UniLend Joins CoinMarketCap's Gravity Project for Data Production

The move will look to create accurate and informed data, with communication channels that allow user fears to be addressed.

Dardania Havolli
January 14, 2022
Blockchain News

User-Friendly Move for Crypto Data

In a move that is likely to precipitate additional and more accurate content for users, UniLend has partnered with CoinMarketCap’s Gravity Project.

The move, announced on January 12 via Twitter, will see live real-time discussion boards utilised to help users on CoinMarketCap, and original articles published under CoinMarketCap’s ‘News’ segment. An initial piece covering a UniLend partnership has already been uploaded.

The move was met with all round plaudits, prompting a response from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao:

The intention from both UniLend and CoinMarketCap is to allow more seamless communication between crypto users and projects they are invested in. With issues surrounding customer service rampant in the space, this latest avenue of communication facilitated by CoinMarketCap may well offer project’s an important niche. 

Head out to BSC News Twitter to let us know about your experiences on navigating the new feature. 

What is UniLend Protocol?

UniLend describes itself as a permissionless decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts. The native utility token of UniLend is $UFT, UniLend Finance Token. The token has multiple use cases for governance, platform utility, and much more.

Where to find UniLend:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord |

Dardania Havolli

Dardania is an experienced researcher, editor and writer who is currently completing his PhD in Creative Writing. He is passionate about blockchain technology and the impact it will go on to have on our lives. He holds bags mostly in BNB, SOL and IOTX.

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