Using BSC Project - A Binance Smart Chain Encyclopedia

Binance Smart Chain has its own encyclopedia of useful links, information and data.

Robert D. Knight
January 6, 2022
BSC News

How to Use BSC Project

Here we offer a rundown of the different ways you can navigate the information on offer at BSC Project.


The project page lists all of the Binance Smart Chain projects listed on BSC Project. Users can browse by category or with the search filter. Categories are listed both on the left side menu bar and on a minicoi-menu at the top of the page.


View the most popular NFT projects and see up to the minute NFT data. This is a treasure trove of BSC NFT information. NFTs can also be sorted by categories such as collectibles and game.


Much like the NFT page on BSC Project, the DeFi page provides a list of DeFi projects and DeFi data. DeFi projects are also split into sub-categories such as aggregator, exchange, farming, lending, margin etc. Simply click on the sub-category that appeals the most and away you go.


The ranking page has some similarities to data aggregation sites such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, except its focus is entirely on Binance Smart Chain projects. Using the filters users can choose what type of sites they want to see ranked from metaverse projects to infrastructure. 

The listed projects can be ranked numerous ways choosing anything from TVL to price. Simply click on the column which is the preferred ranking system.


BToken displays the BTokens market cap and combines this with a screen similar to the ranking page.

Gas Price

Based on the most recent data metrics, the gas price page offers advice on how much it costs to make a transaction on Binance Smart Chain based on whether you wish to pay a little, or even less. The more you are willing to pay, the faster the transaction.

Where to find BSC Project:
Website | TwitterMedium | DiscordTelegram

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