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BNB Chain Spotlight: ANKR Protocol

BNB Chain Spotlight: ANKR Protocol. By. Kyle Heise. April 12, 2022. By. Kyle Heise. BSC News. Chosen as a lead functionary to the BNB Chain scaling effort, BSC News spoke with two members of the ANKR team. Introduction to ANKR.

Moonbeam RPC is Live on Ankr Protocol

Moonbeam RPC is Live on Ankr Protocol. By. Utulu Hope. April 30, 2022. By. Utulu Hope. BSC News. The integration offers users the tools needed to access Moonbeam’s capabilities to create the best multi-chain dApps. Ankr Protocol Integrates Moonbeam RPC.

ANKR Milestone: More than 100 Million Tokens Staked

ANKR Milestone: More than 100 Million Tokens Staked. By. Patrick. November 22, 2022. By. Patrick. Blockchain News. ANKR staking currently carries an APR of nearly 9%. 100M $ANKR Staked at 9% APR.

Ethereum Testnet is Live on Ankr Protocol

Ankr Protocol Integrates Ethereum Testnet. Ankr Protocol. added the. Ethereum Testet. to its growing public. Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). list. As a result, the decentralized.


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Ankr and Others Launch BAS Testnet, a BNB Chain Sidechain Framework

Ankr and Others Launch BAS Testnet, a BNB Chain Sidechain Framework. By. Dardania Havolli. March 31, 2022. By. Dardania Havolli. BSC News. BNB Chain reveals what the BSC Application Sidechain will mean for developers and crypto users.

Gemini Continues to Build DeFi Infrastructure in US Markets, Adding 6 Promising Tokens to the Protocol

As the protocol continues expanding, Gemini onboards six new tokens, including ALCX, ANKER, FTM, MIR, API3, and DDX. First and Safest Crypto Exchange. On June 16th, Gemini. told. their community and the crypto world that they have now onboarded six new.

Celer's Innovation Streamlines Cross-Chain Transfers

Chain’s. blog. about their active involvement in creating BAS: "Celer is delighted to play a key role in enabling seamless and composable bridging and interoperability between the burgeoning BAS application ecosystem and the BNB chain infrastructure with Ankr

Venus Protocol Aims to Increase Tokens, Users With Isolated Markets

We'll have tokens from DeFi focused projects like TrustWallet (TWT), GameFi tokens from projects like Radio Caca (RACA), Liquid Staking tokens like Ankr (ANKR), and Tron tokens like BTT.


ANKR Milestone: More than 100 Million Tokens Staked. Ethereum. November 22, 2022. Patrick. ANKR staking currently carries an APR of nearly 9%. Mint Free Football NFT, Help Floki Get Listed on OKX Exchange. Ethereum. November 22, 2022. Patrick.

Revelation Hackathon Kicks Off Hosted by BNB Chain and Dora Hacks

Infra - Celer Network and Ankr. Blockchain For Good - HashKey Group. Frontier -. CertiK Tech. DeFi -. Venus Protocol.

Binance Launches Learn and Earn Program

Other projects include Terra (Luna, ANC, UST), Polkstarter (POLS), and ANKR. Users who complete KYC on the platform are eligible to participate.

Why Are Domain Registration Services Like Space ID Gaining Popularity?

Space ID has also established partnerships with many leading projects such as Project Galaxy, DODO, STEPN, Trust Wallet, Chainlink, Ankr, CyberConnect, Mathwallet, SecondLive, Apeswap, NodeReal, Beefy, Galler, Project Twelve (P12), and Rareboard.

Wombat Exchange to Launch Liquid Staking on BNB Chain

According to data from Dune Analytics, currently the only liquid staking providers on BNB are ANKR, Stader Labs and Pstake Finance. Nearly 64,000 BNB coins have been staked with these protocols (more than $19 million).

KuCoin's Quarterly Industry Report Highlights Importance of DeFi and NFT

KuCoin Labs possesses a portfolio of over 50 projects including MultiVAC, CertiK, OneLedger, and Ankr. The KuCoin platform has around 8 million regular users in over 207 countries.

Binance Labs Leads Seed-round Fundraise for BNB Chain Name Service SpaceID

The team has initiated numerous collaborations and integrations with projects such as DODO, Trust Wallet, NodeReal, Chainlink, Ankr, Mathwallet, Apeswap, Beefy, as well as other leading developers in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Meta Apes Bursts Onto Binance Sidechain With Awesome Gameplay

Ankr, CelerNetwork, and NodeReal, teamed up to establish a framework for creating sidechains in BNB Chain. Scalability might be among the most significant issues to solve in the entire space.

Weekly Analysis of the BNB Chain (June 10- June 16)

The report further confirmed that on 16 June, through a. publication post. , Ankr, a Web 3.0 infrastructure provider, announced its open-source contributions to BNB Chain through the. Erigon Upgrade.

Bitcoin Changes Everything - Chung's Weekly Digest (5/8)

Ethereum. testnet is live. on Ankr protocol. Magic Eden releases two updates for. its mobile application. Argo gets listed. on CMC and CoinGecko.’s CEO. revises its credit card staking. rates. Binance obtains its. license to operate. in France.

BNB Chain to Host Revelation Summit for Mid-Year Update

Stanley Wu, Co-Founder & CTO at Ankr. Patrick Degenhardt, VP of Marketing at BNB Chain. Samy Karim, Business & Ecosystem Development at BNB Chain. Tyler Z, Investment Manager at Binance Labs.

Weekly Analysis of Binance Ecosystem (Aug. 26 - Sept. 3)

Through this campaign, users can earn up to $250,000 by completing lessons on products offered by leading DeFi protocols on BNB Chain, such as Ankr, Stader Labs, pStake Finance, Wombat Exchange, and Helio Money.

What are BNB Chain’s Revelation Hackathon Bounties Attempting to Fix?

Bounties seeking problem-solvers for important issues are published by sponsors from BNB Grant DAO including BNB Chain, Ankr, NodeReal, etc. each problem solver is in turn handsomely rewarded for their efforts and the chain grows. Problems to Solve.

Battle Royale GameFi on BNB: Meet Greg Gopman of Superpower Squad

Before joining SPS, Gopman served as the CMO of Ankr and the head of product for Ethernity chain. He began his career in blockchain as the co-founder of the Akash protocol on the Cosmos network.

How Does EVM Impact BNB Chain?

Initiatives like. the Erigon upgrade by Ankr. have been implemented to help improve local data storage. In the end, the scalability is always going to fall back on the capabilities of the EVM.