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An Update on A Pioneering Freelance Protocol

Argon seeks to address the current problem within the traditional freelance platform by providing solutions needed to revamp the sector. Multiple updates and platform developments are in store for its increasing community and user base.

About Argon

Argon, covered in this project review,is the first and only blockchain-based freelance platform that has successfully solved high commission rate issues plaguing the centralized freelance system. 

The protocol has decentralized the system connecting the customer and freelance workers. Argon relies on an Approver system that helps speed up a dispute resolution. The platform finds real use cases amongst the freelance working sector and the client base seeking such services.

Key Features

  • Zero commission freelance platform
  • Enhanced payment security
  • Decentralized in nature
  • Globally adopted
  • Highly profitable for participants

Project Updates

Argon now on MXC: Argon is officially listed and trading on the MXC exchange platform with the ARGON/USDT pair.

The token has just listed and already achieved nearly $1m in volume. Listing on the MXC market will give Argon a wide range of exposure to the Seychelles-based exchange platform and community.

Coinmarketcap Listing: Users can now keep up with Argon’s information on the top leading price update platform of the Binance owned Coinmarketcap.

Coinmarketcap listing joins other price update platforms like Coingecko, where users can keep up with the platform price and token metrics. This furthers the exposure of the token.

Certik Update

Argons first round of Certik Audits has been completed and further contracts are under audit. This audit is being wrapped up so final results can be expected in the near future. 

Argon Staking: Stake ARGON and Earn ARGON.

Earn Argon by staking on the smart contract and secure your earnings. Start contributing to the pool and saving 2x. The staking period is open every 15 days; a cancellation attracts a 3% penalty fee. Users can take part in the passive income mechanism now active on the staking platform. The staking contract is officially live on Github.

The recent listing on the MXC exchange is the most significant update for the platform. There is currently a promotion for this event on [EMBED] Twitter.


A significant portion of the roadmap has already been achieved. The audit contract with Certik is active, and plenty of sponsorships and advertisements are already active. Other plans like the whitepaper V 1.3 and the updated roadmap are underway!

Some exciting things to look out for on the platform are new freelancers for Argon and the creation of a pool on 1inch exchange. These developments are a part of the project’s current action plan and can be expected in the near future. 

Also coming soon:

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Governance Token
  • Insurance
  • New Branded UI/UX

Concluding Thoughts

The freelance economy is getting a major boost, thanks to the Argon platform. The protocol has integrated the traditional world of freelance into the blockchain with innovative and advanced features.

With the integration of the Governance protocol, NFT Marketplace, Insurance, and the newly branded UI/UX, the project is set to become more robust than it is currently. It is refreshing to see a project offering services away from the current hypes.

For those who wish to learn more about Argon, check out the following resources and media pages:





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