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What are Smart Contracts

Imagine going to the grocery store with no wallet, no paper bills, and only your mobile device to sign agreements using smart contracts. Introduction to Smart Contracts.

FROGGIES TOKEN Unveils State-of-the-Art Smart Contract, Paving the Way for a Thriving MEME-DeFi Fusion

FROGGIES TOKEN Unveils State-of-the-Art Smart Contract, Paving the Way for a Thriving MEME-DeFi Fusion. By. BSC News. June 9, 2023. By. BSC News.

BlockDAG’s $600 Million Roadmap Wins Attention From Ethereum Investors While Stellar Smart Contracts Go Live

BlockDAG’s $600 Million Roadmap Wins Attention From Ethereum Investors While Stellar Smart Contracts Go Live. By. BSC News. February 26, 2024. By. BSC News. Stellar smart contracts failed to increase prices, while Ethereum still surged.

Exploring the Power and Potential of Smart Contracts with Chainlyze

We'll also take a closer look at how Chainlyze, a blockchain analytics platform, can help individuals and businesses understand and leverage the power of smart contracts. Find out what. Chainlyze. can do for you. What is a Smart Contract?


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What are Flash Loans in Cryptocurrency

Ethereum's state-reversing feature. , making it possible for a smart contract to reverse a transaction if some encoded conditions are not met.

What Are Liquidity Siphon Rugpulls on BNB Chain?

This article should be a testament to the speculative nature of crypto markets and the inherent smart contract risk that underlies all DeFi protocols. What Was Zap Finance?

Gelato and Safe Bring Account Abstraction to Exciting New L2 Base

Gelato and Safe have enabled developers to build smart contract wallets as first-class citizens on Ethereum's Base L2 by bringing their Account Abstraction infrastructure and developer SDK, and the teams will provide bounties for hackers at ETHDenver to showcase

DRIVENecosystem Announces Launch of DRIVENsecurity, Boosting Public Confidence in Crypto with In-Depth Security Audits

DRIVENsecurity offers a variety of security audits that are compliant with every EVM blockchain-based smart contract.

Level Finance Exploit: How Hackers Stole 214,000 LVL Tokens

Level Finance has promised to deploy a new referral contract and confirmed that its liquidity polls associated with DAOs were not affected. Flawed Smart Contract Leads to Theft. Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Project Insight: CertiK

Quick scan can produce highly accurate smart contract security scores, which indicate the risk potential for hacks and code malfunctions. The quick scan will take approximately 40–60 minutes to complete its smart contract analysis.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Celo, Blue Kraken, Alongside

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink partnered with Celo, a Web3 MMORPG and a total crypto market index token. L1 Chain, MMORPG, Crypto Index Token. Chainlink is on the move.

Yuga Labs Secures Legal Victory, Awarded $1.6M in Bored Ape Trademark Case

The court ruled in favor of Yuga Labs, demanding the payment of over $1.5 million in damages and the transfer of control of the RR/BAYC smart contract. Yuga Labs Triumphs. Yuga Labs. , the force behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

BRC-20: The Good, Bad, And Ugly

While BRC-20 tokens inherit the security and immutability of the Bitcoin blockchain, they have limited smart contract functionality compared to other token standards.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: AOmetaverse, Coinbase Cloud, Arbitrum, T-Systems

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink extends to the Australian Open metaverse, Ethereum NFTs, Arbitrum and staking by T-Systems MMS. Chainlink Partners With Major Brands.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Akron Finance, Bolide Finance

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink partnered with a Polygon large-order DEX and a BNB Chain decentralized yield aggregator. Large-Order DEX, Yield Aggregator. Did you think Chainlink was going to take the week off? Not bloody likely!

Stars Arena Prepares to Relaunch: “The Arena Marches On”

Reflecting the platform’s intentions to relaunch its application with a more robust smart contract framework, Stars Arena has confirmed that its contracts have been entirely re-written by a software engineer who goes by the X/Twitter handle, @0xlocrian.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Wizard Financial, Shamba, Cask Protocol

Chainlink, the dominant smart contract oracle, announces partnerships with Wizard Financial, Shamba Network and Cask Protocol. Chainlink for GameFi, African Farmers, Money Flow Automation.

Revolutionizing Core DAO Blockchain: The Significance of Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology

Core DAO integrates zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology into its blockchain, revolutionizing transactions and interactions by enhancing privacy, scalability, and security while expanding smart contract functionality.

Preparations for Amulet Mainnet Launch Underway as Launch Date Announced

Amulet Protocol hence provides additional security for digital assets through a variety of solutions such as smart contract vulnerability, stablecoin de-peg, and are preparing to provide NFT cover options.

What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)?

It is considered to be the part of Ethereum that executes smart contract deployment. The EVM is at the center of the smart contract revolution and is a key reason why the EVM processes billions of dollars daily.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: LendeXe, Planet IX, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

Dominant smart contract oracle network Chainlink partnered with a DeFi protocol on Ethereum and expanded integrations with a strategy game and NFT project. DeFi, Strategy Game, NFT Raffles.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Staking, Integrations, and Avalanche

Chainlink doubles down its industry-leading smart contract foundation and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in Web3. Top Oracle Dog Raises the Bar.

Project Insight: Kalmar - The First DeFi Bank Offering Leveraged Yield Farming

The use of smart contracts has allowed developers to introduce novel solution to the crypto space such as automated market makers, lending, and recently, leveraged yield farming.

Verified Smart Contracts Soar as BNB Chain Unveils Q2 Report 2023

Verified Smart Contracts Soar as BNB Chain Unveils Q2 Report 2023. By. BSC News. July 27, 2023. By. BSC News. WEB3.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Staking, Nuon, LayerZero and DVerse

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink prepares for staking on Ethereum, and partners with a stablecoin, omnichain protocol and PR consulting firm. Chainlink Staking Launches Dec. 6.

BNB Chain Concludes the European Innovation Incubator Program with the Announcement of Project Winners

BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users, has concluded its European Innovation Incubator with the announcement of its top three winners emerging from the program.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: ChainML, LandVault

Chainlink, the dominant smart contract oracle network, announces partnerships with ChainML machine learning and LandVault metaverse project. Chainlink for Decentralized Machine Learning, Metaverse Building.

Curve Finance's $24 Million Hack: A Wake-Up Call to DeFi Security Vulnerabilities

Vyper, a smart contract programming language widely employed in various DeFi protocols, incorporates a reentrancy lock to halt unauthorized funds draining from smart contracts.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: PancakeSwap, Fantom, and Global Warming

Chainlink. continues raising the bar as major protocols and companies integrate its smart contract engine every week. After integrating ApeSwap in our last weekly. roundup. , Chainlink adds another.

Arkham Integrates BNB Chain for Comprehensive Crypto Intelligence

Arkham has added BNB Chain to its Total Crypto Intelligence platform, expanding its coverage of the smart-contract world and offering users access to comprehensive data. Users to Benefit from Arkham's BNB Chain Integration.

What is Blockchain Security

In contrast, the weak link lies in the exploitative tendencies of. smart contract. s, a type of automated transaction between parties written in lines of codes that have resulted in some significant losses.

Binance Woes Continue, Borroe Finance Emerges as August 2023 Top Pick

Borroe. ecosystem, designed to revolutionize Web3 financing through blockchain technology, AI-powered risk assessment, and smart contracts, ultimately offering businesses faster access to capital and investors higher returns, all while ensuring security and

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: OpenLuck, MoonDAO, RoboVault and Dvision

Protocols across BNB Chain, Avalanche and Ethereum find great value in using Chainlink’s smart contract infrastructure. Chainlink Starts July on the Right Foot. Four protocols integrated.

Mind Network TOKEN2049:1st in ETH Singapore Hackathon

Employing innovative technologies, Mind Network addresses Web3 security challenges by offering data protection, smart contract, and AI solutions. What an incredible week it has been at TOKEN2049 for Mind Network! The Web3 project.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: $7 Trillion, FilSwan, Karto Cars

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink hit $7 trillion in TVE, added a new BUILD program member and partnered with a mobile car-racing GameFi app. Major Milestone, Web3 Storage, Phone Gaming. Chainlink continues to expand its reach in the crypto sector.

Catecoin Launches Decentralized P2P Payment Web3 Protocol, Descrow

Descrow is an Escrow service that is 100% decentralized and operated using smart contracts. Decentralized Escrow Payment Managed by the Community.

Rug Pulls: Tetris Pulls a Robin Hood Exit Scam

Its always important to practice safety when making financial decisions, learn more about the latest rug pull on the Binance Smart Chain, Tetris.Menu. What Is Tetris.Menu?

Base and Optimism to Share Revenue and Governance in New Agreement

At the heart of this collaboration lies a framework for smart contract upgrades within Base. These upgrades require approval through a dual-signature process involving Base and the Optimism Foundation. Base X Optimism: Decentralization in Focus.

Immunefi: How the Leading Bug Bounty Platform is Boosting Security on BNB Chain

Immunefi has sprung up to become the leading bug bounty platform for smart contracts. Prior to their emergence, barely anyone knew how to run bounties or attract hackers. Likewise, no one figured out how to price vulnerabilities.

A Look Into LEND’s Plan to Unify a $50 billion DeFi Market

On LEND, users can deposit the assets they intend to lend into one of the LEND money market pools via a smart contract. Once the assets are in the smart contract, they are accessible for other users to borrow.

Project Insight: Uniswap - A Pioneer in the Decentralized AMM Space

A. smart contract. controls all the assets in an AMM, and uses an algorithm to determine the price of an asset based on its demand and supply in the AMM's liquidity pool.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Mind Network, Polarys, Festa do Taipe

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink added a new BUILD program member and provided services to two very different NFT projects. Data Privacy, Sports NFTs, New Year’s Party.

Project Insight: TTcoin Network - Bringing Innovation to the Crypto World

TTcoin Network, founded on March 24, 2021, by Tayfun Taner and Tunahan Taner, is a TRC-20 smart contract operating on the TRON network.

Chainlink Weekly Roundup: Cask, OnePlanet, Kwil, 2022 Highlights

Smart contract oracle network Chainlink started the new year with new partnerships and services across various aspects of the crypto ecoystem. Money Flow Automation, NFTs, Database, Year in Review.

What is the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) for DeFi

The secure solution allows smart contracts to create random numbers for numerous use cases on a blockchain. Number One Verifiable Source of Randomness? It isn't easy to create randomness on blockchains.

Wapal Launches Testnet on Aptos, Providing No-Code NFT Platform for Creators

Wapal is based on Mokshya, an open-source protocol for developing smart contracts on the Aptos blockchain. To assist in minting. Non-Fungible Tokens. (NFTs), Mokshya created Candy Machine.

Introducing Enhanced Onchain Gaming with the Launch of the Dice9 Platform

All Dice9 games are based on an open-source smart contract. This ensures that every game is provably fair, allowing third parties to independently verify the outcome of each game.

Crypto Gaming Platform PlayDapp Hit by $290 Million Hack

WEB3.PlayDapp has halted the PLA smart contract, collaborated with law enforcement and crypto exchanges, and is exploring recovery solutions, including token migration.

ETH Gas Fees Had a Volatile May With Record Highs and Lows

Decentralized Finance (DeFi). markets due to its smart contract functionality for developers to deploy. Ethereum was founded in 2015 by a team of developers that included Vitalik Buterin and the founder of Polkadot, Gavin Wood.

Explainer: Best Practices to Secure Your Precious Crypto Coins and NFTs

At minimum, you should use a DEX whose smart contract has been reviewed by reputable security auditors, like Certik. Use a Burner Wallet to Mint Your NFTs. Source.

How to Supply and Borrow Assets Using Venus Protocol

Binance Smart Chain. (BSC) network. This protocol gives users the ability to access lending and borrowing services on the Venus platform.

Chainlink Won’t Support Integration With Ethereum PoW Forks After The Merge

The largest smart contract protocol will support the new Ethereum Proof of Stake chain. ‘No’ to Proof of Work (PoW). To ensure continuity for protocol users on Ethereum, Chainlink. will. continue to support the layer-one blockchain. after.

Chainlink Automation Goes Live on Base, Promising Upto 90% Reduction in Gas Costs

Chainlink Automation has officially gone live on Base, introducing verifiable, decentralized, and gas-efficient smart contract automation capabilities.

ChainGPT Joins Forces with Octavia as an Official Launchpad Partner

"Smart contract auditing has always been a bottleneck for our startups, ChainGPT solves this problem in seconds.". Octavia announces a new partnership with ChainGPT, marking a pivotal development as one of its principal launchpad partners.