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What are Smart Contracts

Imagine going to the grocery store with no wallet, no paper bills, and only your mobile device to sign agreements using smart contracts. Introduction to Smart Contracts.

Autofarm Fixes Venus Vault Impending Smart Contract Risk

Autofarm Fixes Venus Vault Impending Smart Contract Risk. By. Wilfred Victor. February 27, 2021. By. Wilfred Victor. BSC News. It’s important to reiterate that nothing is completely secure with current Smart Contract codes on any Dapp.

A Beginners Guide to the Benefits of Decentralized Gambling Using Smart Contracts

How Do Smart Contracts Work? In order to understand how a smart contract works in an online casino, you must first understand how a smart contract works in general. Essentially, smart contracts are pieces of code. They are software programs.

BSC Providing Smart Contract Developers Opportunities with Chainlink Keepers

BSC Providing Smart Contract Developers Opportunities with Chainlink Keepers. By. Chung Yee. December 9, 2021. By. Chung Yee. BSC News.

PancakeSwap Pledges Emissions Reduction, Smart Contract Revamp

PancakeSwap Pledges Emissions Reduction, Smart Contract Revamp. By. Utulu Hope. March 1, 2022. By. Utulu Hope. BSC News. PancakeSwap continues to innovate, reducing the circulation of CAKE tokens.


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What are Flash Loans in Cryptocurrency

Ethereum's state-reversing feature. , making it possible for a smart contract to reverse a transaction if some encoded conditions are not met.

Coinbase Launches the Solidify Smart Contract Auditing Tool

Coinbase always keeps their user base in mind, as Coinbase prior to Solidify would manually audit all the coin/token. smart contracts. listed on Coinbase.


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PopcornSwap Liquidity Siphon Rugpull

While smart-contracts give developers the tool to create robust protocols innovating traditional financial services, there are unfortunately inherent risks.


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EverUp - Prioritizing Buybacks to Drive Value

The EverUp smart contracts have been audited multiple times to increase the security of the project.

WUSD Gets Second Audit and Wault Finance Announces Phase 1 Migration

Hacken becomes the second security firm to audit WUSD smart contracts. The protocol also confirms the start of the WUSD migration process. Wault Finance Announce Second Audit For WUSD. Following the success of the first audit conducted by.

Exploiter Leaves IceCreamSwap Project Liquidated Making Off With Users' Funds

Smart Contract Risks. This must serve as a fair warning of the high-risk nature of De-Fi projects.

What Are Liquidity Siphon Rugpulls on BNB Chain?

This article should be a testament to the speculative nature of crypto markets and the inherent smart contract risk that underlies all DeFi protocols. What Was Zap Finance?

Inspex Co Audits WUSD for Wault Finance Signaling Imminent Stablecoin Relaunch

Inspex has successfully audited the WUSD smart contract and deems it trustworthy. Wault Finance Announce Audit For WUSD. Wault Finance. has completed its audit of the. Wault USD. ($WUSD). smart contract. ahead of its upcoming relaunch.

InsurAce Expands DeFi Protection Listing Mirror Protocol with a Capacity of $8,000,000

The insurance protocol has listed Mirror Protocol on. to protect its synthetic. mAssets. held by its users against. smart contract. attacks. This news comes after InsurAce's its recent partnership with.

DRIVENecosystem Announces Launch of DRIVENsecurity, Boosting Public Confidence in Crypto with In-Depth Security Audits

DRIVENsecurity offers a variety of security audits that are compliant with every EVM blockchain-based smart contract.

Project Insight: CertiK

Quick scan can produce highly accurate smart contract security scores, which indicate the risk potential for hacks and code malfunctions. The quick scan will take approximately 40–60 minutes to complete its smart contract analysis.

Typhoon Network: Private transactions & Privacy on Binance Smart Chain

The protocol works by letting users’ transactions mix with each other so that all an observer sees is a mix of a long list of identical transactions coming in and out from the Typhoon smart contract.

ImmuneFi Shares Curated List of Educational Blockchain Security Material

The leading bug bounty blockchain platform for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects shared a list of resources for users to learn the basics of smart contracts security. The platform published the materials as part of its ongoing.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: AOmetaverse, Coinbase Cloud, Arbitrum, T-Systems

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink extends to the Australian Open metaverse, Ethereum NFTs, Arbitrum and staking by T-Systems MMS. Chainlink Partners With Major Brands.

Cardano Gears Up For Smart Contract Launch in Wake of Critics

Cardano Gears Up For Smart Contract Launch in Wake of Critics. By. Kyle Heise. September 14, 2021. By. Kyle Heise. Blockchain News. Cardano completed a hard fork that will bring huge opportunities for the growth of its ecosystem. Successful Fork.

FEGex Smart DeFi Arrives to Shake-Up BSC

The official release came on February 15, with a. tweet. from FEG highlighting what it believed Smart DeFi offers: “The truest form of #defi is finally here where every token is asset-backed, liquidity is always locked, trading is built inside each contract

CxCoin: A Community-Based & Community-Driven Token Built for the People

In addition to the utility they will create for the token, they have also implemented a Buyback feature on the smart contract which is able to automatically buyback the Cx token and burn it. What is CxCoin?

Preparations for Amulet Mainnet Launch Underway as Launch Date Announced

Amulet Protocol hence provides additional security for digital assets through a variety of solutions such as smart contract vulnerability, stablecoin de-peg, and are preparing to provide NFT cover options.

Smart Contract Auditing Firm CertiK Completes $24,000,000 Funding Round

Smart Contract Auditing Firm CertiK Completes $24,000,000 Funding Round. By. Chung Yee. August 19, 2021. By. Chung Yee. BSC News. Tiger Global Management and GL Ventures-backed CertiK in its latest funding round that raised $24 million.

Anyswap Relaunches Multichain Router V3 After Smart Contract Exploit

Anyswap Relaunches Multichain Router V3 After Smart Contract Exploit. By. John Tunney. July 26, 2021. By. John Tunney. Blockchain News. AnySwap brings back their Multichain router V3 with some important updates. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.

EverRise Completes Bridge Between BSC, ETH, and Polygon

Innovative new smart contract idea highlights the new bridge made by the EverRise team. Three-Way Bridge. EverRise. has successfully started the implementation of their new. decentralized Application. (dApp), EverBridge.

Position Bonds: Crypto Bonds Powered by Smart Contracts

Position Bonds: Crypto Bonds Powered by Smart Contracts. By. BSC News. February 1, 2022. By. BSC News. Sponsored. Position Exchange has announced the release of its Bonds feature which includes automated bond contracts. What is a Bond?

What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)?

It is considered to be the part of Ethereum that executes smart contract deployment. The EVM is at the center of the smart contract revolution and is a key reason why the EVM processes billions of dollars daily.

MonkeyMoon: An Automatic Liquidity Generation Protocol

This promotes a user friendly platform that minimizes smart contract risk.

Alpaca Finances Partners with Bug Bounty Protocol Immunefi, Will Host a Bounty

Immunefi rewards users for the discovery of smart contract vulnerabilities according to the impact of the vulnerability. This is classified through Immunefi’s. ‘Vulnerability Severity Classification System’.

Litedex Protocol AMA Transcript

We have now completed our first defi blockchain in Binance Smart Chain and we are currently on the progress on making our wrapped token smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain.

Little Baby Doge Expands with NFT Marketplace and Play to Earn Initiatives

LBD has set its sights on the innovative NFT market while also working to expand its ecosystem with the activation of its buyback smart contract. NFTs and Play-To-Earn.

THUGS Finance Freezes Guns Distribution & Adds New Traphouse Pools

This week Pancake Swap devs identified an issue with their SYRUP smart contract code. This exploit allowed bad actors to stake much more syrup than they had. This issue also pertained to the HOES staking (farming GUNS)as it is forked code from SYRUP.

MATCH Token Unveils Roadmap

The MATCH and SoccerCrypt founders believe that the MATCH token can be nurtured to become a priceless token in the hands of its holders while also being used on an application that provides secure and transparent transactions on top of a smart contract designed

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Wizard Financial, Shamba, Cask Protocol

Chainlink, the dominant smart contract oracle, announces partnerships with Wizard Financial, Shamba Network and Cask Protocol. Chainlink for GameFi, African Farmers, Money Flow Automation.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Staking, Integrations, and Avalanche

Chainlink doubles down its industry-leading smart contract foundation and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in Web3. Top Oracle Dog Raises the Bar.

DeFi NFT Staking Platform BNFY Finance Launches Presale on IDO Launchpad BSCStarter

The BNFY smart contract was audited by Rug Detectives who also performed KYC on the lead dev behind the project to reduce the risk of a “rug pull” or exit scam.

Project Insight: Kalmar - The First DeFi Bank Offering Leveraged Yield Farming

The use of smart contracts has allowed developers to introduce novel solution to the crypto space such as automated market makers, lending, and recently, leveraged yield farming.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: PancakeSwap, Fantom, and Global Warming

Chainlink. continues raising the bar as major protocols and companies integrate its smart contract engine every week. After integrating ApeSwap in our last weekly. roundup. , Chainlink adds another.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: OpenLuck, MoonDAO, RoboVault and Dvision

Protocols across BNB Chain, Avalanche and Ethereum find great value in using Chainlink’s smart contract infrastructure. Chainlink Starts July on the Right Foot. Four protocols integrated.

What is Blockchain Security

In contrast, the weak link lies in the exploitative tendencies of. smart contract. s, a type of automated transaction between parties written in lines of codes that have resulted in some significant losses.

LiL Moon Rocket NFT Artworks to be Revealed This Tuesday!

Artworks Randomly Assigned via the Binance Smart Chain on March 16. The LiL Moon Rockets innovative smart contract has a built-in function scheduled to reveal the artworks automatically.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: $7 Trillion, FilSwan, Karto Cars

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink hit $7 trillion in TVE, added a new BUILD program member and partnered with a mobile car-racing GameFi app. Major Milestone, Web3 Storage, Phone Gaming. Chainlink continues to expand its reach in the crypto sector.

XPool Announces Testnet Plus Important Updates for Mainnet

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based Decentralized Finance platform, X-pool has announced the deployment of its Testnet. The deployment of the Testnet features is to aid in ensuring that the Mainnet is launched without any hitch.

Defi Yield Protocol: DeFi Yield Farming Combined with an Ethereum Mining Pool

Every 24hrs, the smart contract will automatically try to convert the DYP rewards to ETH for distribution to LPs. BSC Staking. Participating pools include; DYP-WBNB, DYP-ETH, and DYP-BUSD.

Immunefi Adds Two More Projects to Priority One Bounty Program on BSC

Binance Smart Chain. (BSC) just got a little bit safer. The. Priority One Program. by Immunefi signed on two more protocols: Wault Finance. and. Tranchess. The.

Cardano to Collaborate With Chainlink for Real-Time Data

The latest partnership from Cardano helps build a more robust smart contract system to meet the growing demands of decentralized finance. Cardano Plays Chain Game. The Cardano Summit has brought a slew of changes to the.

BNB Harvest - Big Rewards for Staking and Referrals

A new platform on Binance Smart Chain that offers users huge rewards through staking on top of an excellent Affiliate program. Introducing BNBHarvest.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: ChainML, LandVault

Chainlink, the dominant smart contract oracle network, announces partnerships with ChainML machine learning and LandVault metaverse project. Chainlink for Decentralized Machine Learning, Metaverse Building.

Chainlink VRF v2 Now Live on BNB Chain

With latest version of Chainlink VRF, smart contract applications will now be able to fund multiple requests for random values using a single token balance.

PancakeBunny Offers a Handsome $500,000 Bug Bounty Through ImmuneFi

This attack has raised many concerns, especially for. decentralized finance (DeFi). protocols that rely heavily on smart contracts.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Staking, Nuon, LayerZero and DVerse

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink prepares for staking on Ethereum, and partners with a stablecoin, omnichain protocol and PR consulting firm. Chainlink Staking Launches Dec. 6.

XTime - Keeping the Greater Good of Children First in Mind

XTime is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project based out of El Salvador, being the only token currently that has this background. XTime is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), taking advantage of the chain’s community and low fees.

BNB Chain Concludes the European Innovation Incubator Program with the Announcement of Project Winners

BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users, has concluded its European Innovation Incubator with the announcement of its top three winners emerging from the program.

Rug Pulls: Tetris Pulls a Robin Hood Exit Scam

Its always important to practice safety when making financial decisions, learn more about the latest rug pull on the Binance Smart Chain, Tetris.Menu. What Is Tetris.Menu?

BogTools: Deployable Smart Contracting Oracles with Contract Execution Functionality

BogTools: Deployable Smart Contracting Oracles with Contract Execution Functionality. By. BSC News. March 21, 2021. By. BSC News. BSC News.