US Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. Puts Faith in Bitcoin, Buys For His Seven Children

by BSC News

July 27, 2023


Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. buys two Bitcoin each for his seven children to boldly endorse cryptocurrency's potential.

Kennedy Jr. Backs Bitcoin: Buys Cryptocurrency for His Children Amid Campaign

Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has recently affirmed his faith in the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin. He made a bold financial move, purchasing two Bitcoin (BTC) each for his seven children, following criticism for promoting Bitcoin without any personal investment after announcing his plans to back the U.S Dollar with BTC

Kennedy faced backlash from crypto industry experts and the mainstream press for speaking favorably about Bitcoin without owning any based on comments made at the Bitcoin Miami Conference in May. Responding to these criticisms, Kennedy demonstrated his confidence in the digital currency by making a substantial personal investment. The Democratic presidential candidate discussed the issue during a July 26 Twitter Space conversation. 

“Right after that Bitcoin conference I got a big check and I said, okay, you know, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and so I bought two Bitcoin for every one of my seven children,” Kennedy said. 

His children, who are between 22 and 38 years old, now have two BTC. Kennedy believed Bitcoin represents a "sound investment" and could potentially "change the world."

Bitcoin has been on a popularity surge in recent years, with its value significantly increasing. As of July 27, 2023, one BTC is valued at over $29,000. 

Kennedy's investment marks an important moment in the ongoing narrative of Bitcoin’s integration into mainstream finance and politics. While the long-term payoff of this investment remains uncertain, Kennedy's endorsement of Bitcoin adds a significant vote of confidence to the digital currency's future, particularly in the U.S.