Moonpot to Hold Safepal Wallet Holder Offering for 1,000,000 POTS Tokens Airdrop

SafePal teams up with Moonpot to offer a massive airdrop of $POTS tokens.

Are These Binance Smart Chain Projects Abandoned?

Projects in crypto seem to shoot through the horizon like stars - but what happens to the projects that fizzle out?

PancakeBunny Hit With Another Flash Loan Exploit, This Time on Polygon

The BunnyFarm has seen better days following the latest attack. The community is not depleted and is prepared to learn from its mistakes.

MetaMask User Falls For Phishing Scam, but Whitehat Hacker Returned $117,000

A major phishing attack was interrupted thanks to the efforts of a whitehat hacker who outsmarted the thief before they could complete the job.

CryptoBlades NFT Platform Rockets 3000% Amongst Metaverse, Play to Earn, and AXS Mania

The BSC-based NFT platform has been on the positive end of the crypto market, setting the pace for NFT platforms on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Binance Exchange Completes a $400M Quarterly BNB Token Burn

Binance continues to burn BNB, successfully completing their 16th burning of BNB tokens to date.

Argentina, Copa America Tournament Winners, to Rename Football League After the Socios NFT Website

The South American domestic league innovates with Chilliz for a new league name in its latest season.

Niftys Launches Official Warner Bros Space Jam ‘A New Legacy’ NFTs

Special Edition NFTs dropped from the new movie, and fans can collect their favorites to form a fun, formidable team

This Week at Binance Was Action-Packed, What did CZ Binance Have to Say About Their Innovation?

Eventful week in Binance sees CZ reach out with an open letter. A Concert and celebrations marked the four-year anniversary. And the innovations keep coming as they introduce crypto gift cards.

ApeSwap Kicks off Mogul Productions Partnership With Yield Farms, an Airdrop, and Exclusive Insight

ApeSwap and Mogul have agreed to an extensive partnership which will see the two firms cooperate on several fronts.

AXS Lands on the Binance Smart Chain, But Fails to Land on PancakeSwap

Axie Infinity joins the BSC network but fails to win at the PancakeSwap polls.

China’s Central Bank Eyes a More Robust Role for its Digital Yuan

China downplays its role for cross-border transactions in its white paper on its digital currency but remains open for discussions on developing global standards for the international monetary system.

Wault Finance Announce Commerce Backed Stablecoin, WUSD, Integrating a WEX BuyBack

Wault Finance unveils their next huge project evolving the Wault Finance ecosystem, WUSD.

SEC Cracks Down on Touting of ICO’s, Fining Coinschedule $200,000

Another edict from the SEC cracks down on crypto, but there is some debate as to how the commission is defining their regulatory actions.

Terraform Labs Reveals Massive 150M Funding Round, Lands Some Heavyweight Backers

The funds will be deployed over many years. Projects will have access to early-stage investment opportunities on the network, ensuring that the best financial products and services are created.

ThorChain’s "Chaosnet" Initially Reports a $25 Million Hack but Revised it to $4.9 Million Upon Investigation

ThorChain, a popular cross-chain decentralized exchange, suffered massive losses but assured its community that it has the means to cover the stolen amount.

AXE Teases Partnership with DogeCoin, Garnering Trending Twitter Hashtag "Dogecan"

AXE showcases and teases the “Dogecan,” a Dogecoin-inspired body spray.

ApeRocket Releases Official Statement Regarding 1.2 Million DeFi Hack

The attack occurred on the protocol’s Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks on the same day, with the Polygon network suffering more significant losses.

RealFevr Reveals their Football Video NFT Packs! A Chance to Get Cristiano Ronaldo's First Ever Goal!

The RealFevr platform shoots and scores with its innovative video NFTs for famous footballers.

Jack Dorsey Announces Square’s Consolidation Into Bitcoin and DeFi Services

Dorsey, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Square, announced that Square will be launching an initiative to build Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Bitcoin services.

ApeSwap’s Governance is in Full Swing, Come Vote on These Crucial Proposals

Three new governance proposals have come to ApeSwap! Make sure to get out there and vote!

PancakeSwap Integrates Chainlink VRF Oracle to Draw Lottery Winners Fairly

A collaboration between PancakeSwap and Chainlink is paying off and paying winners with PancakeSwap’s ‘provably fair’ V2 Lottery.

Mirror Protocol Adds Support for DOT, AMD, and SQ Through Community Votes

The latest additions promise to add more value-added benefits for users of the DeFi platform.

1inch Exchange Launches $3 Million Ecosystem Development Fund, Expanding Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

A new program of investment aims to accelerate growth and development, incentivizing developers to build on 1inch protocols.

KAKA NFT World Teases Licensed One Piece and Spiderverse Mystery Boxes on BakerySwap and BinanceNFT

The officially licensed card sets are expected to be hugely popular with NFT collectors, but the launch dates have yet to be revealed.

Beefy Finance Announces Moonpot, a no Loss Lottery on Binance Smart Chain

Beefy Finance has released embargoed information on a no-loss lottery project on Binance Smart Chain.

X World Games ‘Dream Card’ NFTs Sell Out on Binance NFT Marketplace

The Dream Card series wasn’t around for long on the Binance Non-Fungible Token marketplace as users showed increased interest by buying all available stock.

WisdomTree Bitcoin ETF Faces Further Scrutiny From SEC, Following Suite of Competing ETF’s

As another ETF is delayed, opinions vary on whether the SEC will take a more urgent approach to making their judgements.

Binance Awards These 6 Binance Smart Chain Protocols as the Projects of the Year

The six protocols recognized by Binance represent the tremendous growth of the decentralized community-driven blockchain.

UniSwap Governance Passes 20M Education Grant Pushing for Regulatory Awareness

The DeFi Education Fund proposed by Harvard Law Blockchain & FinTech Initiative (HarvardLawBFI) sought for 1 million UNI tokens worth $20 million was voted into existence in a governance proposal.

BabySwap Surpasses PancakeSwap in NFT Sales, Here are Three Reasons Why!

With smart partnerships and a desire for real-life impact, BabySwap has a project that can firmly entrench itself atop the non-fungible token market.

OpenOcean, $OOE, Yield Farming Kicks Off Offering Immense Returns on Beefy Finance

OE’s limited farming event hits Beefy Finance, offering some of the highest APYs on Beefy.

Binance Announces its 3rd Iteration of the Binance Labs Incubation Program

Binance continues to unlock game-changing advantages for numerous crypto startups worldwide with the Binance Incubation Program.

United Arab Emirates Central Bank Begins In-House Development of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

UAE aspires to be the top central banks in the world as it joins the CBDC race by unveiling a three-year plan for 2023-2026

MemeCoins Continue to Rocket, Posting Ridiculous 1000%+ Gains Amidst Market Consolidation

It’s time to review the top movers from the past week and better understand how the price index has been shaping up.

Clear Junction Cancels Payments to Binance Following Regulatory Storm

Clear Junction, a global payment solution, decides to distance itself from Binance after the crypto exchange was hit with a flurry of negative news.

Ten Finance Continues Teasing Yieldex and a Plethora of Innovation in Updated Roadmap

The Yieldex product remains the most significant innovation by Ten Finance as we anticipate its launch.

FOMO Labs to Bring a Novel NFT Experience to the Highly Anticipated Bare Knuckle FIghting Championship 19

The BKFC 19 fight will feature a unique NFT experience alongside a highly anticipated fight card containing: Vanzant vs Ostovich, BlueFace vs Kane Trujillo, Nick Ireland vs DK Money, and Evil Hero vs Dakota Olave.

PancakeSwap Continues to Dial In Deflationary Mechanisms, Burning 80M USD in CAKE

PancakeSwap burns a huge amount of CAKE, coming a long way in building out their powerful deflationary tokenomics.

How are Staking Rewards Taxed for U.S. Citizens?

The U.S. taxmen are looking at taxing new tokens as income as they stretch the tax rules to fit the crypto agenda.

KuCoin Has Listed OOE and OpenOcean is Celebrating Through a 48,000 OOE Listing Campaign

KuCoin hosts massive OOE giveaways for participating in two separate reward campaigns. Details can be found below.

How To Participate In Memecoin Airdrop, ElonDoge, Via CoinMarketCap

The airdrop will run for a limited time and give away over $20,000 worth of EDOGE tokens.

DeFiPie Gets Hacked, Working to Solve Issue with Help From PeckShield

The protocol urged users to withdraw their funds immediately to protect against them being stolen.

Alpaca Finance Integrates Stablecoin, TUSD, in 20M Partnership with TrueUSD

Alpaca Finance will integrate TUSD through a partnership to add liquidity depth and new lending and farming pools for users' benefits.

MyEtherWallet Integrates Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Support In MEW 6 Update

With the new update, users can now send, receive, and swap BSC tokens within MyEtherWallet.

Iron Finance Relaunches on Polygon with Revamped Tokenomics After V1 Launch

Iron Finance has made new changes to its protocol following the collapse of its old TITAN token.

Alpaca Finance Grazes Into the top of DeFi, The Month of June in Scope!

Alpaca continues to bring huge updates to its platform, exemplifying exactly what protocols should be doing in the current stagnating crypto market!

Wault Finance Initial Marketing Team Dissociates Due to Claims of Malpractice

Shocking news broke in our exclusive AMAChella that there was a dissolution of the original Wault Finance team.

AnySwap Releases Detailed Postmortem on Multichain Router V3 Exploit

The platform dropped details about the exploit of its V3 router prototype, though users have been assured that the default bridge is unaffected.

BSCNews Hosts 1st “AMAchella,” an Ask me Anything with Seven of the Largest Decentralized Exchanges

The first-ever BSC News AMAchella occurred on Telegram, and seven of the largest projects on BSC popped in to answer questions and give insight about their projects - with a surprising twist from the former Wault representative.

How to Utilize AirNFTs Marketplace to Monetize Artwork Through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

AirNFTs Marketplace, a platform built on Binance Smart Chain, is primed to impact the NFT marketplace with its multifaceted platform meant to bring NFTs to the mainstream.

PancakeSwap Opens Farm Auctions, Allowing Projects to Bootstrap Initial Liquidity and Yield Farming

The latest innovation is an easy way for project teams to bootstrap liquidity and volume to their Binance Smart Chain tokens.

TikTok Bans Cryptocurrency Promotion On Its Platform

Their latest branding policy has taken a definitive step towards the banning of promotional content related to crypto assets

Rabbit Finance Launches Garden Yield Farming as Total Value Locked (TVL) Crosses 1 Billion

Rabbit Finance shows no signs of slowing down as the protocol continues to rapidly expand, bringing big updates and features to their community.

ShibaSwap Garners 1 Billion Total Value Locked (TVL) and Sends Ethereum Gas Prices Through the Roof

The Uniswap-cloned protocol’s activities have negatively affected Ethereum gas fees.

Alpha Finance to Incubate its First Project, Beta Finance, on ALPHA Launchpad

Alpha Finance, through its Alpha Launchpad, will be releasing its first project: Beta Finance, a platform that aims to reduce crypto volatility and bring about market stability.

AnySwap MultiChain Router V3 Prototype Faces Exploit After Initially Halted

Anyswap’s newest router was halted early this morning as a result of an exploit.

Beefy Finance Crosses 100,000 Users as BIFI Token Consolidates Among Catalysts

Beefy Finance achieves a notable milestone in a stagnating market, only bolstering the achievement.

Baby Doge Donates $20,000 to FurKids Animal Shelter at Georgia NASCAR Event

Elon musk's favorite cryptocurrency is donating money to save dogs. Again. Let’s not forget the sexy NASCAR Xfinity sponsorship either!

CZ, Binance’s CEO, Touches on Recent Regulatory Crackdowns and Calling Regulations as a Positive Sign

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, addresses the recent regulatory clout and sees the recent regulatory spate as a responsibility that comes as the crypto market grows.

How to Benefit as a BUIDLer on Binance Smart Chain

Working hand-in-hand with the growing chain, projects can benefit greatly from the various benefits offered by Binance.

LaunchZone Announces Massive Acquisition of Sowing Network, BSC Army and ezDeFi

The new acquisition is a significant boost towards achieving this goal, showing its commitment to becoming one of the most robust BSC DeFi ecosystems.

NFTb Introduces NFTb Earn Phase 1 Incorporating Yield Farming Into Their NFT Marketplace

NFTb brings significant updates to their platform, including yield farming and their new Auction feature!

SafeLaunch to Hold 3rd “Safe Allocation,” Allowing Users to Participate in Onomy Private Round

The SafeLaunch Allocation program spearheads the development of promising projects, allowing users to invest in private sales.

Axie Infinity NFT Ecosystem Rallies 200% as Metrics Display Parabolic Growth

Pokémon-inspired game, Axie Infinity, has been enjoying explosive growth and has even been credited as a key driver for the NFT market according to research from DappRadar.

SafeMoon Launches Merch V2 and Continues to Tease SafeMoonWallet Release

SafeMoon offers new merchandise and showcases its SafeMoon Wallet.

BabyDoge to Make Nascar Debut With Brandon Brown, Giving Away 500 Billion Tokens

The trending meme-token is debuting in a NASCAR race for another show of love for dogs.

OpenOcean Announces OOE Airdrop and Liquidity Mining Will Commence on July 12th

The popular crypto aggregator will launch a custom token to increase the activity on their platform and grow their community.

PancakeSwap Offers 5 Million in CAKE Prizes Through Relaunched "V2" Lottery System

PancakeSwap continues to improve its protocol while offering massive rewards to its user base.

MemeCoins - MEC, VIBRA, KTN - Rocket Higher, Posting 1000% Gains on Binance Smart Chain

Micro-cap tokens on Binance Smart Chain keep taking the entire crypto market by storm, producing remarkable gains for lucky investors.

FazeClan Members Pump and Dump “Save the Kids” Token On Binance Smart Chain

Influencers from Faze Clan, RiceGum and Sommer Ray are under fire for potentially scamming their young audience into buying the now failed crypto project “Save the Kids” token.

Floki Shiba Meme Token Garners Top Social Signal Following Multiple Catalysts

Several factors contributed to the sudden rise in popularity of the Floki Shiba network.

ApeSwap Team Continues to Expand, Providing In-Depth Information Regarding the Team

The ApeSwap team has added its newest member, Reckon, who will join the company as the ApeSwap Community Growth Strategist.

BakerySwap to Launch Levyathan Indexes, Expanding the First Binance Smart Chain Index Funds

The partnership will give the general public a transparent, innovative, and creative platform for DeFi services.

Binance.US Hires California Regulator, Manny Alvarez, Aiming For Regulatory Compliance

Binance has its eyes focussed on compliance with its latest addition to the team, Manny Alvarez, a former regulator, in its effort to provide a secure platform for its users in the United States.

Binance Smart Chain Selects 20 Projects for Most Valuable Builder (MVB II) out of 400+ Applicants

Binance Smart Chain has announced the 20 projects which will compete in the second phase of MVB II: The Big Bang of NFTs.

JuggerNaut Displays Growth In Users In June Recap Despite Recent Market Correction

JuggerNaut shook off the current bearish market to post some notable achievements for the month.

BogTools to Integrate BSCNews Wire Into BogCharts V3

BoggedTools and BSCNews are excited to announce a partnership to bring the latest news to BoggedFinance and analytics to BSCNews.

SafeLaunch Airdrops SFEX Tokens With a Bonus to Users After Rocky Launch

The protocol launched a new token and airdrop to make up for overlooked defects in its previous token contract.

Aave Follows Footsteps of Compound Treasury and CoinBase X, Offering Institutional Support

AAVE takes a big leap forward into the realm of crypto institutional support.

Alpaca Finance Shares Another Yield Farming Strategy, How to Earn High Yield on Stablecoins

The protocol continues to find ways to mitigate the risks of leverage farming, this time sharing the relatively risk-free strategy of farming yield on stablecoins.

How to Participate in $200,000 CoinMarketCap Hosted Genshiro (GENS) Airdrop

Users stand to gain airdrop rewards worth up to $200,000 by completing select tasks.

Barclays and Other UK Banks Halt Deposits to Binance Following UK's FCA Notice

United Kingdom has prevented their clients from making deposits to Binance after the recent announcement by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.

Critical Lottery Bug Found in PancakeSwap, PantherSwap, ApeSwap, and Knights BSC

Pancakeswap has named and congratulated the whitehat who found the coding error and helped multiple projects. The savior was awarded a large sum of money for their efforts.

A Look Into the Top 5 TreasureLand NFTs, BabySwap and PancakeSwap Lead in Volume

NFTs continue to show life, bringing lots of action to decentralized exchanges, and NFT platforms, PancakeSwap and BabySwap have notably topped the leaderboard.

Hamster Coin Announces HAM Airdrop, Riding Jack Dorsey Tweet Hype

Hamstercoin has announced a major airdrop giveaway following a tweet by Jack Dorsey that seemed to endorse the memecoin.

Leading Venture Capital Investors Three Arrows Capital and Spartan Group Back Tranchess

The Binance Smart Chain derivatives Protocol received a $1.5 million backing as major investors are beginning to turn their gaze toward projects on Binance Smart Chain.
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