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A Letter to the Community from Our Co-Founder and CFO

An end of the year note from ours to yours.

Dear BSC News Staff and our Binance Smart Chain Community,

With 2021 coming to a close, I found it prudent to slow down and reflect on our year. To be direct and to the point, it has been a remarkable year for crypto and decentralized finance, but what I find to be more interesting is the story we are writing every passing day.

My story in DeFi started in 2020 when I went to work in my basement with a prior business that was stripped down to only essential tasks per local government mandate. A few weeks to slow the spread turned into months. I simply needed to find new revenue sources. Enter DeFi.

Having been in crypto for a few years, I kept up with the trends and knew it was possible to earn some good yield on my crypto to supplement our income while we waited for the pandemic to pass. “It’s just a math equation,” I told my wife as I began calculating how to make it happen. Within a short period, Binance Smart Chain launched, followed by some early protocols, massive growth, and the launch of BSC News.

For most of 2021, I kept my head in crypto and focused on what was important to me: BSC News and our team, the family living within the walls of my house, and the financial security needed to withstand a time of uncertainty and fear.

"Occasionally I would pop out of my little world to rediscover the hate and division that appeared (and continues to appear) to be growing in our pandemic fueled world, say “nope”, and get back to focusing on what matters."

While that is my personal story, the shared experience over the last 12 months with colleagues, community members, and industry partners has provided me with a feeling of gratitude that I’m not sure I can explain in words, but I will try.

The BSC News team is simply remarkable. With contributing members from all over the world, I rarely go a day without talking with someone in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, or Africa. While unrest and anger continue to fill our home countries, we have found a way to cut out the noise and bond over a shared vision of what we believe can contribute to a better world. 

Our diverse backgrounds have led to conversations about history, culture, and life that are as enjoyable as they are eye-opening. We operate from a basement of mutual respect and understanding in a world that is anything but that. I have received messages from community members thankful for our content and speak with developers worldwide who work diligently to build products that serve everyone, regardless of their economic background or geographic location. I am humbled and grateful for these daily interactions.

What we have accomplished over the last 12 months matters, and what we aim to achieve over the next 12 will continue to form the blueprint for a fairer and more equitable world for seven billion people. That is the story that I am choosing to focus on, and the one that we will continue to write together.

I wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season,

Ben Antes

Co-Founder and CFO

BSC News

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