AutoShark Announces Metaverse Amidst 12 Days of Sharkmas

With a metaverse in the works, Autoshark begins to clean up the low-hanging liquidity pools on its protocol.

Kyle Heise
December 21, 2021
BSC News

AutoShark DeFi Prepares for 2022

AutoShark Finance put out a few headlines that brought important updates and restorations to the protocol over the last few days. 

The announcement that a metaverse for the AutoShark ecosystem is in development surfaced first via a Medium post on Dec. 16. The team did not release too many details about the development but mentioned building out an entire metaverse for users.

“We imagine a diverse metaverse world where you can do anything, from performing swaps, farming yields, building a beautiful metaverse Cove (Home), playing games,” wrote the Medium blog from Dec. 16. 

The Autoshark team specifically mentioned that maturing the ecosystem will play a crucial part in the steps building to the metaverse. It looks like they have begun that maturation by cleaning house on nearly twenty of their liquidity farms, according to another Medium from Dec. 19. The clean-up is seen as a mechanism to boost the token returns and prepare the protocol for updates in the new year.

Since it first launched six months ago, AutoShark Finance has had an enduring protocol on Binance Smart Chain. The micro-cap project boasts $76 million in total volume locked. The two native tokens, $FINS and $JAWS, have a collective $8 million market cap, according to the AutoShark mainpage.

The 12 Days of Sharkmas

In full festive spirit, AutoShark Finance has been doing a $FINS token giveaway. For twelve days beginning on Dec. 12 until Dec. 24, the protocol will spread Christmas cheer by giving away between $50 - $100 $FINS tokens. 

The winners of multiple days have already been announced through Twitter, bringing joy to several lucky users.

“Sharkie just loves to spread good feels during #Sharkmas! He’s got another $100 of FINS to give away! Head to and submit your contest entry for Day 8 of Sharkmas!” the protocol tweeted on Dec. 20.

Following a pair of attacks in the Fall, the project appears to have improved its plight and has big plans in 2022 on the way. A giveaway is always a nice token of gratitude to keep users happy, especially amidst the protocol’s dynamic changes. 

What is AutoShark?

AutoShark is a yield optimizer on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Network. It is forked from PancakeBunny and offers unparalleled access to farming opportunities through the use of superior yield strategies and auto-compounding vaults.

The DeFi ecosystem is a robust landscape, with multiple Dapps looking to participate in certain segments of the market. From lending to gamification to NFT marketplaces, the goal of AutoShark is to capture interest through the use of yield optimizing for BSC and Polygon.

Where to find AutoShark

Website | Twitter | Medium | GitHub |

Kyle Heise

Born and raised in the East Bay of California. He has studied and worked on three continents and lived in eight countries. Kyle resides in San Francisco. He holds bags mostly in ETH, CRO, CAKE, and BSC meme projects.

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