APWars - Expand Your Reach Through wLand in the Arcadia Expansion

The new expansion introduces a world-building experience with an emphasis on building a long term playable medieval universe.

October 3, 2021

Introducing APWars

APWars is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) GameFi project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that is positioning itself as a full-fledged medieval-style experience for players. In the game, wars take place between two factions, the “Corporation” and the “Degenerates”, in an effort to control the in-game universe. Players can build an army of wUNITs (the token representing in-game battle units) to use in battle, with winners in PVP battles gaining rewards as well as other rewards for all participants.

APWars has just released an expansion titled Arcadia, which has added a village-construction element to their gameplay. 


Basic Ecosystem Elements

BSC News recently held an AMA with the APWars team where they detailed many gameplay details as well as some of the new elements introduced in the Arcadia expansion. The full transcript can be found on the APWars Medium blog.

While the game has some rewarding P2E elements, the team has emphasized that gameplay is their core focus. Currently users are able to farm wGOLD as the game is in its early stages. Once the Arcadia expansion has been fully integrated, however, farming will cease and earning will take place through gameplay strategy.

The New Expansion

The Arcadia expansion brings a completely new experience to the APWars ecosystem by introducing a world-building aspect. The wLAND token will be used to acquire new land, which depending on location will grant them increased in-game benefits. Players can purchase land near specific foundations and structures, including temples, markets, watchtowers, villages, and hideouts to reap these benefits.

In order to fully participate in the new update, owning the wLAND token is essential. Users are able to get started on the expansion for free through certain units and materials, but to acquire new land users will have to buy it using the wLAND token. 

What the Expansion Means For APWars

The expansion indicates a shift towards a more sustainable environment for APWars. While the battle-focused gameplay and farming elements were key to gaining initial adoption, creating a buildable universe with a focus on replayable strategy makes for a more fresh long term experience. The team has stated their goal first and foremost is to make an enjoyable gaming experience, which they seek to achieve with the launch of Arcadia. 

Their other main goal with the launch is to encourage the adoption of wLAND. Players who wish to fully engage with the new Arcadia features must acquire the new wLAND.

Concluding Thoughts

The new expansion signifies a large-scale vision for the APWars platform. The developers have studied the P2E and observed perhaps its largest flaw - longevity. By transitioning their platform through the Arcadia expansion and wLAND token into a world-building universe, the team is seeking to build a more sustainable future for the ecosystem. The system remains rewarding for users - it is a P2E game, after all - but the improvements on gameplay are crucial to their long term success.

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