YFUNI: A Yearn Inspired Suite of Next-Gen DeFi Products

Yearn Finance protocol was one of the largely successful Defi protocols on the Ethereum blockchain. YFUNI aims to innovate on the highly successful Yearn products for the Binance Smart Chain network’s growing users.

Stellar Invictus: A 4X Sci-Fi MMO Game Using a DeFi Economy

The Stellar Invictus project tackles the gamification of DeFi uniquely and innovatively. The 4x MMO strategy game attracts all sorts of users with its unique economy integrated with crypto.

5 Things About XANALIA: A NFT x DeFi Marketplace on BSC for AR/VR Era

XANALIA, a primary Decentralized NFT Marketplace on BSC for AR/VR generation. It has been recently launched and marked over 37000% in growth. Here are 5 reasons why XANALIA still has high expectations.

GeoDB Project Insight: The First Big Data Sharing Ecosystem on the Blockchain

GeoDB will bridge the lack of trust in traditional systems using the decentralized technology of the blockchain. At all times, data scientists and users can get access to data owners, ensuring that data owners get ample rewards.

Wagerr Project Insight: Privacy Focused Sports Betting Giving Users the House Edge

Wagerr aims to become the hub of all sport-betting activities. Sports lovers worldwide can take on betting using the decentralized application of Wagerr without compromising quality and their identity.

PolarisDefi Project Insight: A Fairly Distributed and Competitive Farming Ecosystem

Recently there has been a proliferation of yield farming and launchpad platforms with a multiplicity of functions and near emptiness in essence. It has become increasingly hard to see focused projects like PolariDefi, whose delivery is aimed at the quality output of its products and platform features.

CafeSwap Finance: A Decentralized Yield Farming and Staking Ecosystem

Cafeswap is a yield farming and staking platform on the Binance Smart Chain, driven by a talented team and fueled by an amazing community.

NFT Alley Project Insight: A Intuitive Multichain NFT Marketplace

As the NFT sector grows, it’s time that more attention is given to the marketplace and, indeed, the whole of NFT activities. NFT Alley aims to be the first to bring in that much-needed innovation at this time.

Pizza Finance Project Insight: A Decentralized Exchange and Entertainment Project

CheeseSwap is developing a robust ecosystem through its AMM Dex. Users can access a plethora of features through the Pizza Finance and CheeseSwap dApps.

BogTools: Deployable Smart Contracting Oracles with Contract Execution Functionality

BogTools is a BEP-20 smart contract that provides decentralized on-chain oracles and code execution on the BSC blockchain. In the coming days, the team will begin deploying several different BogTools.

BSCEX Rebrands to Launchzone: A Complete DeFi Ecosystem

LaunchZone aims to become the project offering all of Binance Exchange Off-chain services to its on-chain users. Users will save on transaction costs while simultaneously reaping the benefits of decentralization.

Juggernaut Project Update: An Unstoppable DeFi and NFT Ecosystem

Users will have all their Defi, and NFT needs sorted under one ecosystem. This app will allow users to get the best NFT experience without having to explore the 100s of markets available in the space.

Swirl.Cash to Launch Private Transactions on the Binance Smart Chain

Swirl.cash, a BSC-customized fork of Tornado.cash, which will launch next week on the Wault LaunchPad. Swirl perfects transaction privacy by separating the on-chain link between the recipient and destination addresses.

Super Pepe Bros and the Future of SmokeHouse

Smokehouse and Super Pepe Bros plan to become a gaming hub on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). SmokeHouse aims to parallel large gaming companies like Activision and Nintendo.

ZeroSwap Soon to Launch its ZeeDO Platform Supporting DEX Offerings

ZeeDo empowers users to participate in DEX Token offerings in a fair and transparent manner, without any manual intervention in the distribution process.

Nord Finance: An Advanced Cross-Chain Decentralized Finance Ecosystem

Nord Finance’s implementation of the Binance Chain Network has attracted quite an interest amongst users. With integrations planned with Polygon (formerly Matic), Elrond, and Orion Protocol, Nord is on the path to be the leader among multi-chain DeFi ecosystems.

All-in-one DeFi platform DeFiPie Launches on Binance Smart Chain with an Ethereum Bridge

DeFiPie proposes to combine crypto lending, staking, liquidity pools, yield farming, and P2P loans within the same dApp. With the launch of Binance Smart Chain, DeFiPie is making crypto loans much faster and cheaper.

Coral Farm Finance Project Insight: An Eco-Friendly Yield Farm on The BInance Smart Chain

Coral Farm Finance aims to be the most eco-friendly yield farm on the Binance Smart Chain. This protocol combines yield farming with real-world sustainability in a fun and decentralized manner.

Wault Finance Project Insight: An All in One Decentralized Finance Protocol

Waults ecosystem simplifies the who DeFi process and will distinguish the Wault finance platform. An easy-to-use intuitive UI will drive even more growth and increased adoption of DeFi features.

Argon Project Insight: A Blockchain-Based Freelancing Platform

Free-lancing work is commonly utilized for a variety of different reasons. Typically, these jobs are done on a centralized freelancing platform. These services allow customers to request a job and pay the freelancer for their services. Traditional freelancing platforms charge hefty fees and have centralized pitfalls. Users must undergo a verification process and face possible bans if policies are broken. Argon introduces the world’s first blockchain-based freelancer platform to the crypto community.

LiL Moon Rocket NFT Artworks to be Revealed This Tuesday!

So far, over 9,400 of the 13,337 rockets have been snatched up by eager art lovers across the world. With only two more days before the reveal, the only question remains whether any rockets will be left before the artwork reveal.

Oddz Fi: A Multi-Chain Options Trading Platform

Making Options trading seamless, less complex, and decentralized will drive more adoption. Oddz Fi aims to redefine Options trading using the decentralized system of the blockchain.

Holdefi: A Decentralized MultiChain Lending Platform

Holdefi collateral does not earn interest compared to other protocols as it is separated from the borrow and loan bucket. This is done to assure users that their collaterals are never at risk.

Squirrel Finance Press Release: An Automatic DeFi Farm Insurance Ecosystem

Squirrel Finance is a new ecosystem recently launched on the BSC network designed to empower simple & secure DeFi. Squirrel provides Insured Farms to yield farmers--the first of its kind.

Kalmar Project Insight: The First DeFi Bank Offering Leveraged Yield Farming

Kalmar is committed to the success of its ecosystem and is striving to be a top DeFi protocol. Their leveraged yield farming services are currently in testnet and are underway security tests.

Belt.fi Project Insight: An AMM Incorporating Multi-Strategy Yield Optimization

Currently, Belt.fi is focused on optimizing all avenues of yield on the BSC. The team provides optimization engines for both single coin liquidity and traditional liquidity pairs.

UniDex Project Insight: The Ultimate DeFi Trading Terminal

Unidex is a DEX aggregator for token swaps, margin trading, options trading, and cross chain swaps preparing to launch on BSC. UniDex will save users the stress and costs of routing liquidity manually/traditionally.

LiL Moon Rockets Original Binance Smart Chain NFTS: A Collection of 13337 Unique Vector Art Pieces

The final week of Lil Moon Rockets' fair distribution of unique Binance Smart Chain NFT is just around the corner. These unique NFT’s feature a Vector Pop-Art Collection of 13337 collectibles that are being sold for a limited time.

ManySwap Project Insight: A Decentralized Automated Market Maker With An Affiliate System

With increased interest in DEX’s, there is a need for a revenue sharing model for the community. ManySwap will be among the first Dex’s to implement this feature.

RamenSwap Project Insight: A Community-Driven AMM and DeFi Aggregator

RamenSwap has had great success in its early developments on the Binance Smart Chain. For RamenSwap to see the continued success, it will be essential to create further innovation that provides surplus to the entire ecosystem.

Chainge Finance Press Release: Empowering Users to be Their Own Digital Banks

The time for Chainge is now. While the rest of the world plays catch-up, the future is here now, where universal access to finance is achieved without discrimination, and human error is eliminated.

Ape Swap Project Insight: An Automated Monkey Market Maker

ApeSwap plans to introduce new features that are innovative and beneficial to the community. Keep an eye out on this protocol as they continue to trailblaze the AMM space on the BSC ecosystem.

Value DeFi Press Release: Bringing True Value to DeFi

Value DeFi offers a complete solution that aims to bring fairness, real value, and innovation to decentralized finance through a suite of high-performance products and services.

This NFT is Flying off the Shelves: LiL Moon Rockets

LiL Moon Rockets is a digital vector pop-art NFT collection consisting of 13337 unique art pieces stored on the Binance SmartChain as NFTs.

UBU Finance: A Perfect Integration Of Advanced DeFi Applications on BSC

Intending to connect financial partnerships worldwide, the UBU team determines to grow DeFI platform to the most powerful one in the cryptocurrency industry.

BSC.Tools Project Insight: Data Analysis Tools on the Binance Smart Chain

This project will find its relevance amongst users to spot gems, market trends, and potential scams using BSC.Tools all inclusive platform.

GET Protocol introduces NFT ticketing; minting 120.000 NFTs on BSC

Blockchain ticketing project GET Protocol is minting 120.000 NFT tickets on Binance Smart Chain as they begin their NFT ticketing approach. An exciting new use case for both the NFT world and BSC.

DxSale Project Insight: A One-Stop Shop Token Management Platform

The DxSale ecosystem aims to allow users to create their own utility tokens all through one dAap effortlessly. With features such as the DxLock and DxLaunch, the whole token creation process is accessible to anyone.

Cubiex Project Insight: A Tokenized Streaming and Gaming Networks

The Cubiex platform allows users to connect with hundreds of millions of players worldwide through instant messaging, live streams, P2P marketplaces, and a unique Crypto Battle League.

Press Release: Fusion & Fantom Interoperability and Scaling Solutions

The DeFi space is growing tremendously since its inception, and platforms like Fusion and Fantom are proving to be the catalyst in this ever-growing niche.

Wealth Project Insight: A Frictionless Yield Token Offering Decentralized and Secure Time Locks

The launch of Wealth Locks kicks off the Wealth ecosystem and its unique tokenomics system. Currently, the protocol caters to new projects and early investors, removing the parties' trust barrier.

SmokeHouse Finance Project Insight: Yield Farming & Staking Protocol

SmokeHouse Finance is a lovely yield farm that provides users high yields in hopes of bootstrapping users from different protocols. Meat and barbecue lovers will feel right at home in the SmokeHouse ecosystem.

Ditto Money Vampire Attack: Incentivesed Elastic Cross-Chain Swap

This event caters to those getting tired of the monstrous gas fees and long confirmation times on the Ethereum Network. Seamlessly earn rewards while switching to Ditto Money!

Crow Finance Project: Taking the Yield Farming Experience one Step Further

This DEX innovates on traditional AMM models introducing its unique day/night burn mechanism. On top of this, the team goes a step further in integrating vaults into their protocol.

Fusion Network Project Insight: An Innovative Ecosystem Powering Financial Transactions

This layer-1 blockchain is rapidly growing as more protocols continue to deploy on the Fusion Network.

McBase Project Review: A Supersized Rebase Cryptocurrency

Overall, McBase focuses on creating a fun elastic supply token that can easily price crypto assets through the tangible comparative standard while simultaneously allowing users to yield farm.

Crudeoil Finance Project Review: A Decentralized Deflationary Yield Farming Ecosystem

Crudeoil has just begun developing its deflationary yield farming ecosystem, and the project’s continued success remains in the future developments of features such as their AMM and yield aggregator.

Goose Finance Project Review: 2nd Generation Yield Farming

Goose Finance introduces a unique spin on traditional AMM’s using its layered farming system alongside two unique deflationary mechanisms.

Kebab Finance Begins Its Journey To Superior and Sustainable Yield Farming

In my initial Kebab Finance article, I stated that the team needed to integrate novel and innovative solutions in the BSC AMM space to succeed. The team has seemed to do precisely this.

Midas Dollar: A Decentralized Stablecoin with an Algorithmic Central Bank

Midas Dollar is a member of an ecosystem that comprises three tokens, Midas Dollar (MDO), Midas Dollar Shares (MDS), and Midas Dollar Bonds (MDB). MDO is designed as a reserve asset in the ecosystem, while the other tokens are used to peg the price of MDO.

BSCex Launches a Novel Liquidity Farming Referral Program: LaunchPoolX V2

BSCex's latest product, LaunchPoolX V2, allows users to earn newly listed tokens, such as zSeed, through providing liquidity on their AMM. The team has also incorporated a unique referral program that allows users to earn while referring their friends to BSCex.

ZeroSwap Project Review: A Zero-Fee & Gasless DEX Aggregator

This protocol is developing a multichain DEX, which offers users liquidity mining rewards, IDO’s, and DEX aggregation, all in a completely decentralized manner.

Ditto Money Recap: DITTO Token Smashes All Metrics

Trainer Chad has been very busy creating innovative products for DITTO Money right here on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This continues to hold true as this elastic supply token has experienced enormous growth in the past weeks.

bEarn.Fi Releases its Latest Ecosystem Devolpment: bVaults

Overall, the team at bEarn has displayed constant innovation; they launched the first and most successful algorithmic stablecoin running on BSC, bDollar and now, bVaults to go along with it.

bEarn Fi Monthly Wrap-Up: A Jan 2021 Review

After just launching the protocol, bEarn Fi has seen explosive growth, especially due to the success of their algorithmic stablecoin, bDollar. The team has no intentions of stopping there, with a plethora of innovation right around the corner.

Kebab Finance Project Review: An AMM Incorporating Superior Yield Farming

Kebab Finance is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that leverages Automated Market Making (AMM) technology, the team aims to surpass other AMM's through innovating advanced yield farming strategies.

Ditto Money 10k Trading Competition + Staking Phase 2

Trainer Chad and his team over at Ditto Money are busy creating new opportunities for their users, continuing innovation in the De-Fi space with their elastic money token, $DITTO. 

Phoswap Project Review: A Decentralized Exchange Coupled With Yield Farming Mechanics

Phoswap has landed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), offering their Decentralized Exchange (DEX) using Automated Market Maker (AMM) technology to facilitate seamless swaps.

Binance Agile Set Dollar Project Review: An Algorithmic Stablecoin Built on The BSC.

Binance Agile Set Dollar, a DSD/ESD fork, leverages inflation incentives and a coupon system in attempts to peg the price of BASD to $1. This system allows BASD users to earn incentives through enforcing the peg.

Zeedex.io Project Review: Decentralized and Non-Custodial Limit Orders

ZeeDex is a decentralized exchange that boasts deposit-less and non-custodial limit orders, while simultaneously reducing trading fees on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks.

Bearn.FI Kicks Off Its Ecosytem With Their Algorithmic Stablecoin bDollar

bDollar is the latest algorithmic stable coin to launch on the BSC, innovating on the ETH-based algorithmic stable coin, Basis Cash.

Yield Optimizer JetFuel Finance Launches Initial Set of Vaults

JetFuel continues to apply pressure in the early stages of its development, introducing the latest piece of the JetFuel.Fi ecosystem, JetFuel Vaults.

Juggernaut Project Review: A De-Fi Synthetics Suite, Governance, and NFT Ecosystem + Marketplace

Juggernaut is pioneering in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) space, creating a completely custom De-Fi synthetics suite, governance, and NFT ecosystem.

Ditto Money Launches Its Novel Liquidity Incentive Program

The DittoMoney team has launched its novel liquidity incentive program, coined "Compound Staking", allowing users to simultaneously earn rewards in three different tokens.

BSCex Project Review: A Decentralized Exchange Centered Ecosytem

BSCex is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that aims to facilitate the services that exchange-centered ecosystems provide.

BillionHappiness Migrates Original Contract as NFT Marketplace Release Nears

The Billion Happiness team continues to innovate on the BSC, the team has successfully migrated to a new contract and is continuing to build their unique ecosystem; as the release of the NFT Marketplace inches closer.

OpenOcean Project Review: The First DEX Aggregator on the BSC

OpenOcean is the first DEX Aggregator that has launched on the BSC, aggregating liquidity from the largest exchanges: PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, StreetSwap and BurgerSwap.

Ditto Money Announces Their Official Token Sale in IFO hosted by Pancake Swap

Trainer Chad is ready to begin his journey onto the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), he's set to launch the first elastic supply token, Ditto-Money.

Jetfuel Project Review: A Fair Launch Yield Aggregator & Farming Protocol

Jetfuel, a new yield optimizer, is now LIVE on the BSC. Check out an overview of their Deflationary Yield Farming Ecosystem and start earning $FUEL today!

BSC.Farm Project Review: Complete Data Synthesis of De-Fi Farms

BSC.Farm to be the pioneering step on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with a mission to be the leader in listing Yield Farms projects.

Elastic Supply Token "Ditto-Money" Launching on the Binance Smart Chain

Trainer Chad is set to launch the first elastic supply token, Ditto-Money, on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in Q4 of 2020

BLiquid Project Review: An Auto-Liquidity-Generating Protocol

BLiquid brings the first Auto-Liquidity-Generating Protocol to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) providing users with perpetual entry and exit liquidity.
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