Philadelphia 76ers Put Patch on Gameday Jerseys

Philadelphia 76ers have become the first sports team in history to don a crypto sponsor on their matchday jersey.

Synapse Protocol Launches Arbitrum Pools Supporting 5 DeFi Networks

Synapse keeps expanding its ecosystem as Arbitrum becomes the fifth supported network on its cross-chain liquidity platform.

PancakeSwap NFTs Garner Attention as Marketplace and Squad Collection Nears

Excitement is building for PancakeSwaps NFTs before their marketplace has even got going, with NFT prices already creeping up.

Binance Charity Begins To Build First Decentralized Forest

In a few days, Binance Charity will launch a global alliance to help plant 10 million trees worldwide.

BSC’s Most Valuable Builder Program Appoints Allstar Mentor Committee

Binance Smart Chain has appointed Sky9 Capital, Chainlink Labs, Certik, and Multicoin Capital among others to mentor the Most Valuable Builder projects.

Kattana Integrates BakerySwap to Further Multi-Chain Crypto Trading Dapp

The latest integration will provide more DeFi tools for traders to unleash their full potential.

Sorare Sports Announces Big $680 Million Fund to Take Them Forward

New investors have backed Sorare with a record-shattering fundraising round of over half a billion, the biggest ever in the entire history of French Tech.

Trending Binance Smart Chain Nano-Cap Tokens Survive the Market Slide

$KALA, $GRV, and $ARV remain bullish despite the current downslide in the crypto market.

Heroverse: The Exciting New Vietnamese NFT Gaming Project Looking to Follow in Axie Infinity's Footsteps

We spoke to the Heroverse CEO on the cusp of the project's release to learn more about its ambitions and hopes of following in Axie Infinity’s incredibly successful footsteps.

SEC Chief Sharpens Rhetoric Towards Cryptocurrencies & Builds Momentum For Regulation

Chairman stands behind the rhetoric of protection to build momentum for enforcement.

AutoShark Integrates Chainlink VRF to Enable Randomized NFT Rarity Boosts

AutoShark will utilize Chainlink’s random number generator as a means of enhancing their NFT farming gameplay system.

CryptoBay, Together with DappRadar Announces Tiny Airdrop of $4 per Winner

The airdrop has commenced and will run until the end of the week.

DeRace Prepares to Make History with the First-Ever IGO on Binance NFT Marketplace

DeRace releases the details of its sales with its multi-tiered DeRace NFT horses as it prepares for the first Initial Game Offering (IGO) on Binance NFT marketplace.

Play To Earn Game JoJo Metaverse Gears Up For Mystery Box Launch On Binance NFT

JoJo's Mystery Box is launching on Binance NFT with big metaverse hopes.

Coinbase Abandons Development of Lending Product in Wake of SEC Enforcement

The plan may not be a retreat but instead a regroup as the crypto company begs for clarity.

My DeFi Pet Partners with $GameFi and Remains Top BSC Game

My DeFi pet will expand its protocol with GameFi’s integration, ensuring users enjoy a gaming experience without boundaries.

Changpeng Zhao Offers Insight on GameFi and NFTs

Join CZ and a host of hugely popular blockchain gaming projects like MOBOX in discussing GameFi and NFTs this Tuesday.

PancakeSwap Postpones NFT Launch By More Than a Week

PancakeSwap has postponed the launch of its highly anticipated NFT collection and marketplace. However, the delay will not stop its first anniversary celebrations on Binance Smart Chain.

Vee Finance Suffers $35 Million Hack in Second Significant Attack on Avalanche

After monitoring several abnormal transfers, Vee Finance has confirmed it has been exploited to the tune of $35 Million.

Decentral Games Wins Binance Smart Chain Grant to Grow Play-to-Earn Metaverse

The funding from the Binance Smart Chain accelerator program will help Decentral Games flourish in the BSC ecosystem.

pNetwork Endure 277 BTC Exploit, Will Hacker Accept Bounty?

pNetwork has been left reeling after confirming that an attacker has exploited their codebase and taken 277 BTC.

Little Ghosts NFTs Floats Under the Radar on BSC, Nearly All NFTs Minted

The minting launch has proven a slow success, now the project must prove its worth with the game launch.

MoBox Announces NFT Collection and Real Life Mystery Box Alongside Platform Update

The update enlightens users on what to expect from the GameFi protocol in the next few months.

Investigators Expand Probe Into Binance Over Insider Trading

Binance denied the allegations and confirmed an explicit zero-tolerance policy for any illegal activity of this nature.

Binance Smart Chain NFT GameFi Expo Highlights Five Growing GameFi Projects

Here we will highlight the five projects on display during the five-day event.

Binance Livestreams BSC GameFi Expo With Top Projects

As GameFi continues to flourish, Binance welcomes users to the ‘BSC GameFi Expo,’ with live streams and airdrops galore.

Audius, Blockchain Music Service, Secures $5 Million and Backing From Nas, Katy Perry

Audius, a crypto music platform that is set to change the music industry, has found prominent backers from the music industry in its investment round.

Munch Charity Token Community Choose Save the Children as Charitable Cause

DeFi should be about more than just memes and green arrows. Learn more about Munch to find out how to give back.

BiShares Revs Up Before Major Month of October Ahead

On top of the first indexed GameFi fund on BSC, BiShares looks to keep innovating in the index industry of decentralized finance.

Moonpot Launches Variety Of Liquidity Pools For POTS Token

Liquidity Pool pots have been added to Moonpot, giving users more ways to earn on the platform.

SUSHI Co-Founder OxMaki Transitions to Advisory Role

Famed SUSHI Co-Founder confirmed his professional transition into a new capacity following a public announcement.

JetSwap Partners with North American Esports Organization, Extra Salt

JetSwap picks a winning squad as the nascent Counter-Strike team has won several tournaments already in 2021.

What AMAChella Taught Us about the Future of NFTs on Binance Smart Chain

During the latest AMAChella at BSC.News we spoke with a number of projects taking NFTs to the next level on Binance Smart Chain. Here’s what we found out about the future of NFTs on BSC.

OpenSea Introduces Mobile App for Android and iOS

In a milestone move, OpenSea has confirmed the launch of a mobile app compatible for Android and iOS users.

Golden State Warriors NBA Team Partners with Global Fan Engagement Network

Deck: The partnership with the Warriors, is the eleventh and is undoubtedly the most valuable for going forward.

Hot Cross Provide Mic Drop Moment at BSC.News AMAChella

One stand-out moment at the event was an explanation of how the Hot Cross team handles bear and bull markets.

CryptoBay, Top BSC GameFi, Release RoadMap for Waters Ahead

The CryptoBay Roadmap showcases the exciting plans to develop a complete GameFi metaverse on Binance Smart Chain.

ECB Director Declares Opposition to Cryptocurrencies

ECB’s chief, Christine Lagarde, reiterates her stand that cryptocurrencies are not currencies, and she may be right. Or is it self-preservation?

Binance Smart Chain See Huge Growth in Active GameFi Wallets During August

Binance Smart Chain witnessed immense growth in August due to a large number of interactions in the GameFi ecosystem.

Venus Under Attack? - Anonymous Attempt to Steal $3.7 million of XVS Funds

Hacker looked to sneak in through a governance proposal, and Venus promptly denied the governance any time of day. Updates Terminologies Regarding Verification

Binance has modified the terms of its verification policy as part of efforts to comply with financial regulations.

Founder of Ponzi Crypto Hedge Fund Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

Illogical returns led to an investigation into a Ponzi crypto hedge fund that finally landed its founder, Stefan Qin, behind bars.

Nafty Announces the First Erotic Art NFT Marketplace

The first erotic art NFT marketplace has finally come to fruition after previous NSFW projects generated much interest.

DeRace Sets Launch Date for Binance NFT IGO

DeRace finally announces the date for the much-anticipated IGO with Binance NFT, becoming the first-ever GameFi project to launch on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

Can Binance Establish Itself as Dominant NFT Marketplace, After OpenSea Executive Blunder?

We consider how Binance can become the leading NFT Marketplace as we sift through collections quickly gaining popularity.

CZ Explains Binance's Potential Path to Financial Future

NFTs have played a huge part in sustaining crypto so far, and CZ sees this as just the beginning.

BiSwap LP Pairs Land on TenFi Boosting Auto Compounding Yields

New BiSwap vaults with high APYs and auto-compounding features are now live on TenFi.

OpenSea Founder Comes Under Fire for Insider NFT Sales

OpenSea has officially confirmed that an executive has benefited from internal knowledge when purchasing NFTs.

Splinterlands Season End Rewards Approach in Play to Earn NFT Game

The play-to-earn NFT game has optimized its gaming processes and rewards system to provide a more smooth experience for users.

Steven Cohen Metaverse Fund Leads $50 Million Fundraise for Collegiate Sports NFTs

NFT Platform RECUR, backed by the billionaire owner of the New York Mets, Stephen Cohen, closes its Serie-A funding with a valuation of $333 million.

BiShares BiGame Fund Goes Live Offering Users NFT GameFi and Play to Earn Exposure

The dETF project on Binance Smart Chain has added the Play-to-Earn NFT GameFi sector to its growing list of products.

Growth DeFi Integrates Chainlink Price Oracles On Binance Smart Chain

The integration will ensure accurate collateral pricing and liquidation assessment for users of Growth DeFi's MOR protocol.

An Inside Look at the Beta Gameplay from the New NFT Game HeroFi

BSC.News takes a look into the early gameplay of the hot new launch with its dynamic and in-depth gameplay.

How To Participate In The VikingsChain x CoinMarketCap Airdrop

For the airdrop campaign, 14,000 $VIKC tokens worth $21,000 will be won by 2,000 lucky participants.

Airdrop Scams Continue to Surface on Layer 1 DeFi Networks

Scammer project AkSwap Protocol (AKS) has been airdropping tokens to users inviting them to connect AkSwap to their crypto wallet, allowing the scammers to completely drain user funds.

SaferMoon Gives Away Lamborghini as SaferSummer Grand Prize Approaches

SaferMoon gears up for the grand finale of its six-week giveaway event after unveiling its latest prize.

BakerySwap Drops Anniversary NFTs in Bakery Gallery Featuring 12 Artists

BakerySwap celebrates its first anniversary with a special NFT event featuring 12 top artists with unique designs.

Solana Suffers Power Outage After ‘Resource Exhaustion’

As the lights go out for Solana, we consider the longer-term repercussions of instability for projects building on the network.

BunnyPark and MDEX CropPool Contract Faces Temporary Halt and Upgrade

The staking and unstaking of MDEX on BunnyPark remain affected as it upgrades its CrossPool contract.

CryptoBlades Launch ‘Kingdoms’ Features to Improve Gameplay

The protocol plans to win back the hearts of its community by launching a newly improved game with exceptional features.

CryptoJobsList Posts Dedicated Section for Binance Smart Chain Jobs

BSC.News is among those in the hunt for a few roles. Do you know anyone suitable to join our staff?

Arbitrum Surpasses 2 Billion in TVL Dominated by NYAN Meme Yield Farm

Thanks to a cat, Ethereum has taken on over $2 billion through scaling solution project Arbitrum in less than a week.

Binance Smart Chain Announce's MVB III Monthly Stars

BSCs Most Valuable Builder III has revealed its monthly stars as $1.5million is distributed in BUIDL rewards.

Wault Finance Completes Whitelisting Process For GameFi Project RATOKEN In Readiness For Presale

Wault Finance has published the list of whitelisted participants and their presale allocations.

Cardano Gears Up For Smart Contract Launch in Wake of Critics

Cardano completed a hard fork that will bring huge opportunities for the growth of its ecosystem.

Biswap Launches $10 Million Global Incentive Program on Binance Smart Chain

The collaboration plan requires interested projects to provide liquidity on the Biswap exchange. In return, those projects can expect to lay claim to at least part of the mega $10 million crypto fund.

Coinbase Tries to Quell Questions About Insider Trading

Several accusations have surfaced regarding the trading of accounts associated with the company’s executives.

Nafter NFT Marketplace V1.1 Release Nears Alongside “Surprise” Announcement

The project raises users' hopes with a surprise announcement as it sets to launch an upgraded version of its NFT marketplace.

dYdX Governance Token Airdrop Lands Platform Users With 5 Figure Gains

dYdX initiated the distribution of its governance token with minor hiccups but no significant impact to its users

HeroFi Play-To-Earn Launches Beta Version With Flashy Gameplay

Play-to-earn is making some major gains as the beta release from HeroFi proves an early success.

XWG Re-Opens Marketplace After Malicious Contract and Phishing Issues

XWG Games reopens its marketplace and promises to reimburse victims of a phishing scam.

SEC Delays VanEck BTC Decision, Sets Deadline For November 14th

The SEC extends its consideration for VanEck’s bitcoin ETF application to November after three extensions.

Crypto Taxes Remain a Priority in 2021-2022 US Treasury Guidance Plan

The US Treasury zeroes in on crypto for the upcoming quarters and prioritizes guidance and regulation.

Spain's La Liga Football League Partners with Sorare for NFT Project

Sorare’s fantasy NFT game now boasts some of the most popular teams and leagues in the world!

Immunefi Launches Priority One Bounty Program With Three BSC Projects

Immunefi and Binance Smart Chain launch a bug bounty program in serious step toward security.

Injective Reiterates Insurance Fund to Protect Traders From Market Volatility

Injective offers a risk management solution through insurance for leveraged derivative trading on Equinox.

PancakeBunny Devs Launch Mound Finance Vaults

PancakeBunny’s Mound Vault has officially opened with the aim of capturing and distributing the full value of their ecosystem expansion straight to the PancakeBunny Community.

Gary Vee Teases VeeCon 2022, the World’s First NFT-Ticketed Conference

After 5 successful months of ‘VeeFriends’ finance guru, Gary Vayerchuk has revealed details of his upcoming blockchain conference.

AlienWorlds Kicks off Pirates in the Metaverse NFT Treasure Hunt

Alien Worlds launches a new gaming series to keep dominating Non-fungible Token gaming on Binance Smart Chain.

Second StepHero Mystery Chest Batch Goes on Sale

The Second batch of StepHero Mystery Chest sale has concluded successfully. The focus is now on giving back to the community via an airdrop campaign.

Binance.US Names New President, Brian Shroder, in Replacement of Brian Brooks

Binance.US brings in a new president with the goal of an IPO in sight.

ApeSwap Posts Next NonFungibleApes NFT Auction as NFA Dwindles

ApeSwap lists the next ten NonFungibleApe collections, leaving limited NFTs available for auction.

What are the Most Used Projects on Binance Smart Chain?

PancakeSwap continues to dominate the chain, but the health of Binance Smart Chain shows through the dog fight down in the rankings.

RealFevr Announces New NFT GameFi Plus Heineken Sponsorship

Hours after RealFevr’s exciting revelation of an upcoming NFT game, they announced their Portuguese Fantasy League will be partnering with Dutch giant, Heineken.

Ukrainian Parliament Passes Law That Legalizes and Regulates Bitcoin in the Country

The bill from 2020 passed with 276 lawmakers supporting the law and only six against it.

Hot Cross Announces Multi-Chain Launchpads Coined Initial Hot Cross Offerings

HotCross has successfully completed its first round audit and will be launching its Launchpad on all chains in its effort to help builders launch their projects
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