X World Games Launches a new Third-Party Produced Game, Hero Card, into the XWG Metaverse

An easy-to-play play-to-earn matching card game with beautifully designed anime art on every NFT card.

Meet Hero Card, a new play-to-earn project incubated and launched by X World Games!

Hero Card is a third-party-produced play-to-earn game being launched on the X World Games platform. The release of Hero Card brings a new set of professionally drawn and beautifully designed Japanese anime-style art to the NFT cards for gamers to collect, play and earn $XWG!

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay of Hero Card is heavily inspired by the well-known card game “Rummy” but with the added twist of earning $XWG tokens through regular gameplay. Players will compete as individuals in matchmade group battles with the goal of obtaining a matching pair of Hero Cards in your hand. Once a player has three of the same Hero Cards in their hand, they win!

One of the best features of play-to-earn games is the ability for players to monetize their own time spent playing a game. In Hero Card, the play-to-earn aspect takes centerstage by allowing players to win $XWG regardless of whether they win or lose a match in Hero Card.

With its easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics, beautifully designed Japanese anime NFT cards, and surplus earning potential, Hero Card is bringing gamers a vivid and fun game into the X World Games metaverse.

XWG will complete a gigantic platform infrastructure plan for the product, including a blockchain game digital distribution service, an NFT marketplace, a cross-game protocol port, and a full-function game-creation toolbox. Meanwhile, XWG will enrich the gaming ecosystem and community by publishing more games and signing more original anime IPs, connecting migrated games with pre-established tokenomic systems.

The release of Hero Card will bring players a new set of professionally drawn characters to collect, new PvP gameplay, and more ways to earn $XWG!

The world of Hero Card awaits you!

Be sure to keep an eye out on the official X World Games and Hero Card Twitter accounts for more updates as we near the official release date this September.

We are excited to bring Hero Card into the XWG metaverse and have our community fall in love with the beautifully designed NFT art, just like we have!

- X World Games

About Hero Card

Hero Card 💜 is an easy-to-play play-to-earn matching card game with beautifully designed anime art on every NFT card. Launched and powered by X World Games.


About X World Games

X World Games 💖is a unique blockchain-based game ecosystem that aims to make blockchain features simple and fun for non-crypto players to own their NFTs.


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