Web3Finance Gears up for Token Sale

Through its low fees and profitable staking features, the project aims to make DeFi more intriguing for investors.

FairLaunch Imminent

Web3Finance, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform with staking and an integrated lottery, is gearing up for its token fair launch via PinkSale. The token sale is scheduled to run from August 2 to August 5.

Leveraging a robust ecosystem and low fees, the project will launch its native token, Web3Finance (WEB), on BNB Chain.

The Web3Finance model aims to combine DeFi, Lottery, and NFTs - an innovative way to consolidate the Web3 trend. Besides the interesting NFT staking feature, the platform boasts low fees, which is intended to attract bigger investors and onboard a vast majority of users. 


Further Details on Token Sale 

  • Token Name: Web3Finance
  • Ticker Symbol: WEB
  • Acceptable Currency: BNB
  • Launchpad: PinkSale
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Presale Tokens: 19,999,997

In a bid to bring transparency to investors, Web3Finance recently released a KYC verification certificate and a smart contract Audit from InterFi Network, a smart contract audit company. 

In addition, the native token, WEB, was recently listed on CoinMarketcap. 


The platform allows $WEB token holders and NFT stakers to earn profitable rewards. 

NFT Collection

The exclusive NFT Collection comprises 2,000 unique NFTs with distinct rarity, items, and characteristics. The NFTs are segmented into Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

NFT Staking

Web3Finance’s NFT staking system allows holders of any NFT categories to stake via the Dapp and earn $WEB tokens in reward. Here’s a description of the staking reward model below: 

  • Common: 7% reward in $WEB
  • Rare: 10% reward in $WEB
  • Super Rare: 15% reward in $WEB
  • Epic: 17% reward in $WEB
  • Legendary: 20% reward in $WEB

According to the Whitepaper, if an investor purchases a Common NFT, and the current market value is 1 BNB, the NFT holder will receive 7% of the NFT value in WEB tokens. These tokens are automatically transferred to the NFT holder’s wallet every seven days. 

Only 19.99% of the 100 million $WEB Total Supply will be allocated for the upcoming Presale, with 9.68% going to Liquidity post-launch. 35% will be allocated to platform staking, NFT staking, and lottery rewards. Learn more about the tokenomics and distribution here.


The Lottery allows players to win several rewards and compete for a jackpot prize at no extra cost. There will be no Lottery registration or participation fee other than the network fee for transactions on BNB Chain itself. However, the platform will charge 5% in tokens for withdrawals. This fee will be used for platform maintenance, which includes funding the prizes. 

How the Jackpot Prize is Split

87% of the jackpot prize goes to Winners, 3% to the native token, $WEB holders, 5% to Marketing, and 5% to Lottery System Maintenance. This means that if the jackpot value is $1000, winners will receive $870 in $WEB. 

Next Step for Web3Finance

According to its Roadmap, the project has a lot in store for its community in August, including the launch of staking, staking NFT, and lottery platforms. There are also plans for community social campaigns, marketing campaigns, as well as CoinGecko listing.

Where to find Web3Finance:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium | YouTube

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