Cryptonomics: Defi Indicators Explained

Here are indicators every DeFi investor should familiarize themselves with to keep up with decentralized finance’s rapid developments.

Prometeus Labs Project Insight: An Ecosystem for Decentralized and Anonymous Data Exchange

Prometeus is a very innovative project that has many products in its ecosystem. Their vision is clear; make any data accessible, uncensored and immutable for everyone

Cryptonomics: Flash Loans Explained

The flash loan concept is relatively new and is already generating good interest from users worldwide. Despite its apparent positive impact on DeFi, it can also be hijacked for malicious intentions.

BSC Tutorial: Participating In PancakeSwap Lottery

The lottery provides a fun and interactive event for all CAKE users to participate in. Those who don't find appeal in participating in a lottery are still winning as the deflationary mechanic drives value to their CAKE tokens.

Trading Toolkits: Order Types Explained

The first step to trading efficiency is the education on how to trade, and it starts by understanding order types.

BSC Tutorial: Providing BakerySwap Liquidity & Utilizing Beefy.Finance Yield Optimizers

This tutorial is a great way to begin yield farming on the Binance Smart Chain in a very effective way. There are numerous liquidity pairs which users can choose from offering high yields.

Soteria Finance Project Review: Pioneering Insurance on the Binance Smart Chain

As more developers build on BSC, there is a need to have a robust insurance platform that will help the BSC community mitigate the inherent risks of smart contract vulnerabilities and hack attacks.

Cryptonomics: Smart Contracts Explained

The most significant adoption will be mainstream businesses using smart contracts for daily use. Imagine going to the grocery store with no wallet, no paper bills, and only your mobile device to sign agreements using smart contracts.

BSC Tutorial: Navigating a Blockchain Explorer - BscScan

Blockchain explorers are a handy tool that shows the blockchain system's transparent and fair nature to the public. Explorers serve the role of public ledgers, allowing users to tap into the database of all transactions.

Cryptonomics: Central Digital Bank Currencies Explained

As the world moves away from cash to a digital money market, it is to be expected that more and more governments will adopt Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Trading Toolkits: Technical Analysis Explained

Technical analysis (TA) has been used for close to a century and it is still used in modern-day markets, such as crypto markets.

Cryptonomics: Non-Fungible Tokens Explained

NFTs are witnessing growing speculation among NFT fans, leaving NFTS on track to be a massive industry in the future; collectible assets like CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks have proven the potential in the past.

SafePal Wallet Project Review: 1st Tokenized Crypto Hardware Wallet

SafePal takes care of your cryptocurrencies, securing your private keys on their hardware wallet while simultaneously letting you manage, observe and trade your assets from the mobile app. 

Alpha Finance Labs Project Review: De-Fi Research and Innovation

Alpha Finance Labs is fully focused on pioneering the innovation of DeFi and enhancing DeFi adoption by the crypto community.

NyanSwop Project Review: The Unicorn of the Binance Smart Chain

Overall, NyanSwop has displayed great innovation by a team that sets targets and makes them happen! As the BSC continues its parabolic growth, keep an eye on this project as they continue to further developments.

Trading Toolkits: Cryptocurrency Trading Explained 

Trading in terms of finance is the buying and selling of financial instruments. In these markets, traders buy low and sell high to achieve profit using a plethora of different tools and tactics.

Cryptonomics: BNB Token Explained

BNB went from being just a utility token for use on the Binance exchange to fueling the whole Binance ecosystem.

Cryptonomics: Binance Bridge Explained

As blockchain technology and adoption advances, the need for cooperation and interoperation between different platforms is ever more necessary. Token bridges will be an essential way of networking the different blockchains.

Cream Finance Project Review: "Crypto Rules Everything Around Me"

CREAM allows users can take advantage of its lending and borrowing mechanisms in a plethora of different strategies, while simultaneously granting users liquidity incentives.

BSC Tutorial: Providing Liquidity on PancakeSwap Using TrustWallet

This article outlines the ease of providing liquidity to PancakeSwap using the TrustWallet wallet app from your smartphone.

Trading Toolkits: Swing Trading Explained

Swing trading is an excellent place for beginner traders to start. This is due to multiple reasons such as smaller position requirements, time efficiency, and it's arguably less stressful.

DODO Project Review: A Cunning Edge On-Chain Liquidity Provider

Dodo has a created a next-generation algorithmic market maker, coined as a Proactive Market Maker (PMM).

Cryptonomics: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Explained

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) describe a set of rules that govern a network in a decentralized fashion while providing incentives for participants in the consensus.

Cryptonomics: Hardware Wallets Explained

If you own crypto assets, then perhaps the safest bet is safekeeping them in cold storage or hardware wallets

Cryptonomics: Tether (USDT) Explained

Tether (USDT) maintains the worlds’ biggest stable coin reserve, maintaining its position of being the third most valuable coin with over $26 Billion in market capitalization.

Lootex Project Review: An NFT Ecosystem Making Virtual Assets Real

Lootex aims to make people's virtual assets real by providing an NFT minting service, wallet service, and a trading platform that is built on the blockchain.

Mirror Protocol Project Review: Permisionless Real World Synthetics

Mirror Protocol brings the ability to trade (US) equities 24/7 to everyone; this is done through minting synthetics assets, so-called Mirrored Assets (mAssets).

Cryptonomics: Blockchain Security Explained

The blockchain is the core of the cryptocurrency and digital era, for, without it, there would be tons of discrepancies and security flaws within transactions.

Connecting MetaMask Wallet to The Binance Smart Chain

Metamask wallet has shown to be quite effective for decentralized finance (De-Fi) applications, especially for use on the Binance Smart Chain. This article will guide you by setting up a MetaMask wallet on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Helmet Insure Project Review: Crypto Insurance Trading Platform

Helmet was developed using Options Trading Logic and it seeks to permit anyone to create an insurance policy - which essentially is a price-fluctuation shield.

Narwhalswap Project Review: A Decentralized Exchange With NFT-Fi Integrations

NarwhalSwap innovated on traditional Decentralized Exchange (DEX) models, using Automated Market Maker (AMM) technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), Staking, and Yield Farming to bootstrap liquidity.

Cryptonomics: Elastic Supply Tokens Explained

Rebase tokens seek to incorporate commodity-like market features through the unique  rebase mechanics used to enforce a stable peg price while maintaining scarcity.

Cryptonomics: Yield Farming Explained

Stated simply, to yield-farm in cryptocurrency you must handover custody of your crypto assets to a particular De-Fi platform

BurgerSwap Project Review: A Democratized Decentralized Exchange

BurgerSwap is a decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network

ACryptoS Project Review: Advanced Crypto Solutions

ACryptoS offers two products to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): a yield optimizer coined ACryptoS Vaults, and a stable coin DEX, ACryptoS StableSwap.

Reef Finance Project Review: De-Fi Made Easy

"The gateway to DeFi through Liquidity and Protocol Aggregation, Proprietary Analytics, and Multi-Chain Accessibility" - Reef Team

Cryptonomics: Wrapped Tokens Explained

Wrapped tokens are tokenized versions of a cryptocurrency hosted on another blockchain representing the real-time underlying asset’s value.

JetFuel.Finance Releases VAPOR Rewards And an Ecosystem Update

JetFuel Finance continues developments releasing new vaults, VAPOR rewards for JETS, and an update on the future of the ecosystem.

Tenet Farm Project Review: A De-Fi Layer 2 Solution and AMM Connector

Tenet is a cross-chain AMM connector using layer two solutions to bootstrap liquidity for various tokens using its “Liquidity Tap.”

Cryptonomics: Initial Farm Offerings Explanied

Initial Farm Offerings (IFO) are a new type of token sale event popularized by Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platforms, IFO's are utilized as a fundraising event for upcoming De-Fi protocols. 

Arkane Network Project Review: Wallet & NFT Solutions

The Arkane Network started in Antwerp (Belgium) in late 2019; they developed their software platform enabling companies to integrate blockchain technology into their dAPPS seamlessly. 

BakerySwap Project Review: An AMM Innovating NFT-Fi and De-Fi Applications

BakerySwap is an automated market maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC); this decentralized finance (De-Fi) protocol supports swaps, yield farming, and NFT applications.

Cryptonomics: Automated Market Makers

Decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) have continued to expand, and automated market makers (AMM’s) have been the primary technology adopted due to its ease of use and proven decentralized system.

Swipe Project Review: A Cryptocurrency Network And Wallet Offering Seamless Fiat-Crypto Gateways

Swipe is known for its adoption as a payment protocol, as well as the ongoing development of its decentralized finance (De-Fi) services launched on the Swipe Network.

Cryptonomics: What Is Impermanent Loss?

Impermanent loss (IL) is a loss of funds that a user will incur when they provide liquidity on Automated Market Making (AMM) exchanges. AMM’s utilize an algorithm and game theory to generate liquidity, in turn, creating IL through the arbitrage opportunities presented.

Bounce Finance Project Review: Decentralized Financial & NFT Auctions

The decentralized auction platform, Bounce Finance, offers more than just auctions for tokens and NFT's. Bounce also offers liquidity mining, decentralized governance, and prediction markets to its users.

Thugs.Fi Launches Two New Partnerships Increasing Liquidity Incentives

The Thugs are cooking up some sweet deals over at the  with two new partnerships, Trinity Protocol and Ditto Money.

PancakeSwap Hosting $1,000,000 Helmet.Insure IFO

PancakeSwap is holding yet another Initial Farm Offering (IFO); this time, it is for the Helmet.Insure protocol for their native $HELMET governance token.

Vapor Token: BLiquids Innovative Passive Yield Token

Vapor is a novel protocol that incorporates aspects of liquidity generation, frictionless yield, automated buybacks, and treasury rewards into one token.

Cryptonomics: Decentralized Exchanges Explained

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) leverage block-chain technology; instead of relying on a centralized entity, a network of computers is used to complete and verify transactions.

CertiK Project Review: A BlockChain Audit and Blockchain Security Protocol

The CertiK Foundation is a nonprofit, research-driven organization whose mission is to give people the power to trust in blockchain.

FryWorld Project Review: An OG Binance Smart Chain Optimizer

The FryWorld model has pioneered the way for future Yield Optimizers on the BSC, creating an innovative model that allows users to automate their yield farming through "smart vaults."

The BSC Fast Lane With MadDog & Amal: What Are Yield Optimizers?

This article looks under the hood of what yield optimizers are, how to invest, and the next stage of their evolution.

AutoFarm Network: An AutoFi and AutoSwap Protocol

AutoFarm Network aims to be a leading Dex and Yield Aggregator on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). AutoFarm incorporates both yield optimization and AMM aggregation into one protocol.

Cryptonomics: Deflationary Tokens

There are two fundamental categories that token models can fit into, deflationary or inflationary tokens. On this latest series, Cryptonomics, GoonTrades will dive into the realm of deflationary tokens.

Spartan Protocol Project Review: Incentivized Liquidity And Synthetic Asset Generation

The Spartan Protocol is a liquidity protocol for asset exchange and synthetic asset generation, on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), utilizing elements from some of the largest De-Fi platforms.

Beefy.Finance Launches The First FUEL Vaults

Beefy.Finance has launched 8 new JetFuel vaults, offering users over 80 different vault options, ultimately allowing users to manage their yield farming effortlessly.

ONTO Wallet Project Review: A Self-Sovereign Data Wallet

ONTO Wallet is a self-sovereign data wallet that manages your digital identities, data, NFTs, and of course, your tokens.

THUGS Launch New HOES Staking To Combat Lowered GUNS Emissions

In foresight of GUNS emissions-reducing, the Thugs.Fi team introduced two new HOES staking pools in hopes of combating the considerable reduction in GUNS rewards.

AnySwap Project Review: A Decentralized Cross-Chain Swap Protocol

AnySwap continues to innovate in the De-Fi space, integrating secure, cheap, and simple cross-chain swaps.

Trust Wallet: The Official Binance Crypto Wallet

Trust Wallet, a versatile crypto wallet offering users secure and seamless transactions on both the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain.

UniFi Protocol: Paving The Way For Next Gen De-Fi Development

UniFi protocol has landed on the BSC; UniFi continues to innovate in the De-Fi space, incentivizing multi-chain participation.

Injective Protocol Project Review: The Leading Decentralized Derivatives Exchange

Injective Protocol is a fully decentralized layer-2 platform, taking the crypto derivatives space by storm with the recent launch of their Solstice Testnet.

BSC News X StreetSwap Launch Package

To further stimulate growth in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the Thugs.Fi team and BSC News team have created a marketing partnership, the BSC News X StreetSwap Launch Package.

The Untapped NFT Space on The Binance Smart Chain

The BSCs' NFT space is rapidly developing with over 500,000 BEP-721 tokens, which projects will capitalize on this untapped market share?

BLiquid Launches its Limited "Faucet Farming"

BLiquid has launched its "BLIQ Faucet", allocating about $25,000 of BNB/BLIQ LP tokens in farming rewards.

Alpaca City Has Landed on The Binance Smart Chain

A leading NFT-Fi application, Alpaca City, finds itself on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with its latest partnerships, BurgerSwap and Dego Finance.

Vox Finance Launches Vox-Bridge in Partnership With JustLiquidity

Vox Finance launches its VOX (ERC-20) to VOXb (BEP-20) bridge, in its efforts to further revolutionize financial markets through a community-led approach.

Binance and PancakeSwap Announce BNB Staking and Reward Pools

PancakeSwap and Binance have partnered up to further develop the BSC ecosystem; over $200,000 in farming rewards have been allocated for BNB staking and BNB rewards.

Attracting Solidity & React Developers is of The Utmost Importance For BSC

As the number of De-Fi projects continues to grow daily, whether it is on the BSC or the Ethereum Network, the demand for skilled developers is only increasing.

HARD Protocol Project Review: Kava's Cross-Chain Money Market

HARD Protocol, the first-ever cross-chain money market where users have open access to a lend, borrow, and earn system.

Venus Protocol Project Review: A Binance Smart Chain Money Market

Venus Protocol launches Nov. 24, deploying the first money-market platform on the BSC that offers users lend, borrow and earn features.

Thugs Finance Launches Drugs v2 Contract & New Traphouse Pools

The Thugs done remodeled the Trap! Start slangin some new v2 $DRUGS and $HOES tokens, or as I like to call em, Super Drugs and Super Hoes.

Beefy.Finance Project Review: The Leading BSC Yield Optimizer

The team at Beefy.Finance has taken the BSC by storm: Simultaneously dominating the yield optimizer market share and strengthening the BSC community.

PancakeSwap Launches its IFO Platform With a $1,000,000 IFO for BLINk

PancakeSwap launches its new Initial Farm Offering (IFO) platform offering WINk, a casino decentralized app (Dapp) which challenges casinos traditional house v. player mechanics.

How To Spot a Potential RUG — Clear signs something is sketchy

Let’s talk about how to spot a potential rug.

Dego Finance Project Review: A Cross-Chain NFT-FI Marketplace

DEGO Finance continues to innovate in the BSC, launching its NFT Market v2 on top of their GigaFactory 2 NFT mining partnership with Bounce finance.

NarwhalSwap NFT Runes & Potions – Minting and Bazaar

The team at NarwhalSwap continues to implement cutting edge features for automated market-makers (AMM) & NFT-Fi platforms as it pushes out its latest version of Phase 1 and its NFT "Bazaar" marketplace.

PancakeSwap DEFI AMM and Yield Farming Project: A Review

Pancakeswap has taken the Binance Smart Chain by storm and continues to innovate and bring excitement to the decentralized finance (De-Fi) space.

THUGS Add NarwhalSwap Exchange Pairs to TrapHouse

Word is the team over at Thugs Finance are taking over the streets. Check out the yields they are cooking up in the TrapHouse.

Binance Smart Chain Crypto Twitter: A Review of Influencer’s to Follow

These prominent influencers in the BSC ecosystem voiced their opinions on the latest BSC news and their outlook on the space. The following crypto Twitter personalities are featured in these interviews: @LetMeApe, @CryptoBethany, @BSmartInvest, @400Unicorns, and last but not least, @NickelsSpitting.

JustLiquidity Now Offers Limit Orders on Binance Smart Chain

Out with the old, in with the new. DEX limit orders are the future, and they can be found right here on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

How to Keep Your Funds SAFE — MetaMask Guide

If you’re keeping everything in the same wallet and/or use the same wallet for every project then I have to point out to you that you might need to change your habits.

THUGS Finance Freezes Guns Distribution & Adds New Traphouse Pools

Someone on the street sparked up a gang war, minting fake HOES. Following the SYRUP exploit, bad actors attacked the Thugs Finance DRUGs staking pools.

Thugs.Fi Project Review: StreetSwap AMM Launch Brings CRED Token

The Thugs over at Thugs.Fi are taking over the BSC streets with its new automated market maker (AMM) dubbed “StreetSwap.”

PancakeSwap Pulls the Emergency Brake on SYRUP Pools

An exploit found in the SYRUP smart contract forced PancakeSwap to put an end to their SYRUP pools. Even with a CertiK audit it appears the contracts can still be compromised.

Binance Smart Chain Accelerator Fund Launches $10,000,000 Liquidity Support

We all know the stock market soars on hopes of stimulus, so why would crypto markets fail to follow?

Binance Smart Chain: The Future of De-Fi

The Binance Smart Chain boasts faster and cheaper transactions than the Ethereum Network, which is excellent for De-Fi users.

ForTube Project Review: Leading De-Fi Lending & Bond Platform

The ForTube platform is an open financial service protocol committed to introducing inclusive, innovative, secure, and programmable features to modern-day finance.
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