Cream Finance Launches Boosted Saving for $BNB on Binance Smart Chain

C.R.E.A.M. Finance introduces Boosted Savings offering investors very high APYs on BNB staking.

Malaysian Regulators Call for a Complete Halt of Binance Services

Malaysia is the latest jurisdiction to impose a ban on the crypto trading platform by calling for Binance to block access to its platform for Malaysian investors.

Ethereum Turns Six With London Hard Fork & Proof of Stake on the Horizon

The eyes of the world are upon Ethereum with one of the most anticipated forks in crypto history.

ApeSwap Delays Dragonary Initial Ape Offering Due to New IAO Vesting Proposal

The seventh Initial Ape Offering date with Dragonary has been shifted, but the new vesting process enacted by users’ votes remains unchanged.

Binance Plans to Close their Futures and Derivatives Product Offerings in More EU Countries

In what appears to be a bid to comply with prospective regulations, Binance has decided to close their Futures and Derivatives Product Offerings in yet more EU nations.

Baby Doge Crosses 500,000 Users, What is Next for the Meme Coin?

Baby Doge shows tremendous user and community growth following the last few weeks.

Binance.US Looks to Pursue Compliance While Innovating on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain represents a unique opportunity for to take on market share from competitors.

Levyathan Falls Casualty to Unlimited Mint Exploit Despite CertiK Audit

The LEV Token has had a meteoric downfall and concern has found itself on the premier audit company, CertiK.

DeBank Releases DeFi Wallet Extension, Rabby, Boasting Intuitive Multi-Chain Support

The Rabby browser wallet is tailored for users in the DeFi era, and utilizes intuitive chain switching technology.

CoinMarketCap Hosts Sponsored Airdrop Offering Free PorkSwap to Users

The airdrop has commenced, and a total of 2000 users stand to gain rewards in $PSWAP tokens after completing easy tasks.

How to Participate in Binance’s $75,000 $BNB, $SHIB, & $ADA Airdrop

Lucky participants could win huge by simply making a deposit or crypto purchase of only $50

Crypto Users to Face Tax Scrutiny According to New Infrastructure Bill Looking to Raise $30 Billion

Democrats prioritize spending, but the new infrastructure bill falls short on fully clarifying the language of crypto tax.

PancakeSwap and CryptoBlades Team Up For Staking Proposal

The proposal looks primed to pass and set up a cross-over between two of the largest projects on BSC.

THORChain Releases a $500,000 Bug Bounty With Immunefi to Prevent Further Exploits

With a halted and limited running system, THORChain looks to resolve the issues on its chain with help from reputable sources.

The Most Valuable Builder II Declares the Top 10 NFT Projects Building On Binance Smart Chain

The Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II program has undergone a two-phased process to whittle down the most exciting projects from 500+ to 10.

ApeSwap Announces IAO for NFT Gaming Protocol DragonaryGame

The exchange introduced a new vesting process for its 7th Initial Ape Offering featuring play-to-earn protocol DragonaryGame.

Wall Street Games Experiences Extreme Volatility After 2,000% WSG Token Rally

The WSG token experienced turbulence after a price rally propelled the cryptocurrency to a new all-time high.

SafeMoon Teases Full Global Access to the SAFEMOONWALLET in “The Process” Video

SafeMoon hints that the SafeMoon Wallet has completed all its necessary R&D checkpoints and now gears up for a global launch.

BakerySwap Launches Official Merch Shop, Offering a Plethora of Swag

Users can find designs of featured artists on the Merch Shop, including a wide range of collections on an easy-to-use interface.

Tether Executives Come Under Regulatory Investigation in US Regarding Bank Fraud

Bloomberg in a report on Monday, discloses an investigation by the U.S. authorities on the executives of Tether for committing bank fraud.

Stronghold Mining Files for 100M NASDAQ IPO Using Sustainable North American Mining Practices

‘SDIG’ will be the new ticker for Stronghold Digital Mining’s new Nasdaq Global Market listing.

PancakeSwap Crosses 1,000,000 Twitter Followers, What’s Next for This BSC Giant?

All indicators point to future growth for this Binance Smart Chain protocol.

CryptoBlades Teases New Features and Touches on the Exponential Growth of Their Play-to-Earn Ecosystem

CryptoBlades has grown to be the pinnacle of play-to-earn on Binance Smart Chain, and a major player across Decentralized Finance.

Play-to-Earn and GameFi NFT Projects Send Binance Smart Chain Transactions to 11,000,000+

The increasing popularity of play-to-earn and GameFi NFTs is pushing up the number of Binance Smart Chain transactions to record numbers.

100x Coin and Creampie Swap Partner with Manny Pacquiao and Fox Sports PBC

100x Coin and Creampie Swap have an expansive marketing plan with aims to bring exponential growth to the community.

Congressional Subcommittee Hears Testimony about Promises and Perils of CBDCs

Domestic examples still dominate CBDC use cases, but the international potential is growing.

Moonpot Announces $POTS IDO and Giveaway in Conjunction With DODO Decentralized Exchange

Moonpot partners with DODO to offer a $POTS IDO for interested investors!

Mobox Founder, Soon, Reveals Continued Play-to-Earn Gamification on BSCNews Twitter Spaces Event

Mobox has a ton of new gaming content in the pipeline and users should pay attention.

1inch Exchange Announces Simple Mode Swap Interface in a Bid to Capture More DEX Users

The new interface will offer users a straightforward user interface that offers an easier-to-use alternative to Uniswap.

Beefy Finance Announces BeefBANANA Week, What we Learned from BeefCAKE

DeFi keeps sizzling with the latest iteration of BeefyFinance boosting with another protocol, first PancakeSwap and now ApeSwap.

BabyCake Exposes Users to Extreme Rewards at the Expense of Massive Volatility

Transactions on BabyCake are taxed at 15-16% with 7% paid back to BABYCAKE holders in the form of CAKE.

Binance Lays Out Response to Regulatory Clampdown

The exchange will need to target the issues that have led to their platform being restricted in several nations.

Airdrop Scams, Minereum (MNEB) and VeloChain (VELO), Land on Binance Smart Chain

Scammers intensify efforts on the BSC, now sending millions of fake tokens to users with false promises for big rewards.

Binance To Limit Existing Users to 20x Leveraged Trading Limits In Waves

Limits to leveraged trading will send ripples across the crypto sphere and hopefully create a less volatile atmosphere.

How To Participate In The JetFuel X CoinMarketCap Airdrop To Receive Free WINGS Tokens

Lucky participants will receive up to 60 WINGS tokens for doing simple social media tasks.

What Does the Recent 250 Trillion BabyDoge Burn Mean for Token Holders?

The project that started as a meme of a meme is now looking to offer real value through moves like the recent burn.

SAFERmoon Integrates Chainlink VRF to Ensure Fairness in the SAFERsummer Event

Safety is a top priority considering the high value of the prizes being offered in the giveaway.

Binance Smart Chain Play-to-Earn Ecosystem Continues to Bolster Extreme Growth

Games on Binance Smart Chain see a surge in popularity, as play-to-earn options like CryptoBlades enjoy a sharp rise in user base.

How to Participate in the 1250 LandShare Airdrop Through BSCNews

A total of 250 users stand a chance to win rewards in LAND tokens by completing easy tasks to gain entry into the Airdrop campaign.

How to Participate in My DeFi Pet’s Play to Earn NFT Metaverse

Learn how to buy your $DPET tokens and grow your pets!

FTX Lowers Leverage Trading Limit to 20x to Encourage Responsible Trading

After a slew of recent criticisms that blame leveraged trading for volatility, FTX responded by changing their approach to the controversial trading tactic.

Binance Smart Chain launches a $10M Joint Bug Bounty Fund

Binance Smart Chain has made security a group effort between the largest auditing firms.

Anyswap Relaunches Multichain Router V3 After Smart Contract Exploit

AnySwap brings back their Multichain router V3 with some important updates.

C.R.E.A.M. Finance Initiates Governance Proposal to Mint a New Revenue Sharing Token, iceCREAM

C.R.E.A.M. Finance looks to add a powerful tokenomics update to their protocol with their iceCREAM, tokenomics proposal.

Rabbit Finance Re-Iterates Protocol Revenue, Addressing Recent Embezzlement FUD

The commotion surrounding the lack of token burns looks to have been clarified, but the allocation of resources has yet to be determined.

CZ of Binance Surfaces Potential IPO for Binance.US Platform

Binance.US is taking the same path as Coinbase as its founder Changpeng Zhao ‘CZ’ says the U.S. based entity is eyeing an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

How Play-to-Earn NFTs Has Taken the DeFi and Non-Fungible Token Space by Storm

It is quickly becoming possible to conquer digital worlds and turn physical profits through the flick of a skilled finger.

Amazon Re-surfaces Job Listing for Digital Currency and Blockchain Strategy

Online marketplace looks to dip further into crypto and develop a road map for blockchain and digital currency.

CryptoSlam! Announces Sale of Heavyweight NFTs Including Ashton Kutcher, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jobs, and More

Stoner Cats is sure to shock the list of names with their unique release.

InsurAce Expands DeFi Protection Listing Mirror Protocol with a Capacity of $8,000,000

InsurAce has listed Mirror Protocol in a significant partnership agreement that will offer Mirror users DeFi insurance for their mAsset holdings against smart contract attacks.

Tranchess Completes Full Launch and Garners Further Attention From 3 Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu

Tranchess fully launches, bringing what many claim is a hugely rewarding financial model to the DeFi ecosystem.

Wall Street Games Partners With JustLiquidity Bringing Yield Farming and a 5 Day Gaming Competition

The partnership will increase users' yield as they stake tokens. In addition, a gaming competition will be launched to improve users’ output further.

Elon Musks Reveals SpaceX Crypto Holding and Elaborates on Tesla and Personal Crypto Holdings

The eccentric billionaire reasserted the case for crypto and bitcoin in a discussion panel for “The ₿ Word” virtual event.

Autofarm Secures Their Cross-Chain Protocol Integrating Chainlink Price Feeds

AutoFarm gets a serious upgrade to their price feed with the integration of ChainLink.

Injective Labs ‘UpOnly’ Decentralized Exchange Faces Backlash From UpOnlyTV

Injective Labs launches its UpOnly exchange, but not everyone is happy about it.

SteakBank Garners Chainlink Oracles to Bring Liquid Staking on Binance Smart Chain

SteakBank is optimistic after integrating Chainlink’s tested and trusted oracle solution to provide accurate on-chain price data for its users and protecting against attacks on its smart contract on Binance Smart Chain.

ApeSwaps Founder, Obie Dobo, Addresses the Community in Reddit AMA

Obie Dobo joins BSC News to field any questions the crypto community has for the ApeSwap founder.

SafeLaunch Launches SFEX Yield Farming Boasting Ridiculous 1,000,000% Yields

The launch seeks to increase users' yield while also providing a solid use-case with the launch of its native yield farming platform.

Binance Exchange Hosts Limited 4th Anniversary NFT for BinanceLoans Users

Users stand a chance to obtain NFT rewards by completing a simple task to become eligible for participation as part of Binance Loans' 4th-anniversary celebration.

SEC Chair, Gensler, Calls for Increased Regulation on Security Backed Crypto Swaps

The key regulatory body on assets in the United States continues to build a fighting stance against the crypto industry.

JP Morgan Opens Crypto Trading to Retail Clients Through Select Products

The banking firm’s surprising reversal indicates the attitude of the mainstream has softened towards cryptocurrency initiatives.

Binance Exchange Announces Coin98 Token Sale on Launchpad

The wallet becomes the 20th project ‘ready for lift off’ from Binance’s launchpad.

KAKA NFT WORLD Launches on BakerySwap as One Piece Collectable Release Nears

Latest digital card game has real-world potential and E-sports should be watching.

Thorchain Experiences $8 Million Exploit and Pseudo Whitehat Exposes Code Vulnerabilities

The third attack in one month causes panic on Thorchain and drops the $RUNE price.

PancakeSwap Relaunches AXS Syrup Pool Proposal With Dual Rewards

PancakeSwap tries again to bring Axie Infinity to the PancakeSwap protocol, this time offering voting on bringing two new pools and a new farm to PancakeSwap.

Harvest Finance Executes Massive Expansion of Yield Farming on Binance Smart Chain

Harvest announces integration with Binance Smart Chain as the protocol looks to increase user yield while reducing the cost of farming.

Anonymous Whitehat Posts On-Chain Analysis Pointing at Stolen Rabbit Finance Funds

Rabbit Finance faces user frenzy following the second major accusation in less than 10 days.

FTX Crypto Exchange Garners an $18 Billion Valuation After Closing a Near $1 Billion Funding Round

The exchange closes a record $900 million fundraiser at a staggering $18 billion valuation.

SushiSwap to Introduce a Novel and Capital Efficient AMM Model, Trident

SushiSwap brings a massive update to their platform, including a new AMM, new pools, and much more!

Gambling Reaches the Crypto Metaverse Through Digital Horse Racing, Zed Run

Zed Run secures large funding and key gaming partnerships to propel itself down the track with big plans for virtual gaming.

PancakeBunny Works to Rebuild Faith From BunnyFarm with Diligent Action

Mound Ltd, the team behind Pancake Bunny, is looking to slow developments and vertically integrate to prevent exploits.

An In-depth Look into the Moonpot x SafePal Wallet Holder Offering for $POTS Token

The new look for airdrops will provide legitimate users for initial feedback as the two projects partners to combine the digital with the physical.

DogeCan AXE Spray Sells Out Within Minutes With Limited Supply of 1,000 Cans

Many potential customers were left disappointed after the inventory sold out so fast.

Venus Lending and Borrowing Protocol Shares Risk Assessment Framework for Adding DeFi Assets

The platform sought to demonstrate its commitment to openness and transparency in its latest blog post.

Injective Protocol Launches Mainnet Canary Chain, Offering DeFi Users Spot Trading

Injective Protocol ramps up growth as the protocol brings spot trading and spot trading markets to interested investors.

Seascape Releases Fourth Play-to-Earn NFT Game in Scape Forum Season 1

The play-to-earn qualities of the game are a refreshing contrast compared to the micro-transaction issues that plague many first-party games.

Secretary Yellen Calls for Quick Action on Stablecoin’s Regulatory Framework

Growth of coins like USDT are beseeching the security of regulators and the US regulators are brimming to corral the growing asset base.

SafeLaunch to Host 3 SafeAllocations Offering Users VC Opportunities: Drife, Scallop, and Unvest

Safe Launch vets and supports all projects to help give a considerable boost. What is equally enticing is the potential of the projects onboarded for the Safe Allocations Offering.

BabyDoge Takes BSC.News Live Stream by Storm With Founder BabyDoge Father

Incredible turnout for live stream proves the power and potential of one of the hottest meme coins in crypto.

BabySwap to Launch NFB Staking Allowing Users to Yield Farm BABY Token with NFTs

The feature seeks to increase the value of interacting with Non-Fungible Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform.

Binance Exchange to Discontinue Stock Tokens Amidst Regulatory Wave

The leading crypto exchange platform has decided to discontinue stock tokens after facing a barrage of negative news and increased regulatory scrutiny.

Learn How to Win a Share of $18,000 + NFTs Through Learn and Earn

Binance Smart Chain is offering users another opportunity to get smarter on their dime.

​​This Weeks Top Trending Non-Fungible Token Platforms on Binance Smart Chain

Three NFT projects are growing rapidly on BSC ahead of the big Most Valuable Builder reveal this week.

GrayScale Launches DeFi Fund to Penetrate Traditional Markets in Conjunction with CoinDesk

There’s no denying the attraction of Decentralization Finance for its organizational benefits, and the most prominent crypto management group is taking notice.

Jetswap Introduces a $1,000,000 Incentive Program for Developing Projects

Jetfuel looks to expand its ecosystem, ensuring that projects tap from its unique offerings to thrive in the DeFi landscape.

Why PancakeSwap is the Most Innovative and Robust Binance Smart Chain Protocol

PancakeSwap has firmly cemented itself as the leading protocol on Binance Smart Chain.
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