53 Unique News NFTs from Associated Press Dropping on Binance NFT

The premiere news organization finds the blockchain as a new location to publish and issue its news.

Kyle Heise
October 12, 2021
BSC News

AP Puts News On Chain

The Associated Press (AP) teamed up with Metalist to mint (Non-fungible Tokens) NFTs of fifty-three rare archived news moments of recent world history on the Binance NFT marketplace. 

The AP and Metalist announced via Medium on October 11th, that the new NFTs will go live on October 19th at noontime UTC. The collection will feature some of the top events in human history from the last 100 years. 

There will be photographs of rare moments as well as digitized copies of the AP’s famous ‘News Wire Flashes,’ which are expedited news transmissions sent by the AP to its hundreds of corresponding offices in over 100 countries. 

“The Associated Press believes that facts belong onchain [sic] and distribution of this historic news reporting to the blockchain is nothing short of vital for the preservation of world history,” the blog post reads.

NFTs will include transmissions from historic human achievements like the Eisenhower Headquarters for Normandy Landings or photos from events like the “Wedding of the Century’ between Britain’s Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The venture continues an effort by one of the world’s premier news organizations over the last 175 years to continue to preserve history and human achievement. 

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Kyle Heise

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