Bagels Finance Mainnet Officially Launches

The cross-chain leveraged yield farming protocol saw a successful start after their public test.

Nuzai Network -Revolutionizing Augmented Reality

The platform seeks to use NFTs as a vehicle for raising funds to improve animal quality of life.

CZ and Maye Musk Headline the Binance Metaverse Panel

The panel aims to discuss whether the NFT-based ‘metaverse’ could see a similar explosion that the Internet did upon its conception.

Viltron - Data Collection to Empower the User

The Viltron platform offers an advanced collection of data metrics that give users full transparency for their investment decisions.

Playbetr Becomes Paris Saint-Germain’s Exclusive Official Online Betting Partner in Latin America

The partnership ensures exclusive marketing rights for the club belong to the Latin American betting provider.

MoonNation - A Look Behind the Scenes

MoonNation founder Ben Todar is leading the development of a platform that bridges the gap between gaming and cryptocurrencies.

Utopia Peer-to-Peer Introduces Anonymous USD Stablecoin Backed by DAI

The stablecoin will provide fully untraceable transactions that are pegged to the US Dollar.

Coinfluence: Influencer-Based Launchpad for Accelerating Promising Blockchain Projects

The platform offers viral exposure to start-up teams and does so in style with their influencer collaborations.

Introducing Kawaii Islands: Concept, Trailer, Release Plan, and Latest News

The ever enchanting play-to-earn game with all-inclusive blockchain and AI features supported by Oraichain and an exclusive marketplace for game-based NFTs on aiRight.

Newdex Beta Goes Live on Binance Smart Chain

The aggregated exchange is celebrating with an exclusive Twitter-based airdrop to increase excitement surrounding the launch.

NFTb - The Complete DeFi Platform for Creators

NFTb is on a mission to help creators get started and take advantage of opportunities in the world of DeFi.

The Mining Token Schedules 3rd MTO

The decentralized mining protocol continues with its path of sustainable innovation with their third offering.

AirNFT Announces Public Raise For Launchpad

The NFT exchange will reward users in AIRT for participating in the launchpad.

Chainge Finance - Experience Unique & Secure Cross-Chain Technology

The Fusion blockchain that Chainge runs on is the only cross-chain technology in commercial use that can seamlessly move assets from one chain to another.

TreasureKey - A Premier Gambling Game on BSC and Polygon

The protocol offers a variety of odds-based games for players to try their luck.

Nano Dogecoin - The Crypto That Benefits Dogs and Investors

The project seeks to improve worldwide canine welfare, while rewarding users in stablecoin yields for holding the NDC token.

AirNFT - Growing Platform For Dedicated Digital Artists

The platform serves as a place for NFT creators and traders to get increased value from their assets.

Vanity Token - Customizable Wallet Addresses For Easy Recognition

The unique ability to create a distinct wallet address is one of the many features the Vanity team plans to offer.

Memenopoly - Fun Across the Board

This platform, inspired by the famed board game Monopoly, combines blockchain earning with the rules of the game.

StonkInu to Launch First Odds-Based Trading Platform on BSC

StonkInu merges two of the most known memes on the internet into one recognizable name that offers real utility.

Revolver Token - New Rewards Every Week

The Revolver platform will combine established currencies with new projects in a multi-faceted rewards program.

Snoop Doge - Investment and Community Value

This pop-culture meme project seeks to build a community that shares similar interests, as well as a love of cryptocurrency.

Crypto Pirates - Generating Profitability on Binance Smart Chain

The project seeks to offer ‘treasures’ in the form of proprietary token rewards.

StormGain - Now Offering the SHIB Token

The popular meme-friendly token is now officially available on the blossoming exchange.

Step Hero - A Fantasy-Themed, NFT-Based Ecosystem

The ecosystem offers a variety of NFT-based services, with a core element being their play-to-earn Role-Playing Game (RPG) that uses their proprietary tokens as a key part of gameplay.

BABYFEG - Charity, Yields, and More

The project from the FEG community seeks to offer a multi-faceted investment platform that benefits global charity causes.

Hot Cross - Multi-Chain Solutions for Builders and Users

The protocol is touted for their infrastructure products, seeking to provide concrete use-cases to their multi-chain community.

BiShares Launches dETFs with Genesis biT10 Fund

The protocol has plans for several different kinds of funds to release in the near future.

BXH - Strategic Transformation, Multi-Chain Expansion, Extreme Deflation

The BXH platform seeks to make itself a one-stop-shop for cross-chain DeFi activities.

NFTOASTER to Launch the First NFT Presale Platform

The innovative platform is an exciting opportunity for members of the NFT community.

NFTBooks - Digitizing the Literary

This unique project merges traditional books with blockchain to benefit the reader and the author.

Japanese Adult Film Actress and Internet Celebrity Eimi Fukada’s First NFT Will Debut at SCV Finance

The star power of Fukada is a promising note for the budding protocol.

Rewards Token - Living Up to Their Name

The platform seeks to offer a two-fold yield rewards system that distinguishes them from other yield farming platforms.

Crudeoil Finance - A Next Generation Yield Optimization Protocol

The Binance Smart Chain protocol aims to innovate yield farming optimization, aggregation by creating innovative smart vault strategies which are set to go live on July 31st at 14:00 UTC.

Rabbit Finance Development Roadmap Update

The protocol released their future plans to help quell recent concerns that the platform is planning to rug their user base.

Annex Finance - Bridging Lending Across Multiple Chains

The platform offers holding incentives along with multi-chain features to drive user adoption.

Initiation of the DAO Governance Plan for Rabbit Finance

The platform initiated the changes in a transparency effort after a series of accusations were leveled against the company.

Yield Enhancement Labs Seeks to Redefine DeFi With Multichain Farming

The multi-chain protocol aims to innovate yield farming by creating constant buying pressure for its native token.

Top 10 Cryptodoggies NFT Transactions

The platform has seen sales that range all the way to $250,000 in volume.

SafeMars & SafeEarth Sponsor DJ Sensations W&W Online on July 24 for Rave Culture Live 002

The two platforms are partnering to bring a free rave concert to blockchain users.

OliveCash - Cross-Chain Staking and Farming

The protocol seeks to offer high-quality tokens that are heavily-vetted to ensure their veracity.

BakerySwap IDO for GAT to Start on 19th of July

The IDO follows a string of releases by the GAT team, proving their dedication to upgrading their platform.

Bunicorn to Reshape Liquidity Mining Incentives with Exclusive NFT Collectibles

The protocol integrates NFTs into a unique yield rewards system to incentivize miners.

Bundle DAO - Full Portfolio Sophistication Without the Hassle

The platform seeks to offer complex functionality with a simplified interface for users, eliminating the most difficult steps in the process.

Growth DeFi - An Organic Farming Community

The company boasts of having the first Consensys-audited projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) among other achievements.

Multiplier V2 Sets New Standard For BSC Lending

The lending protocol offers fee reduction and deflationary mechanisms among other new features.

Rabbit Finance's Statement on Contract Security

The BSC protocol is seeking to answer questions that have arisen regarding the legitimacy of their platform.

BiFi X Launches on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Expand its DeFi Markets

BiFi X is an entirely new application of flash loans that maximizes leverage and democratizes the potential of DeFi lending

Aries Financial - A Powerful Suite of DeFi Tools

The platform brings a variety of services under one roof, flexing the power of decentralized banking.

Metahero - Ultra HD Metascanning in a Blockchain Setting

The platform aims to digitize real-world items and people via metascanning.

CxCoin: A Community-Based & Community-Driven Token Built for the People

CxCoin is building a platform to allow streamers and content creators a safe and easy method of receiving support through cryptocurrencies along with its auto buyback system

ClearMoon Network - Here to Educate

The protocol is led by Alexander Lisin and offers something unique to the DeFi space - education.

VooDooBikers - Merging Cinema and DeFi in a Seamless Blend

The project aims to revolutionize how decentralized finance can be applied to the film industry.

Decubate - Increasing Blockchain Adoption One Startup at a Time

The platform invests in existing startups in order to help them transition to Web 3.0 activities.

SafeLaunch A Decentralized Incubator and Venture Capitalist Fund for All of DeFi

SafeLaunch is set to launch on July 5th, providing novel project incubation on Binance Smart Chain and multiple other DeFi networks.

BakerySwap Partners with Alchemy Toys

The partnership seeks to increase exposure of both platforms with attractive new integrations.

MoonLift - Passive Income Made Simple and Profitable

The release of their exchange is another reason to keep tabs on this premier Binance Smart Chain protocol.

SrnArt Gallery Community Lays Groundwork with SISTA Token

SrnArt Gallery Community ($SACT) is expanding their reach with their new token integration into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Fundi Finance - Connecting Digital and Reality

Fundi is a powerful decentralized platform that looks to bridge digital assets with real world assets.

PrivacySwap (PRV): Advancing The DeFi Industry With Privacy And Security

The platform focuses on the security and privacy of its users to create a niche in Binance Smart Chain DeFi.

Bogged Finance Introduces Their Next Innovation on DeFi: Trailing Stop-Losses

Bogged Finance brings a highly sophisticated trading tool to the DeFi Landscape in Trailing Stop-Losses.

SCV Finance - An NFT Marketplace Built to Last

The asset-tracking protocol’s latest release seeks to bring innovation into one of the sector’s hottest trends.

Citadel.one - The Next Generation Non-Custodial Super App

Citadel.one is an all-in-one platform addressing changes and challenges in the DeFi space that offers its users unified UX across multiple networks.

GiveEarth - Charity Finds Powerful Crypto Use-Case

GiveEarth is a sustainable project which is taking the way charities are run to the next level with full transparency.

Yield Parrot IGO (Initial “Grill” Offering) Live Now at BarbecueSwap

The yield optimization protocol’s native token LORY is now available at BarbecueSwap.

Minted Vodka - A Highly-Flexible NFT Exchange

The release comes on the heels of the popular Alchemy Toys tool from GAT Network.

Ternoa - Smart Data Services, No Intermediary

The Ternoa blockchain is built to provide data transfer and hosting services

Bogged Finance - Advanced Tools for Traders

The Binance Smart Chain-based protocol allows traders to research and exchange a variety of tokens with complementary tools.

Argon - Where Freelancers Find Opportunities

The unique protocol serves as a decentralized hub to connect freelancers with job opportunities.

African NFT Giant AFEN Launches Beta Version of NFT Marketplace

The protocol offers unique real-estate functionality that distinguishes it from other decentralized applications.

CEEZEE SAFU - A Memecoin with Real Utility

As memecoins with less value diminish in relevance, CEEZEE SAFU is stepping in to provide new use-cases.

SafeHaven - A Community-Driven Platform

Launching soon on Unicrypt, the platform will bring marketing strategies and communication campaigns that are new integrations to the blockchain industry.

YSL.IO - Optimize Yield Farming Returns by 300%

The platform seeks to maximize user returns on yields, leveraging the stability of BUSD to ensure profitability.

NFT Alley - A Premier Multi-Chain Market on Binance Smart Chain

The platform will offer convenient NFT minting, selling, and trading across multiple chains.

Slam Token: Binance Smart Chain’s One-Stop-Shop

The project offers casino gaming and DeFi capabilities in a captivating blend.

Oddz Finance: Derivatives Made Easy

The options platform aims to provide simplified derivatives trading for DeFi users who want a low-stress interface.

MDEX, A Popular Multi-Chain Exchange

The DEX has recently provided users support for the Binance Smart Chain, which serves to improve the reputability and reach of the project.

Cherokee Finance: A New Wave of Yield Farming

The protocol’s referral rewards program is an enticing feature that will drive user adoption.

ApeSwap - HiFi Retro DeFi Games

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) exchange has been making plenty of improvements, let's dive into what they have been up to.

Empire Token: Creating a Super Token

The project aims to set itself apart from others by focusing on multiple token attributes with real-world use-cases.

SafeStar Project Recap and Update, June 2021

The Binance Smart Chain-based RFI and deflationary platform has been making steady progress recently, so let’s dive into their latest updates.

Retro World: A Nostalgia Fuelled Decentralized Finance Solution

A complete yield farming suite including yield optimization that incorporates a 16-bit theme into DeFi.

Introducing ZeroSwap, a Multichain Ecosystem

The platform’s multichain functionality gives it unique attributes to distinguish it from other projects.

LaunchZone (BSCEX) - Jumpstarting the Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain launchpad has already seen many successful collaborations, with their sights already set on the horizon for further partnerships.

Hugo Finance Summer Events: eFuse Gaming Partnership and More!

The DAO-based protocol has taken an aggressive building approach during a time of market instability, hoping to build the groundwork for a successful future.

Kesef Finance: A Look Into The Most Accessible DeFi Platform

One problem still rears its head: the complexity of usage, especially to the traditional users out there —a problem Kesef Finance is set to solve.
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