Wall Street Games Partners With Ten Finance to Bring a $5,000 Five Day Gaming Competition

Users can participate and be among the five lucky winners in the groundbreaking 5-day competition involving blockchain gaming.

Utulu Hope
August 12, 2021
BSC News

A Strong Union For The Community 

Wall Street Games (WSG) has announced its partnership with Token Enrichment Network (TEN) to host a 5-day gaming competition worth $5,000 to the GameFi community. 

The hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform intends to give users rewards in $TENFI as they play the “Coin Explorer” game with its native $WSG token. WSG announced the partnership on Monday, 9th August, via Medium and Twitter. The Tweet also included brief details about the competition.

“New Partnership $WSG x @TENfinance.” WSG Tweeted about the competition: “A 5+5-day gaming competition for COIN EXPLORER starting on August 17th! Top 5 players share 1000$ worth of $TENFI each day! Play public games with $WSG and win $TENFI rewards!”

TEN Finance also Tweeted about the competition the same day. As a result, users can participate and stand a chance to win $1000 worth of TENFI per day for five days starting August 17th. 

How To Participate? 

As announced in the Tweet, the competition will be held using the Coin Explorer game on WSG. The top five winners will earn $1000 worth of TENFI daily for five days. (Winners will be appointed based on points. The top five scores in the Coin Explorer game will be declared winners.) 

Here is how to participate: 

  • First, visit the WSG gaming portal. 
  • Connect your wallet and deposit your token. Refer to WSG’s tutorial to learn how to connect your wallet easily. 
  • Play the Coin Explorer game with $WSG and be one of the top five players with the highest scores.
  • Watch how to play Coin Explorer on WSG YouTube Channel. 

The competition will start on 17th August and end on 21st August. The winners will receive their rewards on the 22nd of August at 13:00 UTC. Each player can only win rewards once. In addition, those who participated before and did not win can play again. 

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