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Adidas Partners BAYC, GMoney, and Punks Comic as it Enters the Metaverse

Adidas ventures into the metaverse and calls it a world of limitless possibilities.

Adidas Suits Up for the Metaverse

Adidas is entering the metaverse with a four-way collaboration whilst teasing its fans by featuring a Bored Ape wearing an Adidas sweater. The new partnership features the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) brand Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), NFT comic series Punks Comic and cryptocurrency investor Gmoney.   

Meta (previously known as Facebook) replied on Adidas’s tweet by saying, ‘We can't wait to see Adidas in the metaverse’ 

Adidas purchased Bored Ape Yacht Club #8,774 on September 17 for 46 ether.

Source: The BAYC NFT that was originally purchased by Adidas got a makeover and now sports an Adidas sweater

New Crypto Strategy 

Big brand manufacturers such as Nike and Adidas are carving a new niche for themselves in the metaverse. The competition is heatingup in the metaverse. Nike, a competing sporting apparel manufacturer revealed ‘Nikeland’ in the Roblox Metaverse on November 18. 

Source: Nikeland features a Showroom of virtual merchandize to where user can style their avatar with Nike gears

On November 24, Adidas announced that it has partnered with Coinbase and is expected to launch ‘Adi-verse’ in partnership with The Sandbox. A day earlier, The Sandbox in a teaser clip featured the Adidas logo in their metaverse. 

Traditional brands are getting creative as they venture into the metaverse as the hype builds up. 

Source: Traditional brands are reinventing themselves and racing to stamp their mark in  the metaverse

The Ultimate Online Store

  • Institutions are starting to realise that metaverse promises a lot of opportunities. Brands may find the metaverse as the ultimate online store, where NFTs can be sold to avatars and can be resold by its buyers. 
  • The space is still developing but it is likely that once the metaverse theme really takes off, reality could be bigger than the hype. 
  • Financial institutions, gaming, entertainment and countless other industries can have a presence in the metaverse that is streamlined with their existing business strategies. 

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