As BNB Slides, Holders are diversifying into TOADS to take advantage of 450% presale growth

DigiToads distinguishes itself in the competitive DeFi industry by offering transparency, security, and profitability as a meme coin.

BNB has slipped down 17% this week which is a significant price drop as compared to other cryptocurrencies. This has led to a loss of trust among many investors. But, if you are an existing BNB holder, we have some good news for you. Now you can utilize your BNB to purchase TOADS tokens during its ongoing presale. TOADS price has risen 320% from $0.01 to $0.042 as it enters phase 8 of the presale. One of the factors in the decline of BNB was the emergence of strong competitors in the crypto market. 

With new cryptocurrencies like DigiToads offering innovative features and real-world utility, BNB faced increased competition, leading to a decrease in demand and a subsequent drop in its price.

Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the ongoing presale of TOADS tokens using your BNB. So, if you are a BNB holder and prefer not to keep it in your crypto portfolio, you now have the option to exchange it for DigiToads. Use your BNB to purchase TOADS, a promising altcoin to buy in 2023.

DigiToads is a Rising Star in the Cryptocurrency World

DigiToads is a DeFi project that covers both stake-to-earn and play-to-earn mechanics while helping the system through NFTs. DigiToads seeks TOADS tokens to be recognized crypto assets across various cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform offers merchandise that is influenced by the meme coin. Thus, the DeFi cryptocurrency makes a real-life impact. 

TOADS are ERC 20 tokens and they are marketed as meme coins. Users can use the tokens for numerous purposes. The users holding TOADS tokens will be given staking rewards. These rewards are 2% of the APY and rewards for staking DigiToads’ cool NFTs. 

DigiToads has named its P2E ecosystem Toad Cade where the best NFTs can be merged and traded together for creating better toads. The NFT game will use a turn-based battle system. When a player wins, they will be rewarded with TOADS tokens. The goal of the platform is to give users an opportunity to win real money.

DigiToads is a transparent, secure, and profitable meme coin. As the DeFi coin industry becomes highly competitive, the project has been able to stand out by offering several advantages to its investors. The most attractive feature of the ICO cryptocurrency is its reward system. When it comes to its Web3 game, players have the opportunity to interact with it. 

The expectation that DigiToads will skyrocket and has the potential to give 100x return these years comes from its innovative technology. Investors are rushing to pick up TOADS token while it is still a cheap altcoin. It is breaking the pattern by developing a meme coin that welcomes new investors for value growth within an engaging and captivating ecosystem. 

One unique aspect of DigiToads is that it organizes trading tournaments that are directly conducted on the blockchain platform every month. Players winning the tournaments are awarded VIP Platinum TOADS, giving them access to a portion of the treasury from the DeFi cryptocurrency for live trading. Every winner will receive a 10% share of the profits made through the trade. 

The deflationary model of the token is another factor that makes DigiToads one of the best cryptos to buy. This contributes to its scarcity over time. Through its in-built burning mechanism, the supply of tokens will decrease over time letting investors make a profit by just holding on to the tokens. The deflationary nature makes DigiToads stand apart from other meme coins that often depend heavily on fleeting external hypes and can’t independently hedge against the volatility of the market. 

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Bottom Line

The search for the best crypto is an ongoing chase for investors looking for opportunities to make profits. DigiToads is a new cryptocurrency ICO that has grabbed the attention of many with its diverse following, intriguing presale, and promising plans. 

As the TOADS token keeps gaining momentum, its trajectory seems to reach for the sky. Thus, if you are looking for the top crypto to buy in 2023, DigiToads is the best option.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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