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Wapal Launches Testnet on Aptos, Providing No-Code NFT Platform for Creators

Code-Free and Secure NFT Creation

No-code NFT creator platform Wapal has launched its testnet on Aptos to support developers and creators interested in launching NFT projects.

‘At Wapal, we envision a trustless NFT launchpad and creator studio. We aim to provide a safe and reliable space for creators to launch their NFT projects,’ Wapal said.

Wapal is based on Mokshya, an open-source protocol for developing smart contracts on the Aptos blockchain. To assist in minting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Mokshya created Candy Machine. According to the protocol, Mokshya enhances the security of NFTs by calculating random index positions, instead of just incrementing the index.

Due to the simple addition of a new NFT to a counter, an attacker can predict the next NFT's identifier with ease. As a result, an attacker could seize all of the rare NFTs. However, with Mokshya's solution, the Wapal team expects this can be avoided. 

Features of Wapal NFT Creation Platform

Wapal will have the following features:

  • Creator Studio: Creator Studio helps launch NFT projects without the need for smart contract coding or manually converting NFT images into metadata and JSON files. As reported, it requires one to upload his artwork and let Creator Studio take care of the rest.
  • Launchpad: The launchpad enables you to launch your NFT projects without screening or restrictions. 
  • Waitlist: The Waitlist feature can create a highly-desirable whitelist of eager collectors waiting to mint your NFTs. 

According to Wapal’s lead developer, Ajay Gautam, with Wapal, users can ‘smoothly’ upload GBs of files to permanent storage chains such as Arweave and Pinata using Wapal.

“This is a game-changer for artists and creators who wanna get in on the Aptos NFT scene without any technical experience or coding skills,” Wapal noted. “We're making it easy for everyone to get involved and grow the ecosystem.”

Projects like League of Shotguns (LOS) have launched their first 550 pfp collection on the Wapal testnet. The pfp collection will provide holders access to OAT, the access token for the project's first Beta test. 

What is Wapal:

Wapal helps creators launch their NFT projects on the Aptos platform, built on top of Mokshya, an open-source protocol that creates smart contract solutions on the Aptos blockchain. It is a platform that lets creators generate NFTs without any code. 

Learn more about Wapal:

 Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram 

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