Binance to Give Away 100k Crypto Gift Cards for Christmas

The cryptocurrency exchange will give away the gift cards throughout 12 straight days of activities and promotions for all eligible users globally.

HeroFi Faces Token Attack Following Server Maintenance

The #play-to-earn platform has deployed a new $ROFI contract and announced measures to minimize the hack's impact on users.

SafeMoon Shows How to Migrate Tokens from V1 to V2

Important considerations for those of you looking to make sure your tokens are safe.

Cryptomines Partners with ApeSwap

$ETERNAL, top BSC game, is now listed on the Apeswap platform.,

BabySwap Grows into Maturity, Surpasses $500 Million MarketCap

Baby swaps Micro Cap for altcoin as market cap soars amidst market uncertainty.

BiSwap Robbies NFTs Hit New Records

Loveable robot NFTs are showing major promise for BiSwap users.

The SEC Chair Calls for More Investor Protection in Crypto Markets

Gensler cites fraud, scams, and abuse to build his case for stricter regulatory scrutiny on crypto assets

K-Pop’s THE SHOW Begins NFT Collection on Featured by Binance

There’s no escaping the rising tide of the K-Pop wave.

Mind Music Begins Week of Hype and Raids Celebrating Music

Innovative blockchain project is beginning first steps to help heal through music.

Celestial, Sci-Fi Metaverse GameFi, Launches Beta Browser Version

GameFi is progressing at a steady rate as gameplay becomes more and more impressive.

Celsius CFO Yarom Shalem Arrested in Israel for Fraud

Customer concerns appear to be growing as the arrest of a leading Celsius figure is confirmed.

Yooshi Completes Massive Burn while Starmon GameFi Hits New Heights

The Yooshi community is smiling from ear to ear--literally--with the success of its two games so far.

Hero Arena Officially Launches Cross-chain RPG GameFi

The BSC and Polygon-based metaverse RPG has announced pool rewards of 40,000 native tokens as part of the launch.

Binance Smart Chain Experiences Congestion From Heavy Demand

Congestion cause setbacks on several protocols but developments are already in the works.

Binance Details November Allocations of $1 Billion Growth Fund

The team at Binance Smart Chain has been busy since the launch of the $1 billion growth fund.

BitMart Hit By Hackers for $200 Million

The security breach was revealed by PeckShield on Twitter, BitMart officials called the report ‘fake news’ on Telegram and denied the hack initially.

Crypto Crash Sees Mass Liquidations, Sends Shockwaves Through Market

Bitcoin and general market shifts have some running for the hills as others urge calm.

What is an OHM Fork - OlympusDAO, Bonding Liquidity and ‘Ponzi’ Tokens

Crypto has been taken by storm once again by a new wave of DeFi forks introducing protocol owned liquidity - some label them as Ponzi's. Is it a misnomer?

Weekly Digest Chung's Picks of the Week

The market turned bearish as fear grips the market but some indicators are sending a different signal.

ALL Day NFL Coming as Official NFT Marketplace for American Football

The waitlist for first access is already open!

Full Revamp at BurgerSwap: New DEX-CEX, $BURGER Token, and More

Some of the new features came from community feedback, and will give users better utility.

Bitcoin's Market Cap Falls Below $1 Trillion For The 1st Time Since Oct.

The cryptocurrency market-wide flash crash wipes off more than $400 billion in less than 24 hours.

First Metaverse Football Game, MetaSoccer, Launches With $2 Million Backing

Important backing sees MetaSoccer begin to excite crypto and sports enthusiasts alike.

Wault Finance Rebrands to Thorus, Completes Token Migrations

Rebrand in full swing for Wault, as Thorus awaits launch.

Kryxivia NFT Game Sells Out Multiple IDO Rounds Within Minutes

The 3D NFT Metaverse MMORPG sold out quicker than it takes the average person to work out how to pronounce Kryxivia.

Kelly Withdraws Ether Futures ETF Filing

The investment firm withdraws the Kelly Ethereum Ether Strategy ETF 4 days after filing for approval with the SEC.

GMR Announces Festival of Gaming, Six-Month Long Event

The six-month festival will culminate in the Spring with another token release of $GMR to end the V2 update from GMR Center.

Adidas Partners BAYC, GMoney, and Punks Comic as it Enters the Metaverse

Adidas ventures into the metaverse and calls it a world of limitless possibilities.

GameFi MoniWar Releases, Token Plummets as Users Must Pay to Play

Players fear MoniWar is becoming Pay to Play as price endures initial dip, but it appears initial alarm has subsided.

Infinity Skies Teases Gameplay as Hype Builds

Gameplay progress flaunted by Infinity Skies as the team continues to innovate.

Binance Teams with Animoca Brands for $200 Million GameFi Investment

The gamefi industry has seen a massive influx of cash that lends to bullish sentiments on the industry.

Bank of America Sees Massive Opportunities for Cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse

Bank of America predicts the metaverse will take cryptocurrencies mainstream. Buys Two Exchanges to Continue Marketing and Expansion

The move helps expand into the derivatives and futures product markets for US-based customers.

Kraken Exchange Lists AXS and CHZ on their platform

Residents of the United States, Canada, and Australia can now trade $AXS and $CHZ on the Kraken platform.

One Million Residents Join MoBox Momoverse in Just 12 Hours

Millions flock to join Mobox and Binance giveaway as token price surges to all-time highs.

Are First Person Shooters the Next GameFi Craze?

As DeFi Direct welcomes Faraway, the team behind Mini Royale, to a live stream event on December 3rd at 5 PM UTC, we consider how first-person shooters may be the next GameFi craze.

CryptoMines Looks Ahead to 2022, Calms $ETERNAL FUD

While making efforts to clear the doubts raised by its token's price crash, the GameFi platform hopes to restore confidence in its future.

1inch Network Complete Massive $175 Million Funding Round

The raised funds will help the exchange aggregator to implement an ambitious program of protocol improvements and expansion plans.

BSC News Birthday Event Shares Stories of Company Origins

BSC News founders answered questions and told stories about meeting to hatch the idea that spawned the company.

Bomb Crypto Celebrates Two Months of Success on BSC with Prizes

1500 US Dollars worth of $BUSD await players posting their in-game achievements on Social Media

DeRace Announces Jam-Packed ‘DERCEMBER’ Including Beta Launch

The horse racing project has promised that its hotly anticipated horse breeding feature will follow its beta launch.

Xend Finance set to Launch First Crypto Yield Aggregator

This comes alongside Xend’s new mobile app: users will be allowed to convert local FIAT to stable crypto and access higher yields and DeFi investment opportunities through their phone.

MCDEX Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds to Secure Its Decentralized Perpetual Contracts

The decentralized derivatives exchange will incorporate price data from Chainlink, allowing the project to scale at speed while maintaining strict security, reliability, and transparency standards.

CryptoCobain’s Poll Confirms AltCoins Are an Abyss for Users

Social media influencer, CryptoCobain in a poll on how most monies are lost in crypto investment points towards bad altcoin trades

RadioCaca Marketplace Surges, Surpasses $100 Million in Trading Volume

Trading volume is on the rise but the RACA token price does not match.

Bishares Teases Cross-Chain Approach onto Cronos Network

Bishares is expanding its decentralized ETF ecosystem, and will integrate into Cronos Chain soon.

Binance Smart Chain Activates Real-time BNB Burning Mechanism

The approval real-time burning mechanism, originally proposed in October, will increase the burn rate for the BNB token.

Faraland Drops iOS and Android Mobile Releases

Adventurers can now start earning soul stones to be used in game through the mobile release.

BabyDogeCoin Crosses 1 Million Holders, Completes Mobile BSC/ETH Bridge

The cutest pooch in the doggy-verse has reached the key milestone just as Changpeng Zhao confirmed that “number of users” is the most important metric for Binance listing.

CEO of Binance Hints at Metrics Used For Listing on Binance Exchange

The CEO of Binance elaborated on several matters in this interview including the importance of a number of users for a token listing, indicating liquidity.

OpenOcean AtlanticWave Upgrade offers $1 million Incentive to Binance Smart Chain Growth

OpenOcean’s Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is set to receive a financial incentive after the AtlanticWave upgrade.

El Salvador's Bitcoin Move Is Causing Uneasiness

El Salvador's daring Bitcoin experiment does not sit well with financial institutions, Bank of England’s Governor expresses concerns

SafeMoon Successfully Deploys V2, Users Await Further Updates

Version 2's main goal is to reduce the total supply of SafeMoon which will then improve the protocol's prospects for the future.

Richass Murlocs Set to Introduce ‘Changing Room’ Feature

The Richass Murlocs Social Club is set to introduce a new feature that will allow users to dress their NFT kittens in any NFT accessory they choose.

EverRise V2 Launch Blasts Off With Staking and Migration

EverRise marches forward with important developments and giveaways to boot.

The BSC News Birthday Bash to See History of Company Explored

The BSC News Co-founders will all be together to commemorate the first anniversary and revel over the memories of the past year.

Binance US Officially Affirms BEP-20 Compatibility for Over 25 Tokens

Users in the United States will be relieved to get an official confirmation for the highly awaited usage of BEP-20 tokens on the platform.

New Hybridge $WHEAT Token Brings a New Kind of Cross-Chain Expansion

Growth DeFi innovates with a new type of chain bridge and hopes to expedite growth for prices and the protocol.

Binance Smart Chain Enjoys Incredible Year as BSC News Soars Alongside

As our 1-year anniversary approaches we take a look back at the incredible progress made by both Binance Smart Chain and BSC News.

First DeFi Direct Discord Summit Salutes Four NFT Projects

The diverse range of NFTs was on display as Ethereum and Solana project celebrated the inaugural event.

CryptoBay Teases Full Mobile Game for Android and iOS

The release of the mobile games will likely reinforce CryptoBay's place in the competitive GameFi sector.

GuildFi Takes Down Metat8 to Take Home First FTX Galaxie Cup Trophy

In a matchup that went wire to wire, Thai guild, GuildFi, emerged victorious after a thrilling 3-2 win over fan favorite, Metat8.

Binamon Teams Pops into Twitter Spaces to Hype Coming Releases

Immediate and longterm updates are enough to keep a close watch on with Binamon—the console sounds most cool.

GameFi Project Defina Launches DeFi Gaming App

The Defina app launches on November 29th, providing a fresh play to earn NFT gaming experience.

PancakeSwap Issues Warnings In Wake of Increased Scammer Activity

Scammers are now DMing users to offer faster mirrors, causing PancakeSwap to issue a series of user warnings.

CryptoBlades Brings Back Rewards, Adds Multichain NFT Bridge

Gamers can now bridge their in-game NFTs to maximize gameplay benefits on other chains.

Weekly Digest: Chung's Picks of the Week (28/11)

Crypto market goes on a Black Friday special as extreme fear hits the market.

New BSC GameFi Last Survivor set for Triple IDO After Attracting VC Investment

Giveaways, Investments and IDO Launches; it’s all happening at Last Survivor seemingly.

PancakeSwap’s CAKE Beats AXS, FLOKI and SHIB to Travala Listing

Travel website Travala will now accept payments for some 3 million travel products in CAKE, but the early round of voting picked a different winner.

King Speed Looks to Rival Dragon Kart as it Lines up IDO Launch

With the GameFi sector burgeoning, a new racing project is gearing up for launch.

SLP, UFO, SAND, GALA and PVU find themselves on Coingecko's Trending Tokens in Asia

$SLP heads the charge for metaverse tokens as Coingecko releases the trending cryptocurrencies in Asia on their platform.

GameFi Summit Brings The Fun Back to Blockchain Gaming

Four projects came through the Summit to give insight and even teased some new footage.

BSC GameFi MOBOX Block Brawler Launches on Mobile

The idle game feature of the momoverse allows access to the PvP and PvE features on the go.

Refineable Becomes Exclusive Secondary Marketplace for Dvision Land

Dvision moves on Refineable with LAND sales but sees a bigger partnership brewing in the future.

EY's Survey Shows Hedge Fund Managers are Making Allocations for Cryptos

Whilst regulators and banks are still screaming caution, industry players are deciding that crypto assets are here to stay

OlySport set to Launch NFTs on Binance NFT Marketplace

The horseracing GameFi project continues its growth and looks to utilize extra exposure. Completes Partnership with Ballon d'Or, Football's Most Prestigious Prize

The agreement covers the individual event in France as Socios looks to continue global expansion.

Hashland and CoinMarketCap Partnered Up For Airdrop Promo

A total of 100,000 US Dollars worth of HashLands Coin ($HC) will be up for grabs.

Binance Announces First Seven Inductees in MVB Hall of Fame

7 projects have set the pace for the Hall of Fame. More projects are sure to follow.

Moonpot NFTS Land in the Ziggyverse in New Style of NFT Pot

The latest moonpot is gearing its user base up for their metaverse by allowing them to win the first Moonpot NFTs.

Binance Smart Chain Trials Community-Governance Mechanism for Providing Grants to Top Projects

Decentralization was the big idea in the recent MVBIII vote.

Decentraland Hit's All-Time High Amidst Metaverse Real Estate Frenzy

A record real-estate sale also has many eyeing the metaverse as the next crypto hype.

Binance Smart Chain's MVBIII Top 10 Revealed

Just how far can these projects go after having caught the eye during MVBIII.

NFTb Completes Largest Metaverse Sale in BSC History

The surge of interest in the LANDs stalled the platform, leading to some users missing out.

Featured by Binance Launch Official NFT Collaboration with 'The Show'

What will bringing together the world of K-Pop and NFTs have in store for crypto adoption worldwide?

PancakeSwap Proposes CAKE Emissions Adjustments to Combat Price Decline

New proposal takes a long-term, almost piecemeal approach, to the elephant in the room: CAKE’s low price.

Cryptocurrency Needs to be Regulated, Hillary Clinton Warns the Biden Administration

Hillary Clinton sees the need to regulate the crypto space on fear of manipulation by Russia or China
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