A Recap on The Sam Bankman Fried and Tom Brady Keynote Conversation at Consensus

Tom Brady joins the conversation with Sam Bankman Friend and Sina Nader to discuss their thoughts/ideas about the crypto industry.

John Tunney
May 31, 2021
Blockchain News

Laser Vision 

During CoinDesks’s May Consensus of 2021, Sam Bankman Fried the founder of FTX, the fastest growing crypto exchange in the world and Tom Brady, 7 time super bowl champion, spoke together on the current state of crypto and their thoughts on it. CoinDesk’s Consensus, for those that don’t know, is a virtual panel of speakers that aims to unite professionals around the world aimed at exploring and understanding the evolution and trajection of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

So how does Tom Brady find himself on such a panel? Well, on May 9th, Jason Yanowitz tweeted out:

Tom Brady soon responded to the tweet, changing his profile picture to include laser eyes. For those unaware, “laser eyes” are a symbol for crypto enthusiasts to express their love and commitment to the crypto industry.  Following the exchange and profile picture update, Sam Bankman Fried reached out to Tom via twitter inviting Tom to join him at CoinDesk’s virtual Consensus.  

Tom agreed, joined Sam, and shared a lot on how he felt about the crypto industry during the virtual conversation.

Tom Brady: The Big Takeaways From the Interview

Tom Brady did not hesitate to share exactly how he felt about crypto. Tom has recently launched his own NFT platform Autograph. Both Brady and Fried were questioned by Sina Nader, the COO of FTX US. The interview bounced between Brady and Fried, but to keep things simple, let’s first start by examining how Tom Brady feels about the crypto industry, then move to Fried. 

Nader began the interview by first asking Brady about his recent profile picture change. 

Tom Brady responded that, “in regards to the lazer eyes, I have certainly been following that (crypto) community for a while on twitter. Someone had really called me out to change my profile picture and use the laser eyes, it was really a vote of confidence to get me in the conversation, as I am such a big believer in crypto and where things are headed in the world. I’m excited to continue to learn.” 

Brady immediately in the beginning of the interview lays out that he is a huge believer in crypto. 


The interview ranged from topics on leadership to competition. Yet the conversation was quick to return back to the topic of cryptocurrency. So why has Tom Brady decided to get involved with crypto? 

Well, the superstart athlete expressed that, “First, I understand where the world’s heading. I wanted to be part of a community of people who were building this space and then contributing to it. The more I learned about crypto, the more I wanted to build a great platform. Next generation of interaction between celebrities and their fans. That’s our goal with Autograph. This NFT space will be a really exciting place for people to interact in the future.” 

Tom is such a big believer in the crypto space, that he wanted to build something himself. Thus, Autograph was born. 


So what caught Tom Brady’s attention with Crypto and has he been investing in the space? Well, Brady responded to the question, 

“I definitely have. One of my coaches has been on it for about 8-9 months so we basically talk about it everyday. It’s on all of our minds. I am a big believer in it, I dont think it's going anywhere. It’s definitely something I am going to be in for a long time. It's a marathon. You can be ahead of the curve or behind it, and I’m choosing to be ahead of it. I am going to try to help create the trend. This is where the world’s heading.” 

Again, Brady emphasizes that he believes in crypto, that it's a long term play, that it’s on all of our minds and that he is going to actively try to create the trend.  The 7-time Super Bowl champion expressed over and over his fondness for crypto and the exciting nature of the crypto industry. 

Sam Bankman Fried: The Big Takeaways From the Interview

The interview which focused on Sam and Tom was very interesting to watch. Tom Brady clearly is new to the space, and thus most of what he expressed was his belief in the value that the crypto industry can bring. Fried, an already incredibly successful crypto entrepreneur, focused more on what he wants to do with crypto and shared some great advice for new investors looking to enter the space. 


Fried is an altruist and always thinking about how he can help people.

 Fried said that what drives him to continue building is “when looking at the scale of impact you can have on the world, it's absolutely massive... There isn’t a sense of 'Oh you’ve pretty well that’s good enough’, no there are more people out there and there are more causes out there. There’s always more to accomplish.”

 Fried is a huge proponent of helping others, and truly believes that crypto can make a real difference. 

Sam also gave some very sound advice for those who plan on entering the space early on, saying it’s “obviously, it’s hard to not move away from looking at price action, because you train yourself to do it in bull markets, and then can’t tear your eyes away when things are falling. If the only reason you’re in crypto is because you think prices are going to go, that's okay, so be it but there’s volatility sometimes it goes down and that sucks.” 

Fried shares an honest truth that most new investors experience; the price only goes up, they become infatuated with checking their portfolio everyday, and then it crashes and well that sucks. Yet, Fried shared a really excellent point and great advice for any investor. 

He said that “if you're coming from the perspective of here's why I think crypto can be cool and here are the problems it could solve and help society, I think that when there are bloody days, take a step back, take a breather, and think about why you’re here in the first place. Price action might impact adoption but it doesn't impact the tech. If you think it's gonna be super cool, it's still gonna be super cool.” 

Concluding Thoughts

The Consensus 2021 featuring Tom Brady and Sam Bankman Fried was fascinating to watch. Brady, who is one of the biggest athletes in the world and Fried, one of the greatest minds of the era, expressed their appreciation of the value that crypto can bring. Both Brady or Fried, either by spreading education / awareness of crypto or showing the charitable use case that comes with the applicability of crypto, should continue to drive in more investors towards the space. Tom Brady coming to crypto, believing strongly in it, is also huge for the crypto community’s growth. More and more celebrities appear to be getting involved with crypto. It’s always wonderful to see two people who are charitable that are able to leverage the capabilities that are intrinsic to crypto to help change the world for the better! 
To watch the full CoinDesk interview, click here! Tom Brady and Sam Bankman Fried begin at 35:48.

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