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Wombat Exchange Drops Major Bombshells in New 2023 Roadmap

This year, Wombat Exchange aims to go beyond BNB Chain and USD stablecoins.

New Stablecoins, Cross-Chain Expansion

Wombat Exchange is intent on making serious waves not just on BNB Chain, but throughout the broader Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector.

The stableswap Decentralized Exchange (DEX) unveiled major ambitions in its updated 2023 roadmap, including integrating non-USD stablecoins and volatile assets, and launching on up to five new blockchains.

According to a Twitter post from Wombat Exchange, by the end of March the project plans to bring in more pegged assets, including agEURO, as well as opening its first pool with volatile assets, frxETH and sfrxETH.

Wombat also plans to publish its cross-chain whitepaper in Q1.

In Q2 (by the end of June), Wombat intends to branch out to Polygon and Arbitrum and launch its first quadruple coin pool.

In Q3 (by the end of September), Wombat aims to expand again to Ethereum and Optimism, and to create a “new decentralized stablecoin project.” (Wen $womUSD? Wen $womEURO?)

An expansion to Fantom is also tentatively set for Q3, “depending on progress.”

What is Wombat Exchange:

Wombat Exchange is a multi-chain stableswap focused on fueling DeFi growth and promoting its product’s scalability, accessibility, and efficiency in the multi-chain space. The protocol allows users to swap stablecoins at minimal slippage and stake at maximum yield.

Where to find Wombat Exchange:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Telegram

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