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Dvision Network Announces First Official Landsale on Metaverse

Dvision Network Announces First Official Landsale on Metaverse. Dvision network will sell its land to users through a tripartite collaboration across three different platforms - Binance NFT, NFTb, and the Dvision Marketplace. A Metaverse Owned By Players.

The Long-Awaited Dvision & Binance Smart Chain Bridge Finally Goes Live!

Dvision Network’s. ETH ←→ BSC. Cross-Chain bridge is powered by the Looking Glass tool, which is built on top of the MultiBaas.

Refineable Becomes Exclusive Secondary Marketplace for Dvision Land

Dvision Network has made Refineable the exclusive secondary marketplace for its metaverse LAND NFTs.

Metaverse with MetaCities Goes Live with Dvision World

Dvision’s ambitions are indeed huge, and they are nowhere better exemplified than in the list of what is still on its way for its universe: Dvision PR Center. ( Overall introduction to Dvision Network).

DVision Metaverse Set to go Live in a Matter of Days

“This milestone achievement for Dvision Network equals the mainnet launch made by the blockchain project, as it initiates the start of the ecosystem enlargement phase and the completion of the closed metaverse development phase.”.

AMAchella - Under the Radar - Transcript

Next up we have Dvision. Brian (Dvision Network): DVI is a BSC an ETH-based utility token and a crypto asset that can be utilized within Dvision. Network’s new metaverse content ecosystem.

Dvision Metaverse Nears with $100,000 in Rewards to Celebrate One Year of BSC

Built on BSC, the Dvision network describes itself as a blockchain-based metaverse, where all are welcome to create their own avatars and navigate a virtual system where nothing is impossible.

NFTb Gives Huge Update, Expects Big Moves in February

Dvision Network. , Infinity Skies. etc. NFTb aims to build on the previous year's success and has enlisted about 40 launch partners for MetaMarket. To play a bigger role in the development of GameFi, NFTb recently became a member of.

Binance Smart Chain Announce's MVB III Monthly Stars

A particularly competitive category that has seen innovation from all quarters in recent months, these are platforms and products that focus on NFT and Metaverse: Dvision Network. - The new reality on the blockchain.

NFTb Completes Largest Metaverse Sale in BSC History

Dvision. 's metaverse were traded in the epic sale.