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Unlock the Door to Free Crypto: Discover 3 Hottest Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

Participating in a crypto airdrop involves meeting specific requirements set by the project. Here is a comprehensive guide on acquiring three highly sought-after airdropped tokens.


  • Polygon zkEVM Airdrop: Interact, bridge, and engage to receive MATIC tokens.
  • Aptos Season 2 Airdrop: Engage, reach Trust Level 3, use Aptos-based wallets, and bridge funds.
  • Starknet Airdrop: Set up Argent X, bridge assets, interact with DApps, and mint NFTs for STRK tokens.
  • Stay Active and Engage: Boost eligibility by participating in the crypto space and engaging with projects.

Participate in the Exciting World of Crypto Airdrops

In the exciting world of blockchain projects, crypto airdrops have become the talk of the town. These strategic giveaways serve a dual purpose: boosting awareness for the project and rewarding users with free tokens. And who doesn't love getting something for free?

In this article, we dive into the buzz surrounding three upcoming crypto airdrops with everyone buzzing. We'll also guide you on getting in on the action and receiving those coveted airdropped tokens.

Polygon zkEVM Token Airdrop

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal strongly hinted on Twitter that there would be a great MATIC airdrop for zkEVM users. 

Moreover, he compared Polygon zkEVM's current development to Arbitrum, which took more than a year to mature. Here's how you can get in on the action:

Interacting with the Polygon zkEVM mainnet is the best way to get the MATIC airdrop. To do so, you must first add Polygon zkEVM to MetaMask via ChainList. Due to its launch on Mainnet Beta, you will need ETH for gas fees.

The next step would be to bridge ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to Polygon zkEVM using the Native Bridge. You can also use third-party bridges recommended by Polygon, such as Orbiter Finance if gas fees are too high.

Last but not least, you can interact with QuickSwap. As of right now, the only DApp running on Polygon zkEVM is QuickSwap. With Quickwap, it is possible to swap tokens, provide liquidity, and farm yields with LP tokens. Make sure you perform transactions consistently every week.

Aptos Season 2 

Aptos tokens have a total supply of 1,033,725,049. The community has been allocated a significant portion of the supply, precisely 51.02%. The first airdrop distributed 2% of the tokens, or 20 million tokens, to 110,235 eligible addresses. It is possible that a huge airdrop will be offered in Round 2. 

To increase your chances of grabbing free Apto tokens, the first step would be to Interact With the Community and Get a Community Badge. The main goal should be to reach Trust Level 3. In order to do that, you must register yourself on Aptos Forum by connecting your Discord account or Gmail account and interacting with the community.

The next step is to have your own Aptos-based wallets with Martian Wallet, Pontem Wallet, Fewcha Wallet, and EvoWallet, and swap with apps based on Aptos. Apart from that, you can also engage with Aptos-based NFT marketplaces such as Bluemove, TopaZ, and Souffl3 to increase your chances.

Further, visit the official website of Aptos Bridge and bridge some funds between networks. Lastly,  Engage with Aptos Names Platform by having a domain name of your own. You must pay a smaller domain fee if the name consists of alphabets and digits. After that, click on Register. 

You can learn more about Aptos season 2 airdrop here

Starknet Airdrop

Based on Ethereum, StarkNet is a decentralized Validity-Rollup (or "ZK-Rollup") that provides unlimited computing capacity without compromising security or compatibility. It is not long since StarkNet’s alpha v0.11.0 gone live on Testnet.

Interacting with StarkNet's testnet is the best way to receive a potential $STRK token airdrop. In addition, you may earn double rewards by using their DApps and getting their airdrops.

The first step is to set up your Argent X wallet. As the first wallet on StarkNet, Argent X has over 400,000 users and is widely used as the main wallet for the ecosystem. The Argent X browser extension can be downloaded for both Chrome and Firefox.

Moreover, bridging your assets from the Ethereum mainnet to the StarkNet network is essential to be included in the snapshot. To accomplish this, you can use StarkGate, the official bridge built and deployed by the StarkWare team. As long as you frequently use the bridge, you can send small amounts of ETH between mainnet and StarkNet. It is also possible to withdraw funds from StarkNet using the Orbiter Finance bridge. 

Additionally, you can interact with Starknet Dapps, such as 10KSwap and zkLend. Last but not least, you can mint a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on MintSquare by uploading a supported picture. 

Stay Active and Engage to Enhance Airdrop Eligibility

The world of crypto airdrops holds incredible potential for crypto enthusiasts seeking to expand their portfolios and explore new opportunities. While we've highlighted some promising upcoming drops for 2023, it's important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are no guarantees that all the drops mentioned will come to fruition.

However, there are key trends that can enhance your eligibility for these airdrops. Staying active in the crypto space, engaging with projects, and participating in relevant communities can significantly increase your chances of securing those coveted free tokens.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before participating in any airdrop. Verify the legitimacy of the projects and ensure they align with your values and goals. 

By approaching airdrops responsibly and with due diligence, you can seize their exciting opportunities while safeguarding your interests. 

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