2021 Stats Are In: Binance Smart Chain Tops Several Categories

2022 to continue project investments with a strong focus on scalability and multi-chain infrastructure.

Robert D. Knight
January 13, 2022
BSC News

BSC to Build on Fundamentals with Web3 Investment

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has smashed blockchain network statistic records in 2021. The blockchain has recorded 2.6 billion transactions and 126 million new addresses across 1,150 projects spanning DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and metaverse.

BSC’s numbers provide further evidence that more dApp developers and users are opting for the blockchain based on its low latency and large capacity. Both are requirements for  Web3.0 applications. On-chain statistics reveal that BSC’s daily high of 16.2 million transactions on November 25 dwarfed that of Ethereum’s 2021 daily transaction high of 1.7 million. Having registered milestone highs in total locked value and DEX trading volume ($300 billion), BSC has signaled a focus on multi-chain development and investment in a bid to host one billion new users.

“We need to think about the requirements from the infrastructure perspective, and BSC will move towards a multi-chain future. Over the last 12-16 months, we invested in over 50 projects in all stages of development. As the chart below illustrates, we're investing in all kinds of projects from DeFi and NFTs to Web3 Infra and Wallets. In 2022, we want to invest in even more projects and bridge Web2>Web3,” said BSC in a Tweet series on January 11.

The numbers were published as part of a summary of BSC’s 2022 New Year Kickoff live stream hosted by its Data and Research Team on January 7. Initially developed for cross-chain compatibility with Binance Chain, BSC has emerged as an industry frontrunner in dApp development and multi-chain digital assets management.

BSC 2022 New Year Kickoff Livestream (Source)

What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain is a smart contract blockchain with a full-fledged environment for developing high-performance decentralized applications to enable the internet of value. It maintains 100% EVM compatibility while enabling faster and cheaper transactions using the Proof of Stake authority consensus.


Robert D. Knight

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