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Axie Infinity Community Mobilizes Relief Operations In The Philippines

Jeffrey Zirlin, Axie Infinity growth lead, pledged 10 ETH to the operations

Axie Community Helps the Philippines

The community of the popular play-to-earn blockchain game, Axie Infinity, has mobilized itself to provide relief operations in the Philippines to those affected by Typhoon Odette (International Name: Rai).

With a huge number of play-to-earn gamers are Filipinos, it is no secret that the success of a P2E project can be attributed to how countries like the Philippines adopt the game. With a huge typhoon passing by the central regions of the country, a lot of people in the area would be needing help.  Among those willing to help is the growth lead of the game himself. In a tweet on December 17,  Jeffery Zirlin, popularly known as Jihoz, has pledged to donate 10 ETH to the relief operations organized by the community. 

“How can we help our PH brothers and sisters that are suffering from the typhoon? I am ready to pledge 10 ETH to help Axie community members in PH Handshake,” Jihoz reaching out to the community.

The Philippines is a tropical country in southeast asia that is made up of over 7000 islands. Being an island nation with the Pacific ocean on it’s right, the country sits on a prime location along the Pacific Typhoon Belt. According to the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) the country is visited by an average of 20 typhoons a year, 5 of which are considered destructive in magnitude.

Axie Infinity Bayanihan

Bayanihan is the Filipino word for the spirit of community that Filipinos embody, especially in times of disaster. The Axie Infinity community is doing just that as members of the community, be it Arena PvP experts, established guilds, or OG players and content creators of the game, stepped up and led various efforts to help their brothers and sisters in the Philippines.

“We are closely monitoring the situation on the ground in the Philippines which is being ravaged by a typhoon. There are community leaders and guilds that are stepping up to lead and coordinate relief efforts. Stay tuned for updates on the path forward.” Axie Infinity’s official twitter account announced.

Nixtape, a top ranking PvP player in the Axie Arena Season 18 pledge to donate all his earnings and potential winnings from season 19 to help relief operations in the Philippines.

“I will be grinding hard in @AxieInfinity arena tonight and until the end of the season. All $SLP earnings and potential $AXS rewards when I place in the leaderboards will go towards PH relief operations. #OdettePH Bangon Pilipinas!” Nixtape announced.

The Philippine chapter of the established P2E guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) reported to have received over 60,000 US Dollars in crypto donations over the first hour of their donation channel going live. 

“Over 3,000,000 pesos ($60,000) in crypto donations raised in our first hour! Thanks, cryptofam!” YGG Pilipinas tweeted

Popular personalities and OGs in the space, Such as Axie_Queen, Enjoi, and the Axie Sisters, have also pledged to help or already donated to the relief efforts.

“Axie Sisters are donating $500 for #OdettePH victims. If you are reading this, please send even little bit. Lots of small donations will make big help. Praying for brothers and sisters in Philippines.” the Axie sisters twitter account revealed.

Ways to Donate

If you’re looking to get involved with this initiative, you can donate through the following channels:

ETH - yggph.eth - 0x7a3cf7cf1c5f995e5849fc65f956ca31e9a6e677

Ronin Network - ronin:bf298227e40c55f5d5a85e5aecc61c622f4b20ac

Ronin Network - ronin:45a521f37b26cfc00a7b9f61044d7ac93e6e70bd

Metamask - 0x86CdeE97a6a96533891dF29c77002f27E982400D

Ronin Network - ronin:5d772c0b8d1764a3e2d51f777cd638f592d7d9cf

Metamask - 0x1a76448128aD01c5044aeCdC9C03f05A5F980064

More channels will be added soon as we verify the addresses. Make sure to donate to verified channels only.

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