AirNFTs Provides a Launchpad for Promising DeFi and GameFi Projects

How to raise funds with NFT Launchpad for your DeFi and GameFi project with AirNFTs.

November 23, 2021

Introducing the AirNFTs Launchpad

AirNFTs will provide a springboard for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects by generating awareness and raising funds through crowdfunding. Holders of our native token, AIRT,  will have exclusive access to pre-sales of NFTs and projects carefully selected for the launchpad.

We aim to bring as many NFT-based blockchain projects to life as possible by raising funds and promoting their work. 



What Do You Stand to Gain? 

Being a part of the launchpad means using our network to kickstart your project. In order to provide the much-needed traction and raise funds with AirNFTs, developers will receive:

  1. Exposure to AirNFTs’ audience and partners ecosystem,
  2. List your NFTs on our marketplace for further NFT Trading and secondary sales,
  3. Vet your project framework and ensure it’s up to community standards. 
  4. Long term partnership with Airnfts.


Launch Your Project Now

AirNFTs offers a seamless way to begin your success story. If you’re interested in launching your own project via NFT launchpad, learn more here.

For more information about AirNFTs, visit the following links:

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