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" A decentralized platform comprising 15 in-house built proprietary smart contracts and multiple feature-rich dApps "

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Vetter! Today we have @robynlinn joining us to talk about their exciting new project. Great to have you here :)

Robyn Linn |

Thank you Stephanie. Happy to share with BSCnews

Skylabs is our 2nd product launching

VSL is a high-tier launchpad

Our first project did a 30x at launch and 40x three weeks post-launch and never dropped below a 6x

Skylabs VSL offers guaranteed allocations to holders, AND staking royalties

100% of buy tax goes to stakers (and staking is NON custodial) meaning no one can mess with your funds

33.33% of sell tax also goes to stake holders

once taxes are removed for CEX listing, 20% of launchpad revenue goes to stake holders

this is very different

most projects dilute their tokens instead of increasing their value (like what Skylabs VSL is doing)

so aside from the guaranteed allocations one receives to get into high-tier projects the staking program is top notch

Devs and projects will meet higher standards to launch on VSL as well (demonstrating a clear path to revenue)

Stephanie (BSC.News)

okay so we will go through the questions in order first

Robyn Linn |

I'd love to be able to share that Vetter is an ecosystem

we started last year

2021 October

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Please introduce yourself and the team behind VETTER.

Robyn Linn |]

when we launched 16,000+ projects in defi launched in the space

it's very challenging to find decent projects that have use-cases

strong utilities

and devs who have previous blockchain experience AND expertise in marketing/business

What I have found travelling the world commuicating on stage... speaking with devs and investors is this..

You've got to have strong team members who are leading the project with both:

= blockchain experience

= business experience

If you're not integrating both you will not have a sustainable project

most devs outsource their software development and run the risk of having their dev team

- not understand what the vision is

- or run off with the tech and dump tokens

this is why a lot of projects fail

Vetter Ecosystem has a 9 in-house dev team

they build the tech from the vision out

Most projects outsource the tech because they don't have the funds to properly pay for a team or.. they don't trust anyone close enough

I've been in the industry (blockchain) since 2016.. but have been an entrepreneur for 23+ years

Previously my experience in building businesses for entrepreneurs led to me to negotiating partnership deals with multi-milliondollar collaborations

Our team is "community-elected"

so we are voted-in by the community to build/run the project

We empower the community to make decisions

so the community is one of Diamomd Holders

they truly care about the project and where it goes

Vetter Skylabs VSL is a very different launchpad

We released the whitepaper yesterday so I hope you guys get to check it out:

Guys I'd love to be able to answer your questions about the project

the non-custodial staking is the juciest part of the project that will be a huge bonus for those getting in at presale (Aug 21)

@stephanie992 can you allow the community to connect with me and ask me questions?

I'd like to engage and address questions is where you guys can find everything you need

the telegram is where the vibe is high

@skylabsvsl (this is our presale group)

our main Vetter TG is @vetterplatform

There's also a multiplier bonus of up to 20x for those holding our native token VETTER with VSL

there will be 2 certiK audits as well released

1 on VSL token

1 on Staking

we wanted to be clear that everything is laid out for people to see the difference.. most get burned because of custodial staking and VSL is non-custodial

Guys I want to be able to communicate with you

join us at @skylabsvsl

I will also be doing a LIVE VOICE chat in the BSCNews Twitter Spaces tomorrow at  this time

There's so much to communicate

[ Photo ]

The launchpad for Skylabs is going to be only for exclusive projects as I shared.....

and getting in at presale price allows one to receive greater allocations by receiving the bonuses that will come during high volume days

We have a contest for the whitelist as well....

1806 BNB is the HC

we raised 18,006 bnb from private sale (community)

this is a very big project different than others

100% of presale funds goes to lliquidity

Vetter CrowdX is our first project

CrowdX is a vetting/research tool to help you find 2x-100x's (presale, fairlaunch)

So the projects launching on Skylabs will be vetted by our all star vetting community is our dApp live now

Please ask me questions and I'd love to offer insight on Skylabs for you guys


What is benifit of buying vetter?

Robyn Linn |

there are multiple reasons for VETTER

Vetter is the 1st native token

Skylabs is our presale VSL launching Aug 21

You are asking for VETTER or Skylabs?


Vetter mam

Robyn Linn |

Vetter token gives you access to the CrowdX model

1000s of projects launching.. you get to have all the research in one spot that's pre-vetted

if you go there you'll see community members found 10x, 5x, 3x projects all throughout the week

If I hold vetter what benifit I will get in skylab?

they were able to get into presales by searching for proejcts on the CrowdX calendar

if you hold VETTER and get into VSL....

you get up to a 20x multiplier

Golden LeopardCoin

What are your plans moving forward

Robyn Linn |

[In reply to Gintik]

Tier 1 = 2x... goes to Diamond 3 level 20x

the more Vetter you hold, the more you receive

it's in whitepaper


[In reply to Robyn Linn |]

I think vetter is as important to skylab and it has many additional advantages also

Golden LeopardCoin

[In reply to Robyn Linn |]

Perfect thank you

Robyn Linn |

[In reply to Golden LeopardCoin]

We are getting listed on CEX as part of the strategic process as well as lining up with proejcts like other networks (cant name them all) to partner with big networks on the launchpad

there will be collaborations between our ecosystem and the big networks

they want access to our tech and to synergize between ecosystems and align


You have any connection with binance and xrp?

Robyn Linn |

We are in talks with them

Robyn Linn |

there is nothing concrete so I know someone spilled the beans (not me) but it's all discussion

we are finalising a cex for vetter now


[In reply to Robyn Linn |]

It's really amazing if they are talking with you they must have seen something bright for crypto space

When vetter will come on cex before 21st or after 21st? Can you tell which exchange will be?

Stephanie (BSC.News)

The floor is open for questions, community

Robyn Linn |

Guys sorry my WiFi cut out

Are you able to see?

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Yes, I can see it

Robyn Linn |

[In reply to Gintik]

I cannot say which until it's final but will likely be after we launch VSL


As I can see potential I am sure it will be one of top 10 cex

Jon Anonymous

Hey guys. Robyn  telegram has gone down

I’m part of the better marketing team

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Would you be able to answer the questions behalf of her?

Jon Anonymous

I can try and answer what I can :)

Stephanie (BSC.News)



What type of marketing will happen?

Jon Anonymous

Maybe a little note on how we are bringing the product to the forefront

Awesome so we are currently working with twitter on a highly targeted campaign across there network.


How do you connect  the vetter plat for Throw trust wallet

Jon Anonymous

We where lucky enough to be approached directly by twitter to verify the page and support brining the message of crypto to the masses

[In reply to Darrell]

Wallet connect at the top and a pop up when you go onto the dapp

We are working with a heap of some of the most trust worth Influencers across YouTube  twitter and social

Thank you

With product reviews across channels


[In reply to Jon Anonymous]

Who are they?

Jon Anonymous

One of the ones we can announce is joe parys

You can see previous videos including wendy 0 to name a few


Bitboy altcoin daily?

Jon Anonymous

We have many campaigns launching across dex tools , poin coin any similar sites across the bsc network

We have take overs booked in for lengthy period of times.  This isn’t oh I saw that ad once. It will be everywhere

We’ve had in person activations across euro the last few months. Italy Croatia

We took over the London financial district in the tubes

With huge advertising


When your massive marketing will start?

Jon Anonymous

We did the same in newyork, Wall Street etc etc


Or is it running?

Jon Anonymous

The out of house stuff was part of our warm up. For sky labs we are doing a lot of digital

Jon Anonymous, [8/10/2022 10:49 PM]

Any other questions guys?

Stephanie (BSC.News)

@jonanonymousgroup it would be great if you could answer some security questions as many of the users are concerned about their funds. Do you have any audit certificate to share with the community? How can you ensure users that your platform is safe to use?

Jon Anonymous

Yeah. 2 certiK


2 certik it's really unbelievable

Jon Anonymous

You can head to out telegram where our dev team will be available to share more on these

We pride our self in security hence the non custodial staking

Our whole crowd x community has been built up on helping people get safely into defi

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Can you please share your social media links with the community?

Jon Anonymous


One moment

Here is our twitter

Check that blue tick 😂

Our sky labs group. For the pre sale has been open just a couple of days

And our main telegram community


As you are marketing expert can you elaborate how skylab marketing will be massive and different than other crypto project do?

Jon Anonymous

One of the key points for us. Is the whole team is living and breathing this. It’s not a pump it up. It’s a business. All of our marketing is highly targeted. Not just a flash in the pan. We run full campaigns across networks. We look at the cost per click on poo coin vs dex tools

We test our Audience with messages and tailor our content for all the different types of holders

We look into the data

There’s way to much bot activity across the crypto space and it looks great from the outside but you know deep down it’s a waste of everyone’s time and money

The influencers we work we have worked with before. They understand our project. And our audience.


Im learning how to use vetter at the moment  its a helpful tool

Jon Anonymous

It is. Even in a bear market we had huge gains from our community

With that said I highly recommend you jump over. Chat with the community and team and get playing with Vetter for you self

Thanks for your time today

Robyn Linn |

Wifi just came back

Sorry about that

Jon Anonymous


Robyn Linn |

That's what you get living on a mountain 4k feet up

Any questions for Skylabs VSL? Presale 21st of August!!

We're launching on Vsale our 2nd launchpad

Stephanie (BSC.News)

And make sure to check all of the links everyone!


Telegram (Skylab) :

Telegram (Vetter) :

Robyn Linn |

[In reply to Gintik’s question - As you are marketing expert can you elaborate how skylab marketing will be massive and different than other crypto project do? ]

Our initial marketing is about sharing through videos and will be expanding with physical presence globally on stage and on TV segments, news outlets/publications... specifically attracting develpers into launchpad (which we're doing by attending global blockchain events) to increase the revenue

You can check out the news section on our site

We rented out the entire Tube in Rome during blockchain event there

We have about 1-million dollars allocated to spend between now and launch of Skylabs launchpad for marketing

we don't waste resources though so will be used strategically

Read the whitepaper for deeper dive and join our Telegram groups.

If you're an influencer as well please share our pitchdeck

We're offering whitelist spots to those who are sharing our message

*Any other questions?*

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Thank you Robyn

We will wrap up this AMA after answering 2-3 more questions

We will wait for another 3 minutes

Robyn Linn |

Guys please head over to our telegram and meet our community and get involved in the presale happening Aug 21st.

The whitepaper is a great place to become educated.

Thank you for your time today. My apologies for the wifi outage!

Stephanie (BSC.News)

Great! If you haven't already make sure to go and check out Vetter everyone! Super exciting project that you don't want to miss out on :)

Thank you for your time

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