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Weekly Article Recap: 5/01-5/05

A recap of notable news from the week.

Recapping the Week in DeFi

As the DeFi and crypto space continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it's essential to stay informed about the latest developments and trends. Our weekly recap provides you with a concise yet comprehensive overview of the most significant news and trends in the DeFi and crypto space, helping you stay informed and up-to-date with the latest happenings. 

Coinbase Launches Coinbase International Exchange for Institutional Clients

With the launch of Coinbase International Exchange, Coinbase is expanding its services to digital asset users outside of the US. The perpetual futures exchange for non-US digital assets is available to institutional users in eligible jurisdictions.

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Binance to List $FLOKI and $PEPE in the Innovation Zone

Meme coins like Pepe ($PEPE) and Floki ($FLOKI) are shaking up the DeFi space. Binance, the leading crypto exchange, has announced the listing of both coins in its Innovation Zone. This follows Floki's listing on Binance.US in April. The news has generated excitement among the communities, as they expect increased demand and price surge.

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Binance Labs Launches MVB VI: How Will Projects Benefit?

Binance Labs welcomed 12 project teams to the Season 6 of its Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program. The new season began with masterclasses led by Binance Co-Founder Yi He and DeFi Researchers. The MVB VI program is in its second week and aims to help early-stage BNB Chain projects build a viable product and reach product-market fit. The program consists of an 11-week curriculum with mentorship and masterclasses to guide teams through four phases of product development, starting with idea testing and validation.

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Phantom's Latest Release: The Wallet That Could Dethrone MetaMask's EVM Dominance

Phantom recently rolled out multichain wallet with support for Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. Users have praised Phantom's new features and integrations, highlighting MetaMask's slow development. As demand for better wallet experiences increases, could there be a shift in user preference?

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Aave Goes Live on Scroll Alpha Testnet: A Game-Changer for Ethereum Scaling?

Aave is now on Scroll Alpha testnet after the Aave community approved the proposal to deploy the leading DeFi protocol on the Scroll testnet. By launching on testnet, Aave can gain a competitive edge in zk rollup and participate in battle-testing.  Aave believes its community and Scroll's ecosystem share a vision of a decentralized financial infrastructure for all.

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