Migrating to Kalmar V2 Farms

Kalmar has informed its users to close their old positions and re-open them since their V2 farms are now live. Kalmar had to upgrade their farms to new ones because PancakeSwap migrated to V2.

Golden State Warriors Announce NFT collection

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are going wild; the industry is getting rocked with news, events, and entries that have begun to shape the concept. And now the Golden State Warriors, the championship-winning NBA club, has just made history as they become the first professional sports team to launch an official NFT collection.


We may never know the true nature of what happened with the code exploit of Uranium.Finance, a fork of Uniswap AMM built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). There isn’t enough convincing story from both the team or speculators as to what truly happened. Each party seems to have a different theory; however, there was yet another rugpull.

PARSIQ Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds on Binance Smart Chain

On April 23rd, PARSIQ announced the incorporation of live Chainlink price feeds on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Using this feed, developers can develop automated off-chain workflows that respond to events as they happen live on the BSC main network.

Kalmar Releases NFT Fundraiser Landing Page

Kalmar, a decentralized banking protocol, has launched its NFT fundraiser landing page. This release allows users to raise funds via the help of the first NFT-based fundraiser product on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Project Update: Coinbase launches COIN on Nasdaq

April 2021 may be remembered as a landmark month for cryptocurrency, with the flotation of Coinbase on Nasdaq exposing traditional investors to the sector. Until now many US traders would ignore the blockchain sector, but Coinbase has planted a flag on the hill for the entire industry, making it impossible to overlook any longer.

Binance set to launch its groundbreaking NFT Marketplace.

Industry leader Binance, owners of the biggest exchange in the world in terms of volume, market cap, and user base (Binance Exchange) just announced the planned launch of its official NFT marketplace, coming June 2021.

First Round of MVB Results and Recap

Binance’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) seeks to provide entrepreneur support to project developments on the Binance Smart Chain. The program, which covers projects built on the BSC network, contains integrations that help developers build innovative platforms on the network, providing support and assistance in the form of grants and listing on the Binance Innovation Zone.

Beefy Finance V2 Migration Progress

Beefy Finance has announced that it has started to deploy new vaults for V2 farms. Users are urged to remove V1 liquidity, add V2 liquidity and enjoy auto compounding.

Nifty Gateway Partners With Eminem to Release his First NFT

Nifty Gateway, a digital-asset marketplace, is releasing an NFT series in a partnership with rapper Eminem. These limited-edition NFTs will contain original beats by Eminem, becoming initially available at ShadyCon on April 25th.

The State of BSC NFTs, These Three BSC NFT Projects Were Recently Highlighted by CEX Binance

On Ethereum more than $2B was spent on NFTs in Q1, representing an increase of 2,100% in Q4 2020. This is despite the fact that network fees on Ethereum remain incredibly high, and transaction speeds remain slow.

Binance Incentives Doge Trading, Offers $100,000 Through a “Collect and Win” Promo

Dogecoin has had an incredible month of ups and downs this April; the coin still boasts a healthy 6x in a very short period of time. Now Binance is launching a “collect and win” competition for the coin, inviting users to capitalize even further on this runaway success story.

DODO Raptor Program Releases an Incentivized BRY Trading Competition

The DODO Raptor Program has announced the launch of a Berry Data trading incentive program and $BRY airdrop for vDODO holders. vDODO holders will also receive at least 50 vDODO and $BRY token airdrops.

BitMart Lists Fortress Lending (FTS)

BitMart will be listing Fortress Lending (FTS) on April 26. Only the FTS/USDT trading pair will be available and there are specific dates for the availability of various trading features.

Binance Introduces Happy Staking Promo

Binance has launched the "Happy Staking" promo, a locked staking activity that will generate a massive yield for its users. The promo also comes with up to 42.79% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), according to the platform.

ForTube’s Outlook on DeFi and Lending Markets Alongside Fortube V3

ForTube has recently provided updates to their platform regarding decentralized finance (DeFi) and lending markets, culminating in ForTube V3. ForTube V3 provides effective solutions to the myriad of problems facing the Defi lending ecosystem including funding-pool limitations and transaction security.

Triple Mining Reward Campaign Hosted by BurgerSwap and Helmet.Insure

HelmetInsure and BurgerSwap are running another mining campaign for their members. While the rewards might be worth it, they are a few terms and conditions that participants need to abide by before they can participate and be rewarded.

BurgerSwap Introduces Incentivised MultiVAC (MTV) Farms

BurgerSwap has announced its new partnership with MultiVAC. This will bring a $MTV farming pool to Burgerswap and enable the staking of $MTV - $Burger LP (BLP) tokens to yield rewards in $MTV and $Burger.

A Look Into Binance Debit Card

Binance Visa card has proven to be a huge stride into delivering seamless crypto-based services as you can convert and spend your favorite cryptocurrencies. It is as simple as sending crypto from your spot wallet to your card wallet, thereby enabling you to spend crypto anytime at over 60 million merchants worldwide, according to the Binance Team.

Mark Cuban Invests in an NFT Tracking Tool, CryptoSlam

Billionaire Entrepreneur and celebrity judge at Shark Tank, Mark Cuban has invested in popular NFT aggregator site CryptoSlam. The strategic investment between Mark Cuban and cryptoSlam, an NFT collectible aggregator, was done through his VC entity ‘Radical Investments.’

BTCST CEO, Alex Zhao, Shares Insight on Why Bitcoin fees hit ATH’s

Over the past few days, there has been a 33% APY increase in the BTCST/BTC vault. The decentralized nature of the BTCST hash rate makes it unaffected by recent regional power outages.

Oddz Finance Introduces Customized Options Trading

In their efforts to enhance yield farming, leveraged trading, and liquidity mining on their design, Oddz finance now offers customized trading options via their platform.According to their Medium post, Oddz Finance now has customized options trading. This type of trading allows traders to efficiently trade their strategies and maximize their profits. Now Supports CAKE.

CAKE, the native token of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) and Decentralized Exchange (Dex) platform PancakeSwap, has been listed in many popular exchange platforms., one of the foremost fiat/crypto exchanges, has now joined the list of platforms on which users can trade CAKE and spend it with their unique Visa card system.

Jetfuel IJO is Oversubscribed with an Extra $1.2 Million

One hour before the end of the Jetfuel IJO, the fundraising event for the Fortress Loan platform has been oversubscribed by a user who contributed $1.2 Million—taking the IJO oversubscription to 172%.

Venmo Launches Crypto Support to Cater for Widespread Adoption

The Venmo application will now allow users to make transactions using cryptocurrency. This new feature will make it easy for users to own cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

ASAP Rocky Releases First Limited NFT Artwork

Non Fungible Tokens, popularly known as NFTs, are still gaining momentum and maintaining their relevance despite what seems like a pullback of the market. This time the news about NFT is emanating from famous Hip-Hop musician and entertainer ASAP Rocky releasing his own NFT art.

Jeff Bezos and Amazon Display Interest in Digital Currency Payment Service

There are speculations that Amazon is creating a cryptocurrency for the 'digital and emerging payments' division of the company. Major publications reported in February of this year that the e-commerce giants have already started recruiting staff in Mexico and Brazil.

PancakeSwap V2 Migration Vote

Ever relentless in its quest to maintain its position as the top Binance Smart Chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) and Yield Farm platform, PancakeSwap will upgrade to Version 2 for improved performance.

Venus V2 Results in a Loss of User Funds

After launching its Venus V2 upgrade, the start of a new single currency revenue pool service, users have reported losses from it. The fee generated has been attributed to be the cause of the losses. and ApeSwap Partnership, BANANA Staking and SWAMP/BNB Liquidity Pools

ApeSwap has announced a partnership with, allowing its users to earn $SWAMP by staking $BANANA. Through, ApeSwap can give its users access to a yield optimizer that enables automatic aggregation for them

Binance Launches High Yield DeFi Staking

Binance launched a new high yield DeFi staking activity on the 15th of April 2021. Presently, users can now stake USDC, HARD, XVS and earn almost 37.36% APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

Defi Yield Protocol AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts Defi yield Protocol--DeFi Yield Farming with automated vaults combined with the best Ethereum mining pool. All Questions answered by @Michael

Li Bao, Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China Acknowledges the Future Role of Encrypted Assets

China has expressed interest in crypto assets as both tools and as an alternative investment. In the past, the country's authorities have made several attempts to ban cryptocurrencies; it seems that China is changing its stance with an increased interest in adopting crypto and blockchain technology.

DOGE Coin Continues to Out-Perform the Broader Cryptocurrency Markets

What started as a meme coin in 2013 now ranks #5 on the coin market cap. The coin rallied over 9,392%. Dogecoin is now valued at over $34 billion and many are beginning to regard it as a long-term crypto giant.

PancakeSwap Introduces 2 Brand New Syrup Pools in Partnership With ChainGuardians

Notable Automated Market Maker (AMM) PancakeSwap just added two new Syrup tools in partnership with ChainGuardians, a non-fungible token (NFT) gaming blockchain that mixes the concept of traditional gaming with blockchain tokens and rewards.

User Invests $200 into $SAFEMOON and is now worth $2.3M in 43 Days.

Search trends reveal that SAFEMOON is a new cryptocurrency that is rising in popularity among crypto enthusiasts. Within two months from launch, data from the website of this newly launched protocol shows that it currently has over 850,000 token holders.

5 Hot NFT Projects Across the Blockchain

Since the creation of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), the NFT community has been relatively small until 2021. Here are five projects that are poised to jumpstart the NFT community and help spread its influence across the DeFi landscape.

FinNexus AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts FinNexus--the most versatile DeFi options platform. All Questions answered by Michele

Alien Worlds (TLM) Project Insight

Currently the largest decentralized app, Alien Worlds has taken blockchain gaming to a whole new level. The combination of NFTs and interplanetary/alien fantasies provides a strong immersive gaming experience that rewards users in an innovative fashion.

CUE Protocol AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts Cue Protocol--A community driven protocol with deflationary mechanics and burning mechanisms through our dapps. All questions answered by Cue

Soteria Mutual Releases Governance Function

Soteria has established detailed voting rules, ranging from how much the membership fee is to updating the entire governance process. The governance process aims to provide a guarantee when implementing proposals.

Cyber Time Finance AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts Cybertime--NFT Fantasy League on Binance Smart Chain. All questions answered by @Dima.

What Is and How Does It Work? is an intelligent portfolio manager that allows users to easily monitor Binance Smart Chain assets on a number of protocols including autofarm, PancakeBunny and PancakeSwap. The project aims to offer users high-quality tracking services in DeFi and yield farming with total wallet balance, staked tokens, and liquidity rewards, among the many metrics which are tracked automatically.

Belt Finance and MDEX Strategic Partnership on the BSC

To continue growing and improving, they are adding reliable, innovative partners. They look forward to creating great synergy as they grow the BSC ecosystem together with MDEX.

AutoFarm and Farmfolio Native Dashboard

Autofarm has announced that its users can now monitor their native assets using farmfolio's asset control panel. This announcement comes almost a month after it acquired the Binance-built asset tracker.

Wault Launchpad Tier Update and New Launchpad Project WSwap

Decentralized finance protocol, Wault Finance, wants to make DeFi simple and easy for all. In line with its mission to aggregate all basic DeFi services on its platform, Wault Finance has added a new product to its ecosystem.

ITAM x Launchzone Partnership and Alpaca x ITAM Partnership

ITAM, an NFT-focused team, has announced partnerships with Launchzone and Alpaca Finance. These partnerships are being made in order to provide NFT-compatible platforms to users on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

PancakeSwap Launches $150,000 Bounty for Their Info Page

The next step for PancakeSwap is to create a solution offering, product, or tool that can provide detailed and accurate data to create an analytics dashboard. The protocol has launched a $150,000 bounty to incentivize the development of their Info page.

Binance Launches Tokenized Stocks With Zero Commission

Binance had earlier in the week announced the launch of coin stocks that will be tradable on its platform. The first to be listed on the Binance Stock Token feature is Tesla Inc. (TSLA), with Coinbase (COIN) following shortly after.

Belt Finance v2 Launch, Increasing and Innovating BSC Yields

Belt Finance v2 is set to launch on the 21st of April, mining distribution will kickstart on the following day — the 22nd of April, 2021.

Crow Finance Releases Ellipses Stable Vaults

In the wake of the rising popularity of the Defi industry, Crow Finance has announced the release of Ellipsis vaults that helps users enjoy the benefits of stablecoin yield farming.

Geodb AMA Transcript

BSCNEWS Hosts GeoDB, a peer to peer big data sharing ecosystem. All questions answered by @sachablockc @geoffshep69 @Ziazia7 @anantsingh

Coinbase Listing and What It Means for the Crypto Space

Coinbase listing is a significant milestone for the crypto space and is likely to result in new offerings from several crypto-related entities.

PancakeSwap Launches ALPA Syrup Pools.

In what promises to be an exciting partnership, top BSC DEX platform, Pancakeswap has teamed up with the Alpaca City NFT project. A new Syrup pool yielding ALPA tokens is now available to holders of CAKE token.

PancakeSwap IFO 2.0 Launch to Further Include

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based DEX, Pancakeswap has launched its new IFO (2.0). On Monday 12, April 2021, Pancakeswap launched its Initial Farm Offering 2.0 under a new format open to users with an active PancakeSwap profile.

Newv Finance AMA Transcript.

BSCNEWS hosts NEWV Finance, The Startup Accelerator on BSC. All questions answered by @Eric and @Siren

The Launch of Kalmar Leveraged Yield Farming Alongside KALM Airdrop

Kalmar just released its leverage yield farming product, alongside the announcement of the KALM airdrop. The event, which the community has awaited, launched yesterday, April 15th, at 1:00 PM UTC.

Binance Completes the 15th, and Largest, BNB Burn Event

Top crypto exchange and ecosystem Binance have just initiated and concluded its 15th quarterly burn event. More than 1 million BNB was burned, with the current value reaching $600 Million USD at today’s rate.

Microstrategy Switches from Fiat to Bitcoin to Pay its Directors

Microstrategy becomes the latest organization to adopt Bitcoin as a means of payment. The company will now pay its non-employee directors in Bitcoin.

New ApeSwap BUIDL Program to Assist Young Partnership Projects

ApeSwap has officially announced a new group that can support and reward future projects that use ApeSwap. This new project, titled BUIDL, works for all programs on the ApeSwap platform.

DefiDollar Integrates with Various Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Protocols

The DefiDollar team has revealed that $DFD users can now use the multichain.XYZ cross-chain bridge to move their DefiDollars from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain. The DefiDollar product suite will soon be available on the Binance Smart Chain.

PancakeBunny Launches Cross-Chain Collateralized Smart Vaults

PancakeBunny, the DeFi yield aggregator for PancakeSwap, has announced the launch of cross-chain collateralized smart vaults for BSC. According to PancakeBunny, the new smart vaults have been designed to allow farmers to earn interest on single assets.

Mero AMA Transcript

BSCNEWS Hosts Mero Finance--Your money 2.0. All Questions answered by Frank and Jan Emil

bDollarFi Releases its bFolio Yield Tracking Tool

bFolio is a new addition to the bEarn ecosystem that will ease portfolio and Yield tracking for users. bFolio relies on its simplistic and intuitive UI/UX that offers Yield tracking services without user data.

HOLDEFI AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts Holdefi, a platform that allows you to Hodl your crypto asset while spending. All questions answered by Cengiz

Biden Administration is Wary of the Role of the Digital Yuan

The speed of China’s advancement in digital currency has left much of the rest of the world playing catch-up. While the US is concerned about the geopolitical consequences of China’s digital yuan, a number of other players have also entered the race.

Launchpad Heroes Program Update

LaunchZone also offers a suite of products that allows its users to save on transaction costs and enjoy the benefits of decentralization. The platforms Heroes Program will be crucial to bridging the gap between the word and DeFi.

Spots and Futures Platform, PorkSwap, Joins Binance Smart Chain

PorkSwap is the latest addition to Binance Smart Chain's growing ecosystem. The decentralized spot and futures trading platform intends to become a major player in the world of decentralised finance.

Friction Finance AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts Friction Finance - A decentralized AMM with yield Farming incentives. All questions answered by TAO

PancakeSwap Easter Battle: NFTs are Heating Up

The number one decentralized exchange (Dex) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), PancakeSwap, is hosting an Easter Battle. The incentivized Easter Battle session contains a prize reward for a winning team and top players(traders).

DxSale Token, SALE, Lands on the Binance Smart Chain

The core principle on which DxSale is built is their autonomous, decentralized and cross-chain, token management platform. SALE enables the seamless onboarding of projects to facilitate and grow out a project’s ecosystem.

African DeFi Credit Union Platform Xend Finance Goes Live on BSC

Xend Finance aims to help a lot of people not only escape the devaluation of their native currencies but also provide banking services. This will enable many people in the world to perform transactions they normally could not.

CafeSwap AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts CafeSwap - A yield Farming and Staking Platform. All questions answered by @Chef

Venus 2021 Roadmap Update

Venus Protocol, a leading money-market protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, is unrelenting in its quest to push the limits of users' experience beyond what is deemed possible. The protocol recently updated its roadmap to optimize its utility further.

Yield Watch Supports Alpha Homera Yield Tracking on The BSC

Alpha Homora is the first leveraged yield farming product in DeFi enabling leverage yield farming positions up to 2.5x. With Yieldwatch integration, users can monitor assets exposure on Alpha Homora V1.

EasyFi Partners With Mirror Protocol

The partnership between EasyFi and Mirror Protocol will ensure that tokenized stocks and other traditional assets like oil as collateral markets are available on the EasyFi lending protocol and many more.

Are Emerging Markets Missing Out On DeFi Growth?

Emerging markets and emerging economies hold immense promise for the adoption of decentralized finance. Some barriers have arisen for emerging markets as DeFi has experienced rapid growth. It is key that DeFi overcomes these issues that stand in its way.

The OddZ Finance Binance Smart Chain Bridge is Live

Oddz Finance joins the extensive list of projects successfully bridged to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. In its latest news Tweeted through its official handle, the network opens up its platform to a wide range of users in the BSC ecosystem, leveraging the low fees and large scale that the network offers.

Wagerr AMA Transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts, Wagerr, Privacy-focused sports betting platform that gives users the house edge. No restrictions. No limits. No questions. Bet any size. Any time. Any place. All questions answered by David Mah | (@Davidmah)

Project Insight: Multiplier

DeFi is an ever-evolving sector. New projects often build on the success of a predecessor. The Multiplier Project, derived from Aave, seeks to extend the successes of Aave to flash loans and decentralized lending.

Central Bank Digital Currencies and Airdrops

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) could provide access to reaching the unbanked as well as providing wider financial services. CBDC airdrops are currently ongoing in China as the PBoC is actively testing its digital currency.

Stellar Blockchain Experiences Glitch As Cryptocurrency Nodes Go Offline

Whole blockchain downtime isn’t a usual occurrence in the blockchain, especially for network facilitating transactions. The events may not be infrequent but could call for a certain level of concern regarding the network’s reliability and the certainty that the network nodes will always remain online. Stellar Blockchain, the number 13 cryptocurrency according to data aggregator Coinmarketcap reported a network node downtime yesterday but insistent that transaction continued despite the node going dark.

Cyclone Protocol AMA transcript

BSC.NEWS hosts, Cyclone, the world first cross-chain, yield enhancement, zkSNARKs-based privacy protocol for #DeFi, w/ #decentralized governance #PriFi. All questions answered by bf945 Cyclone Protocol (@bf945)

Injective Protocol Partners with Big Data Protocol and Easyfi

Injective Protocol is the first of its kind: a layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol that unlocks the potential of decentralized derivatives. The Injective Protocol has just added one more transformation to the mix in partnering with EasyFi and Big Data Protocol.

Polkastarter (POLS) Token is Live on the BSC

Polkastarter has announced its highly anticipated milestone. The decentralized protocol is now live on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and on PancakeSwap.

Multiplier AMA transcript

BSC.NEWS Hosts, Multi-Chain Lend (MCL), a non-custodial lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain with flash loans. All Questions answered by D.R.Dudley | (@multipliermarketing)

RYI Unity Tokens Dumped From Migration Wallet

RYI Unities’ eventful beginnings were short-lived once it was made apparent that 1 million RYIU tokens were sold on the market. These funds were traced back to a previously compromised RYI Unity team wallet.
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