Vox Finance Launches Vox-Bridge in Partnership With JustLiquidity

Vox Finance launches its VOX (ERC-20) to VOXb (BEP-20) bridge, in its efforts to further revolutionize financial markets through a community-led approach.

December 1, 2020
Project Insight

BEP-20 Bridge

Vox Finance, known from the Ethereum network (ERC-20), brings their token to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) via the "Vox-Bridge." Just Liquidity facilitates the Vox-Bridge on their platform. The Vox Bridge allows users to convert their $VOX into $VOXb (BEP-20), and of course, the other way around is also possible. It depends on what network your wallet is on; if connected to the BSC, it offers to switch $VOXb into $VOX and vice versa.

Why a bridge?

Vox is expanding onto the BSC, on which the transfer speed and transaction (tx) costs are far superior compared to those of the Ethereum network. Ethereum users that try out the bridge will be pleasantly surprised by the speed and costs of transfers on the BSC —saving a lot of money on fees. 

The fast network and ease of use that the BSC provides is the main reason for a bridge. 

Not everyone can afford the taxing transfer fees on the Ethereum network ($50 - $100 per tx during high volume days). For this exact reason, the BSC is a very user-friendly option to access De-Fi. Growth is another factor that plays a significant role in creating VOXb; thus, the BSC has a large amount of untapped market share, leaving space for future growth. Vox Finance is ensuring it is along for the ride.

Yield Farming

So what are you going to do when you get your $VOXb? You could head over to JustLiquidity's home page; there, you can stake your VOXb/JULb LP, earning you an excellent 0.4% daily.

I am sure Vox will be providing more farming options for BSC in the future, just like they have for their Ethereum counterpart HERE.

Ethereum projects finding BSC and providing a bridge will grant more users access to the BSC, promoting growth in the entire De-Fi space. This holds especially true for yield farming projects or any project which would make use of more transfers. Speed, cost, and ease of use will be deciding factors for users when switching from the Ethereum Network to the BSC.





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