ACryptoS Launches 5-Token Pool for Feeder Finance

The unique pool offers a combination of 5 tokens instead of the usual 2, as well as a mix between larger and smaller cap tokens.

October 14, 2021

New Collaboration

Feeder Finance has just partnered up with ACryptoS to launch an Investment Fund to help Binance Smart Chain (BSC) users diversify their portfolio. The fund is a 5-token LP (Liquidity Pool) formed with FEED - BTC - ETH - BNB - ACSI, a good mix between large-cap coins and smaller platform tokens.

Many users in BSC might not be familiar with LPs that are more than 2 tokens, and would be confused by this pool formed with 5 tokens. In truth, these pools are beneficial to DeFi users, as the deposited funds are spread across multiple tokens, diversifying their risks. This is similar to the concept of index funds in traditional finance.

With the unique mechanics of Balancer V2, Acsi.Finance is the only protocol in BSC supporting up to 8 tokens per LP. Users can now invest in a single Investment Fund, and have their risks managed by diversifying across multiple tokens.

Feeder Finance is a product aggregator for various yield farming protocols. It takes users’ deposited funds, and automatically finds the best yields from partner sites, diversifying them across target vaults and strategies. They already had plans in their early days about the use case of an index-like investment option, so partnering up with ACryptoS to launch this Investment Fund was a strategic move towards a productive collaboration.

Dual Token Farming: $ACSI + $FEED

With the new FEED-BNB-BTC-ETH-ACSI pool launched last week, $80,000 ACSI + FEED was allocated for the farm, and they will be distributed over a period of 150 days. Users can deposit to the farm, and enjoy $80,000 yield farming rewards, along with fees collected from swaps between any of these tokens.

A point worth noting is, users can deposit all 5 tokens in the listed proportion, or they can deposit just 1 single token (eg: $FEED, $BNB, or $ACSI etc.) and Acsi.Finance will take care of the rest in the background, balancing those tokens for you. More details can be found in the ACryptoS Medium post.

Based on traditional finance index funds, fund performance of collectively similar assets tend to move in the same direction over time. This means less Impermanent Loss (IL) risks, diversified portfolios, no more fretting over sudden pumps or dumps - just sit back and watch the overall fund grow together. That is the goal that both ACryptoS and Feeder Finance set out to achieve - growing your funds safely and sustainably through effective smart contracts and risk management.

About Feeder Finance

Feeder Finance offers vault aggregation from top-tier projects on Binance Smart Chain, DEX Aggregator for quick and on-the-platform swapping, and Portfolio Dashboard for clear investment overview.
Visit their website to find out more.

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About ACryptoS & Acsi.Finance

Acsi.Finance was launched half a year ago by ACryptoS, a #SAFU Top 5 Yield Optimizer on BSC. Ever since then, it has pushed out various LP Investment Funds to help users manage their risks.

A few notable ones:
- MegaCaps Fund (BNB | ETH | BTC)
- “EVM-Killer” Fund (SOL | DOT | ADA | ETH | BNB)

To learn more about ACryptoS and Acsi.Finance, visit the following links:

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