X World Games ‘Dream Card’ NFTs Sell Out on Binance NFT Marketplace

The Dream Card series wasn’t around for long on the Binance Non-Fungible Token marketplace as users showed increased interest by buying all available stock.

Utulu Hope
July 15, 2021
BSC News

Binance NFT Marketplace: Big Bang of NFT Mystery Box Collections 

The X World Games ‘Dream Card’ Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have already sold out on the Binance marketplace. Binance made a publication on July 7th about its partnership with the best Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects, including X World Games.

The collaboration was made possible to bring users NFTs called “Mystery Boxes”  from the best seven BSC projects based on users' choice. The first Big Bang of Mystery Box collection was from BunnyPark on the 9th of July and the second from X World Games on 15th July. 

The other five BSC NFT projects include KAKA, Polkamon, My Neighbour Alice, Mobox, and Seascape. NFTs are tokens with unique properties that usually represent a digital artwork or asset.

X World Games Teases Dream Card Launch in Massive Giveaway  

X World Games (XWG) teased the launch of its Dream Card collection via Twitter on 13th July in a massive Pgiveaway worth $1000 in XWG for promotion purposes. As stated earlier, the NFT collection was scheduled to launch on the 15th of July on Binance’s NFT marketplace.

According to Binance NFT’s Tweet on 15th July, the Dream Card collection is a multiplayer trading card game that includes four cards exclusive to Binance NFT, each with different rarity levels. 

X World Games ‘Dream Card’ Sellout Immediately

The Dream Card is a multiplayer Trading Card Game (TCG) inspired by the Pokemon Card game in which users can build, collect and create their character cards in X World games. The Mystery Box collection was launched on the Binance NFT marketplace on July 15th at 11:00 AM UTC.

Later that same day, it was announced the entire collection had sold out. However, some users took to Twitter to voice out their discontent. Here are some of the Tweets below: 


Many users seemed upset at the speed the collection had sold out, suggesting purchasing bots had made it impossible for regular users to buy any.

What is X World Games? 

X World Games is a next-generation blockchain gaming ecosystem. The protocol aims to bring cryptocurrencies to an open gaming world, where users/gamers can collect, create, and trade in-game NFT items as they take part in multiplayer games worldwide. 


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