baby Cake Receives Certik Audit in Efforts to Promote Security

The protocol joins leading Binance Smart Chain projects to have received an audit from Certik.

Utulu Hope
August 2, 2021
BSC News

Baby Cake Announces Certik Audit 

Certik Blockchain Security has now verified Baby Cake. In essence, the security firm audited the protocol that offers the first reflection CAKE token, ensuring transparency and security for users. 

Certik is a leading security blockchain provider in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. Many projects, including PancakeSwap, have been secured by the firm, and Baby Cake is the latest to join the extensive list of projects. Certik released the security assessment of Baby Cake on 31st July, and the Binance Smart Chain-based protocol broke the news via Twitter on 1st August. 

“We’ve shared our recipe with @Certik_io and they love how it tastes.” Baby Cake announced on Twitter about Certik’s reception. 

Certik offers numerous security audit services. The security firm provides audits for Crowdsale/Token contracts, Custom Smart Contracts, Wallets and DApps, and Blockchain protocols. In addition, Certik makes use of cybersecurity techniques to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities. 

Most projects audit their smart contracts to give users the necessary assurance that their investments are secure. Many auditing firms are across the industry, and Certik is one such firm that provides the best security assessment. 

With this in mind, they have provided Baby Cake with an audit report classifying vulnerabilities, proposing solutions for them, and displaying the proofs from the formal verification. 

Baby Cake Certik Audit Report: Summary of Assessment

As stated earlier, the report was prepared to uncover vulnerabilities in Baby Cake’s smart contract codes. 

In addition, the security firm also highlighted some recommendations for the BSC-based project. The auditing process paid attention to the following considerations, according to the report: 

  • Testing the smart contracts against common and uncommon attacks. 
  • Assessing the codebase to ensure compliance with current best practices and industry standards. 
  • Ensuring contract logic meets the specifications and intentions of the client. 
  • Cross-referencing contract structure and implementation against similar smart contracts produced by industry leaders. 
  • Thorough line-by-line manual review of the entire codebase by industry experts. 

After a successful assessment based on the outlined considerations, Certik suggested some recommendations for the Baby Cake project. The suggestions are as follows: 

  • Baby Cake should enhance its general coding practices for better structures or source codes;
  • They should also add enough unit tests to cover the possible use case; 
  • Provide more comments per each function for readability, especially publicly verified contracts; 
  • Lastly, provide more transparency on activities once the protocol is functional. 

To view the full report, read the Certik audit. 

Users should be wary of recent exploits for Certik audited protocols. Just because a protocol has been through an audit still does not always make it as safe as possible. Recently, Levyathan fell victim to a smart contract exploit despite a CertiK audit.


What is Baby Cake? 

According to its official website, Baby Cake is a BSC-based protocol that offers the first CAKE reflection token. Users obtain CAKE tokens by simply holding $BABYCAKE — the native token of Baby Cake. In addition, the protocol has an auto-claim feature that automatically allows users to receive CAKE in their wallets every hour. For more information, read Baby Cake Whitepaper

Where to find Baby Cake: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |   

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