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African NFT Giant AFEN Launches Beta Version of NFT Marketplace

The protocol offers unique real-estate functionality that distinguishes it from other decentralized applications.

AFEN Joins the Party

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks in the world of cryptocurrency, with significant progress toward mass adoption along with the thrill of an uncertain market. The attention of the crypto community is largely focused on Volcano mines, El Salvadoran Bitcoin law, and projects working to keep their communities engaged. Yet there is a budding crypto ecosystem in Africa. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, as well as other famous crypto Twitter personalities, have shown genuine admiration for the resilience of the African crypto community and projects. One such project is AFEN, a renowned African startup with three products to build: a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, a real estate P2P platform, and an educational hub.

The Marketplace Has Launched


According to the AFEN roadmap, the beta version of the AFEN NFT marketplace would be ready for launch in June. The team kept their word, ensuring that the community received what was promised. This began with an announcement of the launch date set for June 15th, 2021. AFEN has now officially launched the beta version of the AFEN NFT marketplace. The launch was divided into two stages. Phase 1 brought the marketplace to a select group of community members who signed up for the waitlist and were given access to the main website. Phase 2 will give the general public a taste of the ground-breaking NFT marketplace.

What is AFEN?

AFEN is Africa's leading NFT platform, officially endorsed by several African governments, to digitize legacy African art while also creating an art environment in which contemporary art can gain value and reach a wider audience.

AFEN's recent activities, both before and after the platform's launch, have resulted in renowned artists joining the platform in a spree. The AFEN team has assured the AFEN community of its complete support and dedication to one of Africa's most promising cryptocurrency projects. Aside from the release of the Beta version of the AFEN NFT marketplace, the platform has been approved to participate in the recent Binance Africa hackathon. The AFEN team continues to advance the project's ambitions through quality partnerships and effective marketing.

 For more details on the AFEN project, visit the project website and follow them on Twitter. You can also join their community on Telegram to learn about the latest platform updates. 

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