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Airbnb CEO Signals Move to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

According to user demand, the ability to pay for Airbnb in crypto is very high on the list.

Paying for Airbnb in BNB?

Users may well have the opportunity to pay for their next holiday accommodation in crypto. The suggestion comes after an intriguing tweet by the company’s CEO. 

Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, asked followers what they most wanted Airbnb to launch in 2022. The answers were conclusive, and Chesky was not about to shy away from the response in his Tweet on January 5: 


Conservative statistics estimate Airbnb’s market share in the vacation rental industry at around 20%, meaning they are one of the most sought-after organizations for people looking to travel. 

With users spanning the entire globe, Airbnb recognizes that crypto simply offers them another avenue to continue expanding. So, as much as this latest move may be branded as a way to appease loyal users, the truth may be that it is also a very shrewd business decision.  

Back in November 2021, Chesky opened up to Nilay Patel of The Verge Podcast Decoder, explaining how he sees crypto and Airbnb as two separate revolutions happening simulateneously that can work together.

"We are definitely looking into it. Absolutely. Like the revolution in travel, there is clearly a revolution happening in crypto. Airbnb and crypto both have interesting relationships with trust," Chesky told Patel. "The original white paper on Bitcoin said that Bitcoin does not require trust because there is essentially a public ledger. Airbnb approached trust in a kind of similar way: we redesigned a system of trust where the reviews are the equivalent of a public trust ledger, essentially."

Brian Chesky’s indicates that several of his Twitter responses are already being addressed, while others will now be considered. Ultimately, we are left guessing at how much progress may have already been made on the crypto payment front. Maybe one day you'll use Binance BNB tokens to lounge away in a luxurious Airbnb.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb, as in “Air Bed and Breakfast,” is an online marketplace that lets property owners rent out their spaces to travellers looking for a place to stay. Travelers are offered the opportunity to rent a space for multiple people to share, a shared space with private rooms, or the entire property for themselves. The service enjoys huge popularity throughout the world.

Where to find AirBNB:

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