y00ts Hypes Up the NFT Ecosystem - Who's Buying?

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September 4, 2022


y00ts is a collection of 15,000 NFTs, which will initially be available to DeGods holders and those who made the y00tlist.

Most Hyped NFT Collection of the Year?

The y00ts NFTs have revitalized the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem in the bear market after garnering massive community hype before the mint date. The same team behind the DeGods NFT collection brought y00ts NFT collection to Solana.

“We never try to start with a solution, we start with a problem, like what are problems our community has,” frankdegods, founder of DeGods and y00ts NFT collection, shared in a recent AMA. “We never start with a conversation about how we can be innovative, like making waves or going viral or whatever. We’re always pretty grounded.”

This y00ts collection will contain 15,000 NFTs. You will need $DUST, the native token of the DeGods ecosystem, to mint a y00ts NFT. It will take 375 $DUST tokens (currently $1,149) to mint a y00ts NFT.

Those who hold a DeGods NFT can generate $DUST by staking the NFT. However, non-holders can buy it from secondary markets like Jupiter Aggregator. Recently, the project revealed t00bs, a secondary collection of NFTs that adds value to all y00ts.

But what’s t00bs got to do with y00ts?

t00bs are tickets that allow the accepted scholarship applicant to issue y00ts NFTs on Sept. 4. Those who do not mint their t00bs will not be able to get a y00t NFT.

Furthermore, DeGods holders can claim a t00b NFT as well. Before Sept. 9, those who claim their t00b NFTs will be able to buy y00ts for 375 $DUST. After that, the price of each NFT will increase to 500 $DUST and will continue to rise by 0.8325 $DUST per day until token emission ends.


What Makes the y00ts Collection Unique?

y00ts' white paper outlines that the NFT acts as copyright. But rather than having a central entity control the project and its intellectual property rights (IP), the NFT collection will function as the "governing body.” Thus, it will function as a "registry" that keeps track of individuals or groups authorized to use the NFT's IP rather than holding Creative Commons (CC0) licenses.

Further, y00ts NFT holders who stake their NFTs for 30 days will receive a "ⓨ token" that will be applied to their metadata. Each y00ts NFT can earn up to six tokens. With these tokens, holders can customize their y00ts NFTs with traits from the y00ts store.

y00ts NFT, however, can only have traits that it already has. For example, you can swap a black Nike shoe trait for a customized golden shoe trait, but you can't swap a shoe trait for a customized hoodie.

A holder can always revert their y00t to its base traits if they wish. Additionally, prior to applying a new customized trait, the holder must stake his y00ts NFT for another 30 days.

How Can You Get a y00ts NFT?

Now, here’s the most important question. Users must apply for a scholarship to qualify for the upcoming y00ts mint. It is, however, too late to apply at this time.

Getting on the y00tlist was similar to getting on a presale, but you needed to apply. It was much like a job application, either approved or denied at the team's discretion.

Users had to answer a few questions after connecting their wallets and verifying their Twitter profiles to get on the list. These questions were usually related to the category you chose, such as "Artist," "Brand Builder," etc.

Several applicants applied for the y00tlist, but many were rejected. However, those who got on the list were excited to get involved in the y00ts ecosystem.

For those on the y00tlist, there will be a 19-hour window to mint the NFT starting Sept. 4 at 21:00 UTC.

There is still some chance for rejected applicants as the team also saved 100 y00ts for the rejects. But in that case, you must buy tickets to participate in the raffle for 1 $DUST each. Winners will receive their y00t NFT via airdrop.

y00ts NFT collection will also be available on the secondary market like Magic Eden after Sept. 9, when the mint ends. You can check out the complete breakdown of the mint below:


Despite all the hype, some people are skeptical about the collection because they believe that the cost of the NFT is high.

The founder, however, hopes the collection will bring the desired benefits:

Learn more about yoots NFT:

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